Expert for Streetwear Mastered by Virgil Abloh

2016 was launched in 2015 as an online platform offering 4-12 month tutorships in the field of fashion, design and creative direction. This online talent program helps upcoming creatives to develop their skills, establish a network and set the right mindset for their future jobs. Previous experts to host programs have included Nick Night (fashion photography), Val Garland (makeup), or British fashion designer Gareth Pugh.

The 2016 course on „Streetwear“ was hosted by Vigil Abloh, creative advisor to Kanye West and founder of fashion labels PYREX and Off-White. Jörg was invited to the program to share his experiences and knowledge in the publishing sector. Additionally, Jörg held a one-day Q&A session with students and offered insights into the business of fashion retail, marketing and communications.


– Consulting
– Feedback & Communication
– Expert Talk


Streetwear Mastered was Mastered’s biggest and most ambitious project since its launch. Fellow experts included Fraser Cooke (Nike), Carri Munden (Casette Playa), Gary Aspden (adidas), Samuel Ross (A Cold Wall), Eric Elms, and many more.