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your dream might come true... you stood in line just to watch how those resellers copped your holy grail sneakers. many of you have waited for them for months - from the first pictures that were featured on fatlace until 1-2 weeks ago when they started to (dis-)appear in the stores. this shoe might be considered the 'nike dunk supreme of 2003' (at least for the first half of the year) and to honor that, goodfoot from toronto has given us the opportunity to offer you this competition where one lucky winner will be able to take home one pair of these sneakers. click below or on the banner to the left to find out how you could win...

win the holy grail...

graphics - redfive & michael leon

'some girls' was michael leon's show at redfive. you probably all went there so we can make this quick. the people at redfive are so generous as to provide us with the merchandise from the show. basically, you can get everything that was on display. there are decks - custom shapes as well as regular shapes, stickers, t-shirts, a poster, etc.. this summer will be costly - tons of t-shirts, posters, decks, and then we are all waiting for the new stussy huaraches...

'some girls' | redfive is here


event europe - mindclouder tour at shutzmarket

the latest stop of the gravis mindclouder tour was antwerp's gallery/retail space shutzmarket. from the pics it must have been a very relaxed event. from all the sun we hope that at least a few people found their way into the store to look at the art and merchandise. by the way, watch this space for more on the people behind the dogs and meat love designs. those two are on fire and we're trying to get a hold of them for you.

no cloud in sight | shutzmarket


event north america - no damn good at alena mtl

this was alena's third event in the no damn good art series. this time they celebrated the launch of 'all city', the book on making it all city as a graf artist. we know that you might become distracted by all those ltd. edition nikes, but you really should take notice of the artwork, too. people involved in this show/the book were: paul107, dyske, turfone. music was provided by the killer b's. instead of reading this afterwards, try to go there next time...

no damn good schnaps | more on the book

beinghunted - shop

here it is, our own little online shop. we only have two items at the moment but please be patient for more in the coming weeks. as you can see, we are finally offering the jb x beinghunted sneaker that we premiered in april. 48 pairs of this shoe exist and this color won't be released again. we are also offering a few of the exclusive t-shirts that we had produced for vacant in nyc. since this is a new field for us, we are happy to receive your comments on this shop. please also tell us if you have problems with the display of the pages.

beinghunted :shop | send us your comments

sneakers - latest pick-ups

hi folks! with this post we'd like to tell you about our latest pick-ups. a few colors of sneakers that you've all seen before, together with t-shirts that match those sneakers. and sure, they're all mad limited. don't ask how we got them so easily. just went to the mall and picked them up... take a look at those navy/white dunk highs with the jumpan logo on them! ok, nonsense. you know that we always like to balance sneaker posts with other gear. and in times where the sneaker craze has gone beyond the reach of modern medicine we'd like to slow it down a bit and talk about alternatives. alife - even though they also cater to the sneaker infected masses - are opening up new ways for footwear. their new ritefoot range consist of modified boat shoes and loafers as well as early 90s skateshoe-inspired trainers. you will definitely break necks with these - especially when standing in line to pick up a pair of ltd. ed. dunks. we love them and we thank alife for doing the rite thing with ritefoot.


sneakers - jb update

the time span that lies beteween the jb posts on beinghunted roughly represent the time that his shoes (and samples) need to return from production. his newest models and colors are termed 'the new avenue series'. he sent us a short description of this project which we'll transcribe here 1:1. "the new avenue series from jb collectables, fresh from the vine, ripened to perfection. be sure your pick is ripe; check for colorway harmony & fine grain leather consistancy." yes, check for that. jb will show us all more detailed product pics over the coming weeks. and we'll show you something, too, on the coming weekend...

are these ripe yet? | jb's suite


t-shirts - a few picks from the majors

now is the best time to fill your closets with the best t-shirts for 2003. summer has arrived and so have the freshest tees. besides all the independent t-shirt producers one shouldn't oversee that the big guys also have great designs to offer. over the past few days we picked out a few for you to consider. our favourites - undefeated! it's always the stuff that one can't get that one likes the most...

bghd picks

garments & art - schwipe

here is an update on our schwipe friends down in australia. last thing we saw from them was a picture in a swiss magazine of tony alva wearing their 'ketamine is a drug for horses' t-shirt. if that's not a testimonial of the highest grade we don't know what is. parallel to releasing new gear the schwipe army of skeletons has invaded our spot in darlinghurst/sydney on june 11th. you can find large-scale representations of these messengers of death (and schwipe) on every wall - they didn't leave one spot bone-less at our spot. for those of you who don't know what to do with their spare time - you can cut out the images of their new catalogue and glue them together to get a schwipe mini poster.

appetite for sedation | cut and glue | schwipe | our spot


oddity - a bathing ape smells

... like what? we can't tell. we can only show you what it looks like. it's a see-through ape with a nozzle as a hat and perfume inside. is this the last piece for the 100% percent bape follower? no, we say, there are still a million products and possibilites for a bape make-over. one thing - if you had the choice between the futura ck one and the bape scent - which one would you take?

a scent of bape

strangeco x super-7 - cosmouse

if you want to survive these days as a toy/figure collector and not die out of poverty, you need to set yourself clear goals, precise areas of investment. unless you found a way to sell air to people at a good price, you will have to focus on a certain artist, a certain company or a certain style of figures. one could be sci-fi heroes, for example. if that's your field - take a look at this new one by strangeco x super-7. it's the cosmouse. it could be jerry's older brother gerald who found his way out of the daily cat/mouse stupidity and made it into space. got himself a star tattoo on the forehead, a space suit complete with booster, and took off... now you can bring him back to earth again...

is gerald cosmouse? | more info at strangeco


our favourite - relax #77

everytime we post this, we have to think of something new to say about relax magazine... this time we can't, really. but we have a couple of questions and maybe some of you people can answer them: 1) how do they do it? this magazine is packed with stories that other magazines can only come up with after half a year - they do it on a monthly basis? 2) how come they always have the best of everything - photography, models, art, clothing, etc.? 3) will there ever be an english version of it? contents: bikin girls (lots of them), old school b-boy party flyer, stan smith, andy jenkins, etc..


art/gear - the gasface

it's been some time now that we've told you about a new project in the art/t-shirt scene. there are a lot of talented people out there and today we decided to tell you a bit about this one who calls himself (or his project) the gasface. from looking at the work you can 'watch' how the gasface progressed from being just stickers and posters plastered in public spaces to becoming a graphic-oriented t-shirt enterprise. small, yes, but/and highly creative. this, combined with in-depth flash knowledge, is summed up in a neat website that will definitely catch people's attention. it caught ours for sure.

our 'the gasface' | their 'the gasface'


cinematic - hero

maybe you've already read about it, maybe you have heard about it or seen bits and pieces of it in the context of this years oscar's. we can't emphasize the relevance of this movie enough... beinghunted is not know for being either a forum for music or movie reviews but we'll have to talk about 'hero' - and this post isn't really a review but a reminder for you to try to catch it in a movie theater (with a xxxl-size screen and a-grade sound system) or at least to get the dvd. so, here is what we have to say: go see it!

four screens | redesing, please! | chinese dvd

retail - updates

enough sun for us... we have 2 shop updates for you today. the first one is from ambush in singapore. they are just finished with their refurbishment... the space looks amazing. of course, you shouldn't just go there for the interior design but maybe also to check out their stock: pam, recon, subware, invisible:man, ssur, gimme5, le nike as well as toys by kaws, unkle, ssur, amos etc. more great labels are on the way for the coming season. ambush is here: 14 scotts road,
#04-70 far east plaza, singapore. the second update is from supply in australia. they have just released card sets designed by various artists. if you're more interested in supply's stock: silas, pam, ssur, invisible:man, anything, sarcastic,
onetruesaxon, kostas, kaws toys, and goodenough for the summer. supply is here: r1/2-8 brisbane st, darlinghurst, sydney.

ambush | supply

goodies - various

yes, yes, this june 1st update is a bit late - but with the sun out and all we couldn't resist spending some time where there is fresh air and no pc, mac, notebook, palm, cellphone or any other work-related gadget in sight. to make it quick we'll squeeze a few things into one post.
sneakers: tired of too many colourways, customs, and re-releases of one model or color? with this one by adidas, you're sure to get a unique shoe that is 100% guaranteed not to be released like this in the future. why? because in the future there just might not be anymore coffee bags, and that's what the 'indoor super hcb' are partially made out of. 300 pairs will be available from select adidas stores in a few weeks.
skateboards: we heard of this a little while ago, now we can tell you more. jack spade in nyc is famous for high quality bags and accessories. besides that they have also started to produce/sell limited edition products varying from books, to toy airplanes, instant-game-of-dice sets, and - this is our post - a skateboard deck. it was handshpaed by no other than evan hecox, features a subtle check print together with the jack spade logo and evan hecox signature. great shape! give us more of these old-old-school decks.
the photo above is from our personal stock. we'll do this from time to time - show you a little of what we like to snap...

indoor super hcb


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