Creative Direction and Production for Carhartt WIP


Change is inevitable, progress is not. As the sum of fate, omission and action the outcome of change is often hard to predict. It can deteriorate the very grounds it grew from. Often confused with progress, there is a slight but notable difference: one just happens, the other one is a conscious transition. Progress is development based on the continuity of past achievements. It is a step forward, something aiming for the future.

To carry on the very idea of combining progress and tradition, BEINGHUNTED. brought together two generations of Berlin counter culture for Carhartt WIP to model iconic vintage pieces from their legendary archive – for the veterans: electronic music legend Fetisch, and skate culture/indie fashion pioneer Dirk Bonn as well as the new generation: Staycore’s very own Mobilegirl and Brussels-via-London transplant BØA.


– Creative Concept
– Talent Buying
– Asset Production


The editorial has been communicated by Carhartt WIP accounts globally and picked up by major media outlets. It was selected as one of the best lookbooks for the week of its publication by Highsnobiety.

All vintages pieces are for sale upon request from Townes: +49 (0)30 3993 4988 .

Due to popular request: Carhartt WIP Archive vintage pieces are not for sale!


– Hypebeast 
– Highsnobiety
– Crack Magazine