footwear - ubiq x futura

the recon crew seems to be omnipresent at the moment: stash exhibit in paris, stash af1s in tokyo, london, and new york, stash kubrick; futura ck one, futura blazers, futura dunk sbs, futura kubrick. so now from tokyo we hear that the new ubiq x futura sneakers just dropped. there are three designs in 2 colorways. will this be the start of a new sneaker aesthetic - which direction are we headed? are the japanese way ahead of the rest of the world? decide for yourself...

ubiq x futura

event - marok at the nike spirit room

we need to speed things up a bit since this month's almost over and we have to get some data out before then. let's start with marok who will be showing is work at the nike spirit room in berlin (gipsstr. 5) from june 3rd. this place will showcase up-and-coming designers, as well as the latest exclusive/limited/off-beat gear by nike. marok's solo exhibition is the first showcase of 'young art' in this environment but there is more to come, rest assured.

look at this


printed art - iconoclast: campbell, mcgee, frost

in february the la based gallery roberts & tilton held a show called 'scribble & scripture'. not only did this show feature art by the people mentioned above, a set of ltd. edition prints was also comissioned for this exhibition. the 100 prints (per artist) were hand signed - or better - hand sprayed and tagged. so if you decide to buy one of these (at $150) you won't just get a print but a unique piece of work. half of them have gone already, so you might have to decide rather quickly.

decide on these | then contact iconoclast

store/label - wood wood

it's about time we give some exposure to european shops/labels/projects, as well. so let's talk about wood wood from copenhagen, denmark, for a moment. they produce a small range of t-shirts with graphics that can surely hold up to international competitors. there are slogans, animals, cartoon misfits, and the poodlemoose - whatever that is. since all these shirts needed shelter, the people at wood wood decided to open up a little store for them. and since sneakers, books, magazines, and toys don't like to stay out in the cold, neither, they were also given a place inside. so now they are all happy and waiting for you to come and give them yet another new home.

the shirts | the store | the site

happy anniversary - educated community #10

the world's no.1 community magazine is celebrating its 10th issue... and for this one, the spring/summer edition, they are hooking up with the 'influential leaders' that they have had interviews with over the years - seeking to find out what has happened in the meantime: futura, j. jabbia, karim rashid, shi yan-ming, lee quinones, bobbito, dj krush, and andy jenkins. when you are annoyed with ads in regular magazines, you'll want to see more in ec, because those guys are friendly with the cooler spots in the nyc and tyo area: x-girl, alife, bufalo club, zakka, bal°, to name but a few.

as always | order here

velvet touch - part 2

it didn't take too long before the emails concerning velvet touch started pouring in after our post. we waited a little to see how many details we could collect. it seems that we have everything we/you need to know now. here it comes: velvet touch is a project by the nyc/bklyn artist & illustrator noah butkus. the painters hats were given away winter '02/'03, and were distributed in stores in london (artomatic) and tokyo (beams) alongside stickerpacks, etc. noah has contributed to the newest issue of arkitip and is currently working on a show for premium goods in bklyn, opening this summer.

velvet touch | go to i.n.c. | arkitip

art/gear - ergo & bond intl.

we introduced you to ergo a little while ago. back then he showed us some of his pieces of artwork that were on display at bond international (london). now he is back (at beinghunted) showing us more of his output plus introducing us to his new line of t-shirts for bond. those t-shirts are flying off the shelves right as we are speaking. but rest assured, there will be a restock. no camping in front of the store necessary... but maybe you'll do it anyways. maybe this will become the next big thing - camping in front of shops out of no apparent reason. just to be the first. that could be a nice feeling sometimes.

ergo ergo! | contact ergo


printed matter - honesty SS '03

do you like gregory crewdson? strange bits of facts that are clumped together in one place? are you interested in the genesis of the rorschach test? wonder why there is so much cosmetic retouching in magazine photography? we answer yes to all of the above. and if you agree, then you too will like honest. it's premier issue covers all this and a bit more. the premise of this new publication is to be honest, even if it isn't what we want to see and hear. the 'you are what you draw'series will be featured in every issue, along with a rotating range of theme sections, such as "hate mail" and "before & after".

see sample pages here


printed matter - sneaker freaker #2

yes, the second issue is finally making its way across the globe from australia. the sneaker freaker crew have put together a great follow up to their extremely popular and successful debut. this time they are telling us about how to spot fakes - boy, they are getting better (thus worse?) every year, they are talking to missy elliot about her sneaker spleen, and then there is this london shop owner - talking about the all black aj xi low samples. sick.

preview pages

interactive/gear - onetruesaxon

there is no denying the fact that onetruesaxon is among our most favourite labels from the uk. from the email that you've been sending - as reactions to our ots posts in the past - we can tell that you feel the same. so this morning we received the notice that their new site was finally completed... and, once again, ots does not disappoint. you get everything - news, info, links (thanks!), and - yes - an online store. with everything... so finally you can see all that there is... and max out your plastic...


headwear - velvet touch

this time it's not us telling you but it should be you telling us - about this painters cap... it surfaced in nyc around 4 months ago and was spotted several times around the city (worn by various individuals) since then. it is said that a japanese illustrator made these, it is also said that someone was giving them away at a party... they were also distributed/left behind at public spaces. up until now no one has had a plausible explanation on who made them, and why. if you know anything about this hat, let us know and we'll solve the mystery. btw - apart from the words 'velvet touch' it also reads 'rocktober 02' - if that helps.

the cap | contact us

printed matter - relax #76

relax magazine is always a treat. every time, when we receive our notification that the latest issue is on its way, we can hardly sit still... and then, four days later, there it is. securely wrapped in two heavyweight envelopes with that neat red japanese stamp...when we opened the package on today, we were greeted by a piece by kate gibb on the cover. we went on to see a double page spread by photographer takashi homma - 'new waves'. and then... bike messengers, a feature on the japanese surfer town of kamakura, yann tomita's steel drum archive, a t-shirt feature including unkle, griffin/bansky, tonite, alife, and so much more! relax is money well invested, every time.

sample pages

nike - af1

no need for long stories... here are the facts: ltd. edition nike af1 by stash in regional packages. 1000 made. 250 to be sold in nyc at recon, 250 in london at footpatrol, and 500 in tokyo at atmos and recon. cases are numbered/tagged, have a regional color code and include a dvd (by stash and unorthodox styles using the stash spraybrick from medicom). each regional model has its own unique city tag visible under the clear gum outsole, upper is made of printed suede. packages are supposed to go on sale mid may. any further questions? no!

for closer inspection


event - no damn good

here is our update on the event 'no damn good' at alena mtl. see the pics from the event, take a look at the artwork and decide for yourself if you can miss going to the next one. our recommendation: go! info on the upcoming show will be posted shortly.

no damn good | alena mtl

project - funkstörung isolation remix

funkstörung are offering creative heads the chance to be part of their upcoming album. what you need to do is remix any of the photographs offered on funkstörung's website and submit them until july 1st. from all entries artwork will be chosen for a ~60 page booklet. some pieces might also appear on funkstörung's website as well as being exhibited in europe and australia from late 2003 until early 2004.

remix this


gear - park walk

finally! we've been waiting for new park walk input for too long now. but here it is - all new fresh gear for the spring/summer. to make up for the long wait, park walk are giving us even more designs than we could have expected. there is something in it for everyone - skeletons, skulls, 80s retro, skatebaording, 3d, comic, and - go run for these - the original park walk logo design. this time in a rainbow outline version. there are only ltd. amounts of each design available, better hurry.

pw: new gear | pw: website

event - the nikao youth project

at beinghunted we are proud to be part of the latest venture of t.n.y.p. - an event called ' progress'. it is a showcase of custom designed t-shirts by 36-40 artists and designers. the collection will be premiered at the event and on display for 1-2 weeks. all t-shirts are going to be sold via a silent auction after that. proceeds will benefit the nikao youth project. bghd was asked to design a t-shirt and we'll let you take part in the process. over the next 2 weeks we'll give you pictures of the transformation of the shirt step by step. so here is the first one titled 'the arrival'...

info on t.n.y.p.


action figures - subsurface/j. garcia: 'the reaper'

being a kid nowadays could be so cool - given that the parents know what they are doing/buying... you wouldn't have to play with those cheesy 12'' action figures, or as a girl dress barbie dolls in cheap plastic outifts. you could get figures that wear the latest in streetewear and sportswear, with the newest gadgets - skateboards, snowboards, ghetto blasters, and so forth. you could even get your favourite pair of kicks for them. it would be a great help to the kids - to learn at an early age to pick out the right attire for the occasion. so why isn't this happening? exactly, because parents today know what they are doing/buying... they are keeping those figures for themselves. like this new one by jesse garcia for subsurface uk. it's called 'the reaper', it's dressed in ssuk, and only 50 of these will be produced.

the reaper | subsurface
| 2muchtrouble toyz


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