BEINGHUNTED. Summer 2016 – Cultural Tourism

For our Summer 2016 campaign, we invited fellow Berlin brands Civilist and Einhundert on a cultural expedition through some of the Berlin’s most prestigious museums.

The BEINGHUNTED. graphics often depict cultural artifacts from across the world. For this series the idea of sourcing visuals abroad – far from our home – was turned around. Berlin became the destination for exploration.

Over the course of one day, photographer Dahahm Choi accompanied Yosuke Kaneshiro and Johannes Schirrmeister on their journey through many of the city’s most renowned museums. While capturing key pieces from the three brands’ current collections, the actual art on display was seen equally valid and valuable for the overall aesthetic of this project.

BEINGHUNTED.’s “Cultural Tourism” campaign is an invitation to viewers to start their own expeditions to local cultural institutions.