DOE Shanghai Heat Wave

Shanghai, September 2018

To strengthen its position as influential retailer in Shanghai but also across China and internationally, BEINGHUNTED. helped DOE to organize the third event in the Heatwave series.

Taking place on the 8th of September, the occasion was used to introduce a variety of new brands to DOE’s portfolio: Très Bien, Sunbuddies, Junior Executive, and Strangers. The newly introduced brands’ products were displayed at DOE’s Tong Ren location as part of the event, which was musically accompanied by a line-up of different DJs from Germany, Denmark, China, and Japan. The afterparty later took place at Shanghai’s famous club Le Baron.

A panel talk was held the next day at the new DOE store located in Xintiandi, during which Chinese street culture was compared to its Western counterpart.


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