hint - portakabin fever

music is not our business - as you can tell from our scarce posts on this subject. when we feature cds/music videos here, it is for a darn good reason. there is either really good design involved or some ltd. edition deal going on. so, now, why are we featuring the album 'portakabin fever' by hint here? the cover art is nice (for the album and the singles - that are already out), however, there is no ltd. edition that we know of. what other reasons could we have then... here they are: actory, the look up, words to that effect, why the top ten sucks in 2002, you little trooper, re:percussions, quite spectacular, plucker, shout of blue, count your blessings, air to sky. do everything pre-!

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event - nike reconstruct

the idea: "nike's first reconstruct project involved a humble breakfast appliance, a bucket of hot liquid rubber, a few garage tools, and the mind of bill bowerman. from these came the best-selling running shoes of the early '70's and a big, big idea." following this idea of reconstructing given materials to something new, nike had a number of select designers rework the company's apparel: isabel and ruben toledo, proenza schuler, camilla nickerson, huntergatherer, house of field, nicholas guesquiere, etc.. nike reconstruct is here: 255 elizabeth street between houston and prince in the big apple.

our pics | 4/22/03


announcement - bape x adidas

the news on the bape x adidas collaboration has been removed until further notice. if you have questions about this project, feel free to contact us anytime... sorry for the inconsistency.

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event - stash 'tools of the trade' at colette

we were a bit early with the info last time... so now, here are the pics, again, of the items that you will miss when you miss this event at colette. you might have already seen the dunk on nt - someone was quick to pick it up...

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event - alena mtl - no damn good

sorry, we've been slackers over the easter holidays... now, back to business:
as you can see above, we'd like to shift your attention over to montreal, canada, this week. and not only for this week but for the whole month, and the month after that, and the month after that... beinghunted is proud to be part of 'no damn good', a series of events that starts off this coming friday at alena mtl. at the night you will get artwork to look at and purchase, and music to listen and rock to. so, if that's not reason enough to go, we'll give you one... go! if you do indeed have a reason not to go, we'll show you snapshots of the event later on.

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sneakers - jb x bghd

thank you all for the extremely positive feedback on the jb x bghd sneakers. what you saw was the protoype which we're working on releasing in the very near future. please make sure to come back as we'll give you the exact details on the 'how' and 'when' shortly. in the meantime, you might want to look at what jb has done besides our collaboration. and these pics, once again, prove that jb doesn't stop where others rely on releasing the n-th color-scheme of one model. he'll come up with a new one alltogether. but, who are we telling this...

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event - poo on art #1

this might be the strangest title for an event that we have heard of, so far. but, as we always say: 'don't judge an event by it's title'. the opening of poa #1 took place at 55dsl in tokyo. 200+ awesome looking women showed up ... ok, ok, there were a few men, also ... to celebrate derrick hodgson's art and ltd. products for 55dsl. the artwork on display will be sold through an auction. the rest: denim dolls (is that term still allowed? doll? or are 'dolls' for little kids only?), t-shirts, and the sony time capsules can be purchased right away. go go go go go - until may 11th.

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furniture - jahpon

correct us if we're wrong, but skateboards not only rank among the most aesthetic pieces of sports equipment (design- and material-wise) but are also very comfortable... to sit on. if they just weren't so darn low (counting in the hardware). jahpon found an answer to this 'situation' by lifting up the 'seat' to a normal level. while they were at it they also widened the range from stools to tables and shelves. so now you can sit, eat, and store with your (artist-series) skate decks.

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gear - ubiquity

this spring, it seems, everyone is really giving everything to come up with their best t-shirt designs. after rabbit and redtree we need to talk about ubiquity. we'll skip the part on how they got started, where they're getting their inspiration from, who they had contribute to their t-shirt project, and what else they're up to besides t-shirts - they do a much better job at this than we ever could. let's just talk about the tees themselves. just the design, the themes, the overall appearence... they'll rock you and you should rock them, too.

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printed matter - relax #75

relax is a regular at beinghunted, you know that. and you all know what it's about and that there is always something in it for everyone: photography, art, locations, toys, clothing, ltd. editions, sneakers - anything and everything that we all like to look at (and like to buy). why then do we keep posting info about the latest issue? just because it is so nice and wel- made. #75: barry mcgee, levi's x porter x west, gravis, mike mills tees, adidas x alife, and so much more. enjoy!

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event - greyone anniversary

april 17th sees grey one's first anniversary! if you haven't heard of them by now - their business is sneakers. mainly. they have clothing, too, but we know how you people out there are. we show you new tees, new hats, new shirts, new jackets, etc. and the feedback is fine. but whenever sneakers are involved - madness! yes, yes, we're just the same over here. ok, back to greyone... we're asking ourselves this: will grey one have something to make a few people happy with at the event? some ltd. edition product or something...? go and find out.

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show - clash of the titans update

clash of the titans, which beinghunted is a proud sponsor of, opened last friday. we already told you about what and who to expect. so all we got to say now is - see it and take the chance to get artwork from some of the biggest names in the game at reasonable prices. here are some pics to show you what it's like. the red dots stand for 'already sold'. so you'd better hurry up

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design - rabbit and redtree

we came, we saw, and we immediately 'wanted-to-have'
, 'wanted-to-meet', 'wanted-to-congratulate'... the people behind rabbit and redtree for their amazing designs. you don't even have to think about the fact that they fused a rabbit and a tree - it just looks good, makes sense. and the rest of it... hopefully this summer sees enough sunny days for you to wear these shirts. but beware, people might want to take them from you when they seem them.

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needlework - felt dunks

there are many ways that one can express his love for someone or something. if you like a certain band you will buy their t-shirt, if you like a certain artist and can't afford a canvas or print you'd definitely buy his toy, if you love a car you drive it (even if it's only a rental), if you truely love someone - well, you know what you do... see where we're going? ok, what do you do when you love sneakers. yes, you buy lots of them. but that's the easy part (with ebay and all). if you really love sneakers you get back to the good old days, you take these excellent colored pieces of felt, you cut them to the shape of your favourite model and then you let the needle do some 'magic'. check these felt dunks and if you're lazy or can't handle a needle, you can buy these, too.

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investment - stash 'tools of the trade' at colette

you don't have too long to save for this event at colette. april 28th sees the opening of 'tools of the trade' (curated by matt black) which will bring you a great variety of limited products by stash. whether you're into skateboards, snowboarding, sneakers, home interiors, computers, or graffiti in general, you shouldn't miss this opportunity. besides, paris is always nice for sightseeing (after you have safely deposited your gems). the nike dunk is - of course - limited. we heard that only 50 pairs will be available exclusively at colette for this event.

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sneakers - jb vs. beinghunted

there aren't any words to describe how proud we are of what you see above. a couple of months ago we introduced jb to you with his country club classics and the city series. back then we were stoked - now... we're slowly recovering from what jb showed us just last week - the first jb vs. beinghunted sneaker. he took the pics in the california sunset, when the shoe was still warm and emailed them right over... if you had listened to us, you would have gone to soled out last friday where this shoe was first shown to the public. ok, enough fo the blah blah. here are the pics and we'll get back to you before the end of the week with all the necessary info on how to get them, etc..

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bghd website - update

is it - the new bghd layout. we're still tweaking and tuning but we couldn't wait, we had to give the site a new face for spring now. as with the jb sneaker, we'll provide you with more info on what to expect from us asap. sleep - need to sleep.



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