30 | announcement | beinghunted - we're back

no, we were not swallowed by this megalopolis called new york. we just needed to get our breath back. unfortunately we had just missed alife and artomatic's 'i like printing' opening party on thursday night. however, one of our agents went... stay tuned to see what it was all about.

we promised you news from the big apple, and rest assured you'll get them. there is a bigger piece on nyc in the making and we'll be giving away a few goodies. so watch this space. over the next few days there shall be a few previews on what we saw, and what we picked up. below you'll find number one.

alife & artomatic: i like printing | preview 01


| garments & photography | ricky powell

what this name stands for can hardly be defined in a few lines of text. what better than to let this man's photography do all the talking. some of ricky powell's work is currently on show in nyc, at the urban experience museum, together with pieces by Dr. Revolt, Daze, Crash, Lee, Iz the Wiz, among many others (more on this later). if that's not good enough - if you want more - fine. get the new series of ricky powell t-shirts. you'll feel like a walking gallery.

see: images | get them here


| kicks | converse - all star se camouflage

while you're shopping for those ricky powell tees you might add to your cart the camouflage version of the converse all stars. it's definetly a matter of taste with these classics, however, if you need a pair of those, this one is the only decent colorway.

see: image | if you're sure: go


| toys | time capsule

super quick up-date: if you're still looking for the juvenile delinquents by james jarvis rush to ningyoushi's workshop where they are available now.

follow this link

17 | big apple i | what's available

on our quest for new items to be found in the big apple we took the tour: supreme, alife, rivington club, stussy/headporter, union, memes, and recon to start with.

at supreme the only pieces with the box logo on it were caps and hats (not counting the shopping bag). other than that - some midtowns, dunks, plaid shirts, and the new backpack. rivington had some nice adidas, a couple of wovens, rifts, and of course the full range of ritefoot sneakers. at stussy you could still purchase blazers, a good selection of stucci print shirts and hats as well as plenty of accessories. headporter is the place to get your bags. good selection plus sort-of-affordable prices. union carries a wide selection of tees, sweats, etc. (some goodenough, gimme5, and plenty of huga. recon had large bape-head tees and the usual combat/tech style clothing. so, that's basically it. nothing too exciting to report as of yet.

15 | announcement | beinghunted - we're off

these past few weeks have been quite a ride. it's been too hectic and we weren't allowed to update the site as frequently as we would have wanted to - sorry. to make up for that, we decided to fly over to nyc and get some fresh info directly from there. we'll be gone until apr. 26th. you can still reach us via email - and if possible we might post some bits right out of the big apple. take care!

for those of you who are looking for vintage kicks - find the 'secret' link to japan below.

vintage kicks here

11 | monthly | relax #63

after the last 2 issues you might have given up hope on relax magazine. just when you lost all belief issue #63 will hit you. not with the cover, but with the contents: huge kyoto feature with excellent photography, an in depth look into the history of dogtown/z-boys, a survey of tech jackets - focus on the new label 'acronym', plus tons of fine ads and pictures. as always - japanese is highly recommended.

see: images | get it here: us / outside us

09 | exhibitions | hollywood vs. berlin

5 days since the last update! we need to catch up w/ things here... friday saw the opening of michael leon's show 'ideas float away' at 4x4 in hollywood ca. take a look at the flyer and go there. you had to travel super sonic to be at the opening of sneakers etc. in berlin the next day. sneaker fanatics: you do not want to go there! you can look but you just can't buy. we're not too sure whether this is a situation you would like to see yourself in.

ideas float away: invite | sneakers etc.: website


| paperwork | transmission02: utopia

is ths just another gasbook-sort-of-thing? in a way it is - only that it's a true book in 4C + hexachrome & metallic colours, loaded w/ artwork by... no, we won't start. if mentioned here you can be sure they are familiar names. apart from being a book, utopia is also a t-shirt, designed by mode2, a cd-rom - mac format only (?), posters, and stickers. of course it's ltd. - 1000 boxes only. what else? a huge launch party on the 26th and exhibitions tba.

see: images | more info: phunkstudio


| misc.| sneakers, supreme

as you may have noticed, the first nike/stussy blazers have surfaced on ebay. they are by far not as popular as the dunks. supreme's midtowns are now available nowhere (?) while the new nike wovens can be purchased everywhere. there are tons of new af i colors out there, as well as some exquisite re-issues of nike classics. mad is this piece of info: conceptshop (hk) sold a gucci-stripe supreme box tee for us $129... reason... anyone...?

stussy blazer | supreme madness

04 | bi-monthly | educated community #8

even though it's the feb/mar issue you should consider taking a look at the contents (and get it while still available): interview w/ dj krush; innovators of 21th cent. art - kaws, kami; ny local history; and: zakka corp.'s representation of japanese culture. apart from this you'll get updates on where to be and what to see in nyc. even the ads make definite sense: supreme, x-girl, alife... to name but a few.

see: images | get it: here | check also: zakka corp.

01 | gear i | stacks summer '02

up until now you only knew stacks from the conversation edition t-shirts. summer '02 will see stacks' new range of gear: tees, of course, plus a few other items - bags, posters, etc.

see: images | go: here


| gear ii | bape / bapy

for those of you who still believe in the power of the ape we'll give you two new items by bathing ape. two should be enough to get you apeheads going, anyways. one is a big head tee for the boys (if anyone hasn't noticed by now, the head design is a registered trademark). the other item is a cute little totebag for the ladies. get it where you can...

take a look: bape/bapy


| investment | vintage kicks

there are some people among us who are not happy with any of the new re-releases by adidas and nike. they just need to have the originals. how do they get what they want? people with limited funds invest a good portion of their time looking for old warehouses & searching through flea markets. people with excessive funds either bid on ebay or - this is where beinghunted comes in - order from japan. not to make it too easy, though, we will only provide you with the link upon request.

if you like those | inquire here

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