Spring / Summer 2017


The idea for our BEINGHUNTED. T-shirt series is to dig out cultural artifacts that might otherwise not be visible. We like to play with the most basic concept of the T-shirt as being a sign of membership. Historically, the first printed T-shirts were staff T-shirts for shops, brands, etc. So we like to create our own.

For spring/summer 2017 we took personal memories, long-lost favorite items, a masterpiece from London and turned them into T-shirt graphics. Our lookbook for this season is inspired by the same memories. We explored the idea of how even the glossiest high-fashion ads fade over the course of time, becoming artifacts themselves bearing witness to cultural change and progress and translated this aesthetic into our own imagery for the collection.

High fashion has always been inspired by street fashion and sportswear, mimicking its style since the early 90s. Street brands in return have rarely done the same apart from ripping and flipping luxury brand logos. This is why we decided to work not only with a more “fashion” image composition, but also with a clearly ad-inspired positioning of our logo – just as labels did in our favorite 90s ads.

We shot everything right here in beautiful Berlin. This time the shoot took place in our actual office and the surrounding area – what you see is literally what we see every day. While our designs and the images show our visual inspiration – the location shows another layer: the environment that shapes our mindset.

– Jörg Haas / BEINGHUNTED.


The BEINGHUNTED. T-shirt collection is now available at selected retailers globally and via