footwear - cre8tive recreation

have you checked your closet lately? have you noticed that probably 95% of your footwear is produced by one, two, but not more than three of the sneaker giants playing the market? there are even people who only wear one brand. in terms of loyalty they'd get a straight A, in terms of creativity they'd probably flunk. by creativity we mean the ability to go new ways, to see new styles and to 'take the risk' of wearing something that might not have been approved by a million ebay users aleady. if you'd like to take a course in creativity, one of your first lessons might be lectured by cre8tive recreation - what a coincidence.

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toy - evil monito 'fling the monkey'

this is the summer of the monkeys. a bathing ape will release a highlight - in what we call the collaboration movement - with the super ape stars and super ape skates. and now evil monito will also let loose their monkeys. fling is the name, and 100 is the population. they are given birth by the hong kong toy maker adfunture and will be released in the evil monito web store shortly. are apes finally going to rule the world?

fling is loose | evil monito | adfunture


bi-monthly - lodown #37

lodown needs no special praises. we all know that this magazine needs to be in our 'cart', no matter what. with this one, however, you might want to buy two. one to read (touch the pages) and one to put away for later (not to touch the pages). #37 is one of the best issues so far. strange coincidence: there is a lot of 'ape' in it (see above post). lodown has the guts not only to show you the adidas super ape stars but also the ape skates - the other model in the adidas x bape collaboration. they have the regular models plus the super, hyper ltd. 'just for friends' colors. that rainbow snake pattern will not only break necks but whole spines. enough apes, what else is there? ryan mcginness, vincent gallo, cooking with harold hunter...

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events - hawaii & nyc

thanks to our friends rickey (evilmonito) and bill (swish/goto) we can show you were you were, or had to be, during the past two weeks. on july 11th the new in4mants store opened with a little expo of various artists/ventures. by now these racks should be packed with the latest in clothing and sneakers. last saturday saw the second (annual) soccer tournament at the pier 40 rooftop soccer fields in nyc - hosted by adidas and the kinetic federation. here are a few pics to show you who was playing who, what the jerseys looked like (yeah, of course you want those supreme ones...) and what the general mood was like.
*last pic is by k.f.

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competition - goodfoot x beinghunted

wow, that really was a piece of work... deciding on who would win those great nike dunk sbs that so many people are after. in the first week we thought that no one was interested - only one entry... but you guys were mad busy working on your designs. and in those 2 days before the deadline we received 20+ entries. all of them excellent pieces of art. a big thanks from goodfoot and us at beinghunted for all of your efforts! as always, we are happy to announce the winner(s) and sad that not all of you could win. take a look at these three and a selection of the other entries. sorry, but there were too many to show them all!

these are amazing

printed matter - refill

colette, paris · futura 2000, nyc · alife, nyc · pete fowler, london · obey giant, l.a. · michael lau toys, hk · eric so toys, hk · phunk studio, singapore · graphic havoc, nyc · rinzen, aus · skull dezain, tokyo · powerr graphixx, tokyo · keep left studio, aus · michael spiccia, director, aus · commomnwealth stacks, l.a. · michael place, uk · tommy penton, uk · veronica vasica, nyc · demo design, l.a. · ningyoushi's workshop, tokyo... in one magazine!

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events - berlin

at this time of year you might think that nothing too exciting is going on. everyone is either trying to spend as much time outside as possible or is looking for a spot where that hot yellow ball won't hit as hard. but there is still life in the cities, people doing things that should be of your interest. hop on a plane/train and visit berlin these next two weeks. here is why: streetwise 2 (15th - 19th), bread and butter (18th - 20th), sole provider (20th - 29th), plastic particles (19th - ?), and tons of parties and other gigs. is there a 'best' time to go to berlin? yes, now!

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footwear - eighty twenty

no, no, no. no ltd. ed. dunks, no customs, no quickstrikes, no artist series or isigned models here. these are handpainted/handsprayed summer slip on sneakers for the ladies... the eighty twenty label is based on the 80-20 concept - we wear 20% of our total clothing 80% of the time. we think their hand-painted slip-ons illustrate this concept. all you girls out there will be sporting these throughout the summer - 80% of it at least (but girls, 20% of your total shoes? 2% might be more realistic) . for now only women’s sizes are produced, but men don't need another pair of kicks anyways... find eighty twenty at shop (stanton) or steven alan (franklin) in nyc.

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garments - ots/oak standard

just two quick features today. summer is better than ever and you don't get a tan from sitting in front of a computer screen...
we need to split the data we have of one true saxon's new gear into a couple of posts because there is just so much good stuff to show. for us it is hard to pick out a few items to start with for you it will be hard to decide on what not to buy when you have seen it all (or at least a lot of it). from our regular bits on ots you might expect that at bghd we are big fans. so as big fans we say that their tailoring, their shapes, forms, and colours are almost unbeatable.

new ots | goodnorth


event - vacant at w+k, portland

we just received a few snapshots from the new vacant retail spot at wieden+kennedy in portland. as you can see, jb was omnipresent - he also brought a pair of the jb x beinghunted sneakers. this might be your only chance to see them - if you're not going to buy a pair. it is also your chance to grab one of our exclusive t-shirts. of course there is much more to see and buy. check the official website for updates on what's going on.

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monthly - relax #78

this month you might think that relax has so much good content still ahead that they can afford to squeeze 2 or even 3 grade-a stories into one single issue rather than to spread it over the next months. let's start with the cover - that's a mike mills. obviously there is a huge mike mills story to follow inside the magazine (30 pages strong). then you have a huge silas feature (12 pages), then you get to see 80s boom boxes, alife's new heavy project, eric elms' t-shirts in the earth music artist series, and, and, and. issue #78: highly recommended.

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printed matter - writing - urban calligraphy and beyond

in 1984 the first edition of subway art by martha cooper and henry chalfant was published. ever since then hundreds of books on graffiti have populated the shelves of bookstores, recordstores, and graf-specialty-stores. inside most of them you'll find endless photo spreads of walls, trains, and any other sprayable surface. don't expect this scheme from the new book by die gestalten verlag. as the title suggests it's the 'beyond' that is as important as the - let's call it - 'basic' graffiti itself. of course, you also get the background story, as told by old-school writers from berlin, but then there is much more. architecture, installations, and photography. a very intellectual approach for the grown-up b-boy/writer/etc.. you might want to impress your parents with this book who always thought that graf was child's play.

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event - jon phenom's 'out fit'

there is a lot of denim out there. too many brands, too many labels, too many colors, washes, and finishes for us customers to keep track of. what are the characteristics that one should consider when buying a pair of jeans? the brand or the cut. whether it's vintage denim or handmade. whether it's from italy, the us, or japan. we don't know whether jon phenom has answers to all these questions. maybe his jeans are the answer? you can see his hand made denim pieces at 'out fit' on july 19th (the millicent gallery in l.a.). names please? fine: evil monito, vapors, 8five2, nikao, m. lau, j. staple, tony (alife), a. howell, methamphibian - and these are just a few we picked randomly.

this is the flyer | more info from rk at em | jon's website

competition - goodfoot * beinghunted

update: we had several questions concerning the competition. here are some more details:
a) you don't have to be living in or near toronto to take part. your design will be set up by the people at goodfoot according to your specifications.
b) you can send in more than one entry; however, it's always better to concentrate on one strong design than on - let's say - four.
c) the window has a depth as can be seen in the pictures.
d) what will happen to the sizes left... only time will tell.

we are looking forward to seeing your desings!

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project - the imaginary foundation

here is a project that makes you start google-ing right away. 'the imaginary foundation' is said to be one of the earliest think tanks, established in 1973 in geneva/swizterland. created by an eclectic group of free thinkers, the foundations research spans all creative endeavors and assigns as its goal the wish to eliminate set conventions in favor of the humorous, the abstract and the visionary. understood? no? ok then you need to do some research yourself. or you leave the story as it is and just get the t-shirts. the graphics are truely the result of extensive think-tanking.

imaginary foundation
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