| kicks | nike lux - update

as promised, here are the first pictures of the nike lux series. you can see that there are no curves on the air max '95. however, all in all they look ok. whether they are worth between ¥ 32,000 and ¥ 38,000 is up to you to decide.

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| kicks ii | more air force i clones

what's going on with the air force i clones? here's another one. all reflective material, but less details. again, if this is what the japanese want - give it to them.

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12/27 | paperwork | lv - carnet de voyage: tokyo

at beinghunted we're not so much into high fashion labels - except for the lv/gucci swooshes on our air force is. however, this item here is something you should have. the travel notebook by louis vuitton shows you the nicest spots in tokyo as seen by the female etching artist yoko yamamoto.

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| kicks | bathing ape - bape sta

we all agree that the air force i is a true classic. we also agree that customizing trainers - as long as it is done well - can make a shoe even better than the original. but why would we want to buy an af i look-alike by bathing ape with a swoosh-like star on the side and 'ape' written on the side? please help us find a reason and contact us.

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12/23 | garments | mhi futura ltd. sweats/tees

save your x-mas money for this: mhi has once again asked graffiti legend futura to design sweats and tees for their winter collection. as always mhi garments focus on detail and excellent quality.

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12/21 | nike | air force i

thank you nike - for giving us hope for 2002. with the new af i colors we can see light after the darkness of those last 6 months. please stay focused and try to follow the right path.
even though the af i is a classic in itself there have been quite a number of misfits among the released colorways. the two featured here are some of the nicest so far.

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12/20 | tec clothing | lowrider

if it comes to functionality in clothing nobody beats the japanese. lowrider, famous for their extra slick shop design, have released new gear for the winter. high quality materials, excellent cuts and decent colors. all in all nice to look at and extremely comfortable to wear. however, those sizes are for japanese folks! if you're over 6 ft - you can save your money. get a tee instead.

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12/18 | art ? | mother at colette

they are responsible for some of the most outrageous advertising campaigns known to human kind. they are mother and operate out of london. mother is not limited to advertising alone. an insight into their work ranging from design, film to ambient media is now shown at colette/paris. during the exhibit you can purchase specially designed wrapping paper, wrapping service is free.

see: images | see some of mother's work here: adsgallery

| movies | 20th century fox: ice age

this movie is going to kick monsters inc.'s ass: ice age. watch the trailer and see for yourself - ice ice baby!

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12/17 | art | futura / ben drury on canvas

if you have relax magazine 12/2000 you should be familiar with the futura camo print, that was featured on the cover. the pattern is based on a futura painting and was designed by ben drury for mowax. good news for small-time art collectors: the camouflage canvases are now available in 3 colors - limited to 50 pieces each. it's a 6 color digital print, numbered and hand signed by futura and ben drury.

see: image | shop here: houston

12/16 | footwear | clarks vs. padmore & barnes

we at beinghunted prefer quality over quantity. those folks at clarks probably don't. as you might know, the original wallabee was handcrafted in ireland which meant that there wasn't that much of a high output. as soon as the wallabee-hype started, clarks shifted production to china. not only has the quality suffered but the whole fit of the shoe is different. if you still want the original, forget clarks - padmore & barnes of ireland should be your choice.

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12/12 | garments | houston mrdr

just in time for the cold season houston has released its new winter clothing line titled murder (mrdr). what you get is fine sweats and l/s tees, as well as cowboy shirts. don't expect loud colors it's all very subtle - thank god.

see: images | shop at: houston

12/11 | ltd. editions | mhi vs. futura & world of pain ii

x-mas lies just ahead so we at beinghunted thought you could use some info on what to get (yourself or friends). first up there is the ltd. edition maharishi vs. futura snopant. we know that the snopant has seen its heydays, however, this one is still nice to have and still available.
second up is the bearded prophet, another character in the world of pain series by james jarvis. again, this figure comes with various accessories (small poster set) and is available online through bondintl.

see: images (mhi snopant) | image (bearded prophet)

12/09 | retail | stüssy kostas package

it's not really news - the stüssy kostas package was announced a little while ago, however, this piece of information might help you aquire the limited package including tee and mousepad via the www.

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shop here: stüssy (uk) | frontline (d)

| kicks | nike - what's going on?

first we hear that the woven will be released to be sold at every gas-station around the globe. then we get to see our alltime favorite dunk designed to be worn by clowns (10 different colors on one shoe) and now they come up with a nike woven desert boot? with laces? in crap colors? not handmade? someone please help those clueless designers at nike...

12/07 | graphics | am7

this magazine is published by the folks at the german academy of arts and design in stuttgart. it's an excellent resource for modern design. if you like your pages nice and clean go for it, it'll make you happy. but don't get lost in those grids... try ordering it through the website - they might reply.

see: images | go to: am7

12/06 | labels to watch | one true saxon, uk

if you are tired by duffer, silas, and co. here is the next brit-cool label which will find its way into those union/hideout/de zigne stores around the world. as always with those brits, focus lies on high quality materials and subtle graphic details. the current collection consists of knitwear, denim and new interpretations of otherwise traditional outerwear.

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| kicks | puma ltd.

the mostro is a great shoe. especially in that highly desirable camouflage style. you have that one? do you need another pair? yes, since nike has been quite lame those last couple of months and the metro attitudes won't be released until spring, get yourself a pair of the new mostro ltd. go search for a dealer that carries this fine shoe.

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12/04 | merchandise | world of pain

as announced a little while ago, the new 'world of pain' by james jarvis was just released. this time it's lars who will start ruling your rock & roll world. as a true follower of 'world of pain' you will need the action figure (both color variations) and - of course - the comic. don't forget the badges w/ all different 'wop' characters.

see: images | shop at: the idler

12/01 | kicks | nike lux

the first samples of the nike lux line have surfaced. the line will include the air force i, air max 95 and air trainer sc high. the shoes will feature hi quality woven leather. prices are expected to be even higher than the nike air woven. availability = limited to the max. check back for images.

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