merchandise - nike x geoff mcfetridge triax 50

a couple of months ago, fatlace showed us the first result of nike's collaboration with geoff mcfetridge - a sample of the gm dunk low. while waiting for that shoe to drop (hopefully it will), nike are giving us another gm product - the ltd. edition triax 50 watch. when it first came out this watch set new standards regarding ergonomics, design, and packaging. if you missed buying the triax back then, you shouldn't miss this one. here are the stats: 2 colours - blue & orange, ltd. to 2000 pieces (400 in the US), numbered back plate with gm signature logo, gm camouflage pattern on watch & straps, plus a gm camouflage pattern hip bag. it will be available early september. you will get it.

gm triax watch & bag | gm triax package | (

sneaker show - fotb nyc

these pics were taken less than 2 hrs. ago. you will need a towel to wipe the drool from your mouth. and no, you can not - we repeat: not - buy these shoes. you will have to start spending your holidays travelling the most abnormal cities and countries to find gems like they are on display at fotb. yes, there is definitely more to the sneaker collectors' market than sb dunks...!

get the pictures...


sneaker art - dave white's clash of the titans

if you think 'artist & sneakers' you probably think 'futura blazers' or 'noki forums' - sneakers that were designed by artists. but in the past we've also learnt that sneakers themselves are an excellent subject for art. one of the most well-known artists who is dedicated to sneakers is dave white. dave is one of the few artists who is similarly accepted by the industry, as well as by retailers, and sneaker collectors alike. on monday, however, he is really taking a chance with his show 'clash of the titans' at exposure in london. two of the sneaker giants - nike and adidas - are battling it out through dave's paintings. or will the nike/adidas reps battle it out...? stay tuned for our dave white feature coming up soon.

a few treats | dave white | exposure


skateboards - andrew pommier for toy machine

it's been a long time since we last posted skateboard graphics here... but sometimes you just need to wait a little before the good/best things drop. and here is a series that we'll already count to our most favourite decks in 2003. andrew pommier has designed/painted/drawn a series of four decks for toy machine which, when we first saw the illustrations, brought us back to our pre-school years when one of our favourite books was maurice sendak's 'where the wild things are'. problem with these skate deck series always is: which one to choose? in this case you need all four of them. period.

the decks | andrew's site | toy machine's site


toys - roman dirge's halfsies

these little critters are transformers in their own sense. basically what roman did was to take four little creatures - a bear, a cat, a rabbit, and a duck - and cut them in half. not to let them die but to put them back together in different combos. so you'll get a bear-cat, a rabbit-duck or a duck-bear. whatever you like. forget genetical engineering - cut and sew is the most traditional and basic way to create new forms of life. roman is our man for the future!

these are the halfsies | watch a halfsies trailer
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diy art - iconoclast x phil frost markers

iconoclast and phil frost encourage us to take matters into our own hands and make our own street art. you have to find the right spots and they'll provide you with the right tool. these super wides - writing surface is 1.5" - come in fluorescent orange and pink, they are refillable and reuseable, all you have to do is put some ink in them and then off you go. draw some lines! leave your marks!

what they look like | get them here


sneakers - bape x adidas

since our first post on this collaboration back in april, we have received dozens of emails about where and when these will be available. ok, here are a few facts: a) you need to get these because b) we have never seen so much love for detail go into a pair of sneakers as with these c) they are/were already available in some parts of asia d) they will go on sale in the UK on saturday (busy workshop london) and d) we don't know about the rest of the world just yet.

our pics from april


various - answer, subsurface

we've been taking a few days off from bghd since summer has been very good to us so far. that's why posts have been scarce. here are two short ones, but as always, worth keeping in mind. first up: answer. as the logo might imply, this is a new project by the creative heads behind parkwalk. expect some asian collaboration shirts very soon. can't really talk about it now because asians don't like their info out too soon (you might remember the bape x adidas incident). second up: subsurface. they have just released a number of new designs and remixed some of their classics. just in time to 'rock' during the last weeks of summer. same thing here - new info on collaborations etc. will be given when cleared.

answer (no website yet) | subsurface | ssuk website

audio - soundwalk 'the bronx'

have you ever tried those audio tours in museums. you really do get to understand things and you don't have to walk through the exhibition rooms following an in-person guide like a sheep. now, could you imagine taking this concept to the streets? not just any but those that - when walking through - you've always wished that they could talk to you. tell you about what happened there over the years. who was living there, working there, maybe even making history? soundwalk is exactly this. read more about it in our brand new feature and get to know the latest project 'the bronx' which is just about to drop.

soundwalk 'the bronx'


monthly - relax

you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. true that. especially for the latest relax. it might not appeal to you as a supreme, bape, futura, or james jarvis one. but what's in it is what counts. this time: tree houses, russian space program (and what's left of it - seems like science-fiction from the 60s), some stuff we don't get because of the language barrier, and the alife x kid america x sony creative products figures.

sample pages

garments 01 - goodenough uk x undercover

are you insecure about wearing the right kind of shoes, the right shirts, the right jeans? what makes a piece of clothing or a pair of sneakers 'right'? that question should be answered by yourself, by simply asking yourself what you like. if you can't find what you like, make it. make it yourself. customization is the big word nowadays, and so many people out there create their own stuff - or at least their own colourways. if you can't see yourself painting or sewing, let someone do the job for you. like goodenough uk and undercover. the hideout in london just received a shipment of only 50 (!) of these diy t-shirts. they are going fast so should you - to the hideout.

customized for your pleasure


garments 02 - lipton/555soul, fugeze

can it get any hotter than this? we hope not. at least not when we all have to sit in our offices, melting away to the sounds of a multitude of useless fans. to ease the pain some of us have restricted themselves to only wear the following pieces of clothing: a) t-shirt and b) shorts/short skirts. we don't really care about the shorts and skirts (- only the length of them...) but please, make sure you have the correct graphics on your shirt. here are two choices (among so many good designs these days): 'chilled' by 555soul for lipton ice tea. watch out for special cool-bag packaging and sales environment (refigerators!). and brand new shirts by the brand new label 'fugeze'. tell us, do these folks have anything to do with sneakers? their shirts will be available shortly. we'll keep you posted.

chilled | fugeze


garments 03 - r*1 shirts

reid one - the man behind the dithers dvds doesn't rest. after the digitals he's now going analogue with his set of military shirts. he is customizing three different styles of army designs with his charachteristic artwork, needlework, and logo. as you'll see from the pictures, he does take his time producing those shirts. so, as we said in the first post, sometimes it's better to let others design your clothing. we believe in that and we believe in reid one.

the shirts | contact

motion picture - dithers dvd

ok, allright, you heard of this dvd before... yes, you only 'heard' of it. wait until you actually see it. now you'll say 'yeah, just like a book, just that they now film the artwork, and then a few people talk and show their studios. what's special about that?'. you people won't believe how much work/nerve/footage went into producing these 3 (!) dvds. filming artwork and talking to 4-5 people is one thing. dithers is quite another. there is so much to see, so many people involved. you'll have to take 2-3 days to watch it all, and comprehend what you're seeing. respect is due: fifty 24sf, upper playground, reid van renesse (the master!), and, of course: ricky powell. his interviews/studio visits are worth a whole dvd for itself!

here are 17 stills | upper playground


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