nyc, 1984: you are in the subway and what you see fills you with pure amazement. graffiti - on every train, everywhere. you want to know more about it but with only a couple of days in the city - as a 'tourist' - there is no chance to get behind the scenes and learn about the writers, their techniques, influences and inspirations. but you're there just at the right time: 1984 is the year that martha cooper & henry chalfant publish 'subway art' - the bible of graffiti. for the next days/months/years you inhale this book. you know all the styles, you know every writer in it, you copy every piece, every tag, every character. by then you're also familiar with vaughn bodé - one of the most influential comic book artists, not only in the graffiti realm - and might have even started collecting his work.

park walk are proud and pleased to bring you vaughn bodé's three most beloved characters - lizard, cheech wizard and cobalt 60 - in a limited edition run of hand-silkscreened t-shirts. park walk have collaborated directly with the Bodé estate to reproduce these designs from the original drawings.


with the release of the t-shirts, park walk and beinghunted are giving away the following prizes:

1st: one park walk / vaughn bodé t-shirt (your choice of design and size)

2nd: one uncut sheet of promotional cards (only six of these exist)

3rd: park walk goodies (surprise)


in order to win a prize you need to to the following:

1) name one writer out of the book subway art, whose work features bodé's characters

2) send your answer to the email address below

3) do all of this by december 19th 2002

the lucky winners will be drawn in the by december 24st 2002. good luck and besides taking part in this little quiz you should definetly get one of those shirts.

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