Print Matters

BEINGHUNTED. Magazine #01

February 2017

The website was launched in 2001 as a simple online feed for art, design, sneakers and collectibles. Over a period of 15+ years it turned into a proper online magazine, then physical store and – since 2015 – a creative consultancy.

The idea for a printed version of BEINGHUNTED. was originally drafted in 2006. It took 10 years for it to finally happen but – as with life in general – good things come to those who wait. Our first issue is the result of the combined efforts of people from all across the globe: Japan, Malaysia, The Netherlands, Denmark, the US and of course Germany. We met all of them over the last couple of years while either traveling or working on a variety of projects. It just made sense for us to bring everybody together to showcase the ideas and topics being discussed behind the scenes during and outside of our regular projects.

With topics ranging from Cultural Dimensions in Japan by Joanna Kawecki, Emotional Data by Dr. Thomas Bjørnstern all the way to a sneak peak into Jörg Haas’ extensive archive – the launch issue touches on diverse thoughts and conversations held at the BEINGHUNTED. office over the course of the last year.

Furthermore, we are especially proud to have the chance to team up with renowned Carhartt WIP on an editorial shoot titled “The Essence of Progress” featuring some of the most iconic pieces in urban culture worn by legendary Fetisch, Dirk Bonn and newcomers Mobilegirl and BØA. The visual part is then completed by a photo essay about Kuala Lumpur from one of the driving forces behind streetwear in Malaysia: Hugh Koh.


The magazine is available from the BEINGHUNTED. Gallery in Berlin as well as our online shop and selected retailers globally.