Jakob Hetzer & 97cm

August 2018

Jakob Hetzer and 97cm showcased their collaborative art exhibit “Conscious/Unconscious” at BEINGHUNTED. Gallery in Summer of 2018.

It explored the parallels between human conscious formation and unconscious impact by natural elements. This was depicted in various sculptures and canvases which were created by using natural elements and chemical, humanly created substances. The relationship between fabric, texture, chemistry, gravity, and weight not only showed the differences between conscious and unconscious creation but also the paradox that lies within them.

The invisible space in the artworks was made visible through well thought out conscious decisions. The touch of human craft brought a sense of emotion and contemplation. To capture this unique dialogue of taste, ideas and visions, the pieces were chemically treated and hardened into sculptures that in the end, took a shape of their own, regardless of the human interaction that birthed them.

The textile choice paid homage to the artists friendships and backgrounds, as the artworks were constructed out of the material that brought them all together and which has played a big role in each of their careers leading up to the moment of the exhibition.