sneakers i - greyone: 'the game'

people, sneaker collecting isn't a game anymore. you need to be very serious these days if you're out there looking for the rarest kicks. and please 'out there' does not refer to ebay! you need to travel, wait in line, email, phone, wait in line, buy last-minute flight tickets, talk to complete strangers. for what? just to have them? no! to show like-minded humans that you are a lot better at this business. there is one dilemma, though: to wear or not to wear? check greyone's new short film which gives an insight into sneaker mania, drool over sneakers that you will never ever get your hands on, and - mr. ben baller: put away those undefeated splatters - you're making us cry.

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sneakers ii - soled out san francisco

this just in - just announced their second event - soled out in san francisco. the first one in l.a. was a great success. so you might consider doing a bit of what is mentioned in the post above - the part about traveling, talking to complete strangers, etc.. get updates directly from fixins. if you don't, we'll remind you.

info on soled out


art - paintura pitch project

is soccer the biggest, most beloved of all sports on this our planet earth? is this question relevant? probably not. what is relevant in the context of soccer is a project initiated by tomomi nakajima, who heads the design agency 'stoique' in tokyo. stoique teamed up with the scrawl collective to produce a series of soccer balls (by puma) which no one will ever play with - that's for sure. where can you see them? yup, you guessed right, at vacant. will this be our las post for vacant this month? we got one more...

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printed matter - sleazenation

people in the uk - you know this already. people outside the uk - head to your local international newsstand to get a copy of sleazenation. on the cover you'll find artwork by kaws, inside you'll find posters. we heard that there are different ones in each issue, so maybe you'll check that before you get it.

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life improvement - cake

you need to be honest to yourself now... if you answer more than two of the following questions with a definite 'yes' you have a problem. a problem that the people at cake will help you solve. here are the questions: not commanding the respect you deserve? requests for a pay rise falling deaf ears? bosses rejecting your ideas? strong of mind but weak of body? cake says: time to toughen up with the revolutionary 'temporary hard man tattoo pack'. beinghunted says: get rid of your weights, throw away your ball pens, and spare yourself the pain of the 'real thing'. keep in mind that these won't stay on forever. if you plan on playing 'tough guy' for a while you should consider getting a whole bunch of these packs.

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printed matter - deadstock

"right kids... we figured it was high-time that we made this little 'zine for you all. as the world goes crazy on the sneaker tip, we felt it was time to drop a reality check on the idiots. this is for those of ya who save all your pennies to get that hot new dunk - only to find out that some media-twat in tight twisted denim has bought that last pair before you [...]." no futher comments needed - get deadstock!

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new project - reid one

reid one customizes hats. not your basic plain colored baseball caps but - perfect in the context of this site - camouflage ones. those which you usually see on the heads of true sportsmen out there in the woods. now you can wear these in the cities as well, without feeling to militant a hunter yourself. a nice hand-made label, or some spray paint make the difference. if you like to hunt for these on your own - try nyc, sf, la, and japan. if you'd like a hint - see below.

r*1 hats
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new gear - various

various online retailers have already received the latest mhi gear. among the new pieces: t-shirts by rostarr, mhi/kubrick ltd. edition tees, the classic snopant, etc.. then everyone was waiting for these - the new futura blazers. but before they were at niketown they were already sold out. now they are on nikebay. a little more expensive as one might expect. any chance of getting them in europe? no info on that as of now.

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retail - mad anthony

ok, we mentioned vacant quite a bit those past few days/weeks. however, there are a lot of great things going on. the next date that you should put in your palm or whatever is next friday. that's when mr mad anthony will celebrate his official launch party. who he is? - let his website do the explaining. a bit more info on vacant: nyc is the first stop.

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retail - vacant nyc update

for those few of you who don't know, vacant nyc is up and running on lower mercer street. we have some pics of a few of the goodies that are waiting to be found: limited edition jbs, frank 151 installation, the soccer ball series. they have really got it going on. and there's something almost every day - on the 13th you need to be there to check out pete fowler. also, we have a special preview for you from the vacant team: artist-decorated puma bags straight from japan. these are two of a series of one-offs that vacant will be revealing soon enough... well, not soon enough for all of us!

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kicks - nike vs. eminem

secret hint for people interested in getting those eminiem nikes. they will be released this friday at niketown. people who can't wait that long - use buy-it-now on ebay. be prepared to pay $200 upwards.


art - faesthetic x 55dsl = 8.5" x 11"

you missed the opening of 8.5'' x 11'' at the 55dsl store in nyc? no problem at all. go to the faesthetic website to check out snapshots of the night. you can also catch a glimpse of the tons and tons of artwork that are on display. a great project, great graphics, and a great crowd.

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monthly - relax #73

as always, around this time of the month we're giving you a short insight into the latest issue of relax magazine. we see this as a service for you to judge whether you should invest or not. since many of you don't read japanese it's more a matter of whether it has nice pics, new clothing & toys, and maybe 1-3 urls that one could follow. so, this issue has lots and lots of food in it, a feature on andy jenkins, t-shirts by rinzen, toys by kaws, furilla (where do we know that from?), kubrick, and great photography, as always. all in all a solid issue.

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various - pam · subsurface · mini

this time we're squeezing 3 bits of info into one post - it's late and we need to get the info out asap... first up - perks and mini. they are ready to ship fresh gear for early '03. since they are carrying their own brand at their own store 'someday', also, they need some space for the new stuff. which means - they are having a sale. the newly gained room will be used for pam - as said, supreme, tonite, silas, etc.

in the uk the folks at subsurface have been busy over the holidays. you can tell from looking at their new designs on sweats, hoodies, and tees. but not only that. we can only mention a few names that are to be associated with subsurface in one context or another (you'll need to wait for the whole story, though): maharishi, mother, etc.

mini - not as in 'perks and mini' but as in 'mini the car' - seem to have something really neat coming up in paris. la mjc and mini are bringing together an excellent mix of music, graphics, photography, and video. here are a few of the people involved for you to judge, whether you should hop on the concorde: kenny dope, wk interact, nonconceptual, surface 2 air. not convinced yet - check link for more data.

new pam | new subsurface & info | mini event & info
retail - breakbeat science

breakbeat science - this nyc store should be well known since early drum & bass times. it was (one of) the first place(s) in the big apple - or even the whole us - to import this type of music. not too long ago, bbs had moved from its space in the east village to the neighbourhood of alife, 360toygroup, recon, et al.. that's great we hear you say, but what's all this about? - toys and t-shirts, of course. music - yeah, but that's a different story. bbs just released a set of dj related figures - the techheadz - in a nyc and cali edition, designed and produced by bufalo club nyc. as far as t-shirts go, bbs is a real treat, too. take a look and buy their own designs as well as a new line by ryan mcginness.

techheadz: what? who? | t-shirts: what? | bbs: here!
art - modart munich

finally, munich - or germany in general - gets a piece of the world's greatest street-art/design, whatever-you'd-like-to-call-it! modart is a show and party event that runs parallel to the international sports fair 'ispo'. the link is, as one might imagine, the whole skateboard/snowboard environment which has been and still is one of the driving forces behind today's (street) art. the following people are part of modart munich: j. avignon, grant brittain, andy howell, dave kinsey, loomit, marok, lance mountain, virus, and dalek (...). apart from the art, there are workshops and parties held throughout the event.

snapshots here


kickz - jb

what has jb been up to for the last month or two? hybernation? not at all. however, we think he should take a rest for a moment and give his 'competitors' a chance to catch up. his new series featuers screen-printed materials, fresh new colors that we haven't seen on sneakers so far, patterns which we could never have imagined to end up on a pair of kicks, and a brand new model in excellent color combinations, as well as textures. jb - he is not human.

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art/retail - 14 crownfarmers

crownfarmer is a neat little 'zine which features illustrations by names familiar to the bghd crowd. so, you can get it, look at it, carry it around with you - you just can't wear it. crownfarmer took this into consideration and came up with the follwing scheme: 7 months x 2 artists = 14 excellent t-shirts. so if you don't know what to wear, get two new tees each month and you're all set. thanks, crownfarmer!

crownfarmer key-vis | 14 crownfarmers here
art/retail - dave kinsey/4skination

this month will start with 2 pieces that involve dave kinsey. one today, the other tomorrow. this post is on dave's collaboration with 4skination of singapore. instead of letting people run/fly/drive around the globe to assemble a small collection of work by one artist, they put it all together in one box. this box contains a 24 page booklet, a ltd. edition t-shirt, and sticker sheet. the boxes will be sold through 4skin online and other specialty stores worldwide. next up: dave kinsey (and others) at munich's modart.

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