28 | retail | 4 x 4

they are responsible for the stussy store in la and the tg-170 store in nyc. they run 222 gallery in philadelphia and their own store - 4 x 4 - in hollywood (6324 yucca st.). who are they? otto design group! write that name down and watch out for more odg activities in the near future. one is the separations show (currently in philly) - it will relocate to la in october. to kill some time until then, take a look at our pics of the store and look for familiar items we've been telling you about all the time.

search here | websites: 222 & odg


| garments | silas

yeah! finally, as summer draws to a close - new stock is flowing in. we'll start this season with silas tees. the 'protest series' features the familiar silas figure 'martin' as well as other protest-related imagery. if you're asking yourself "who's martin?- i just want to wear the logo" - be very quick, since the logo tees are sold out even before they're in. silas: we are wating anxiously for the new jackets, pants, etc.

silas fall tees | shop here

23 | slip-ons | vans vs. recursive x slazenger

a couple of weeks ago we told you about those daredevil~/mod~/polka-dot vans slip-ons. unfortunately at that time they were unavailable. guess what - they will be very soon. so head over to the vans website and pre-order a pair today. if vans is too big a name for you, how about slazenger? recursive in hong kong have an exclusive selection of slip-ons in very fine leather variations. they are a bit more classy than the vans, that's what we think.

order vans here | slazenger pics & recursive site


| merchandise | tokion

also, quite a while ago, we mentioned the neograffiti project 3d initiated by tokion. the first figure released was by the late margaret killgallen. the next one in the series has just come out. this one is designed by barry mcgee. get the details at the tokion website or their shop in nyc. also new - a couple of tokion tees - always worth your money.

tokion merchandise | shop here


| kicks | supreme dunk

update for those who plan on flying/driving/walking/hiking to supreme (nyc) to stand in line for a pair of the most anticipated sneakers (ever?): rumor has it that the release date is september 3rd.

21 | music & design | chris de luca & peabird - 'deadly wiz da disko'

you buy an album either because of the music or because of the cover - in case of a cd also because of the booklet or the packaging in general. so, we have the music approach on the one side and the design approach on the other. in the case of funkstörung both approaches will leave you satisfied in the end. what does this have to do with 'deadly wiz da disko'? ok, a) it's released on !k7 records - home also to funkstörung b) chris de luca is one part of funkstörung and c) the design of the cd clearly follows funkstörung's graphic language. did we mention funkstörung a bit too often here? sorry: peabird, chris de luca, peabird, chris de luca, peabird. whatever approach you might choose - you will buy the cd.

see: cover | more info at !k7


| kicks | nike air woven

all of us probably own more than one pair - and even though the word 'woven' has lost a bit of its magic over the years, there are still a few moments when you should listen up. the last occasion was the release of the nike htm woven and woven desert boot. with these nike has, once again, shown that they are way up front concerning color-schemes and attention to detail. new htms are on their way so be prepared. for those of you who can't wait - here are a few new colors. check the multi-colored elastic fibres on the wmns models!

in-between wovens

16 | various | read - run -play

after two weeks of constant rain (half the country is flooded) this round, bright-yellow, warm circle is up again - so we'll make this one quick, to get outside. take this month's relax (sample pages will be added later on) to find out about chris johanson and 30 years of the technics sl-1200. then put on your nike pan am to head over to a ltd. ed. toy dealer for one of kostas' hulk figures. if those are sold out already, catch a ride to san pedro, ca to see and buy one of the original girl wooden figures at 'would'. we're out...

see: images


| parkwalk | update...

somehow our parkwalk info has disappeared... that's why were posting it again. a few numbers of tees are (hopefully still) available. designs by: ben drury, gareth baylis, and will bankhead. please contact parkwalk directly for colors and sizes.

preview designs here | contact parkwalk

11 | city music | apartment b - new york: various artists

there are many reasons record labels give us for issuing compilations: 'the chill-out-café-so-and-so sound', 'the sound of such-and-such-superclub', or 'the favorite tunes of dj what's-his-face'. now, here is one that made perfect sense to us: apartment b has collected material from various artists living in new york city during the summer of 2000. since we are no music critics here at beinghunted, we can only recommend you listen to the tunes and find out for yourself, if this is a souvenir of new york for you. if, for one reason or another, you're not content with the music, you might want to own the t-shirt that was issued with the cd.

see: cover & tee | more info

06 | bi-monthly | lodown #32 & papersky #2

july was our graphic design month. the same is true for lodown #32 - the 'xspecial design freak issue by pact/blackred', which delivers many pages of excellent visual stimuli. besides that there's an interview with rob hubbard - the guy who turned your c 64 into a boom box, a bit on the haze/honda design project, and the unusual street-, snow-, and sneaker-updates.
the second issue of papersky has just been released in japan. there is not really much we need to say about the magazine. take a look at the sample articles on their site and buy it right away. what we like about tokion/papersky is that they always give you more than just a magazine. enter papersky's shop to find a new papersky/doarat tee.

lodown: preview & order| papersky: preview & order


| exhibitions | subsurface & phunk studio

both names should be familiar to regular visitors. we introduced subsurface a couple of months ago and told you to keep watching this space for updates. here is the first one: 'substance' just opened at exposure and features artwork by subsurface and friends, a new ltd. edition range, and ltd. and pre-release items. we'll give you more on this later on.
phunk studio seem to be everywhere at the moment. they just left singapore for an exhibit at magma in london to celebrate the end of the transmission 02 : utopia project. contributors include: deanne cheuk, devil robots, ricky powell, rinzen, jeremy hollister, jeff staple, ...

subsurface pop-up and info | phunk studio: pop up & info


| kicks | supreme dunk update

thanks for all the email concerning the supreme dunk issue. what we can tell from the info we received is this: somehow a number of boxes found their way out of the nike warehouse straight into the web. the guys at supreme are rather upset that this happened - there is no explanation on how this could have happened. at a price of $600-700 one can imagine how much was paid for those shoes to get them out before their actual release date....

any witnesses ?

01 | kicks | supreme dunk

ok folks, this time you have to do the explaining: there is this great new ltd. edition nike dunk low pro sb - exlusively produced (and sold at?) supreme. all sneaker heads among you probably have already put most of your energy into a strategy to a) either be in front of the stores at that parcticular date yourself, or b) to make someone be there for you. rumor has it that this particular date will be sometime in september. now then, how come that plenty of well known online-stores already sell both colors in every size available? what did we miss here (apart from the pricing which could be worth a few lines, as well)?

send explanations here

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