02/28 | kicks | nike air presto hideout - update

we're sorry to let you know that your efforts trying to get yourself a pair of the nike air presto 'hideout' will not be rewarded. this shoe was part of a customization project by nike. it's a one of a kind design - not for sale & not intended for production. so get your spraycans and markers out and do it yourself?

02/27 | art| wk interact

more street art - now in a gallery (near you). even if you are not walking the streets of nyc you should have come across wk interact by now. his work was featured in various magazines (relax, dazed & confused) and books (scrawl by booth clibborn editions). in march head down to his lower east side studio 101 (101 stanton street) to see 'technique'.

see: invite | more info: xlr8r

02/26 | garments | silas

silas just came out with their new gear for spring/summer '02: choose between big logos or the new holiday resort designs on tees or short-sleeve sweats. each 'land of adventure' tee comes with a poster to tell you about the exotic location. you ought to be fast though, as those big logo ones are the first to get sold. don't forget: people need to know what you're wearing! if you're not the label girl/guy, silas' jackets and tops are always a good investment.

see: images | shop online: streethreds

| kicks | nike & vans

before, there were different colors for different countries - with japan always getting the best. now, it's not only countries but cities, stores and labels that get their own special colorways. at the moment, try to get yourself a pair of the customized nike air prestos for hideout in london. then head over to japan for undercover's new designs for vans. and finally, go to either berlin, london or new york for the lodown/mowax/futura models, also by vans.

see: hideout presto | see: undercover vans

02/22 | art | esm artificial

street art is highly recognized these days - and we're not talking graf in its original spray-paint sense here. you all know the likes of kaws, phil frost, barry mcgee, etc. who started out in the streets. today we'd like to shift your attention to esm artificial who are equally skilled in the street as in the studio. we'll take you backstage right into esm's studio. look closely and you'll detect some familiar works in the background. follow our links to see more of esm's work and collaborations (obey giant!).

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| kicks | nike air max '95

there have been millions of editions of this shoe. but nothing will ever beat the real one from the year that changed sneaker history. with this re-edition nike will punch '95 afficionados right in the face. many of the details are missing - no more psi on the sole and you can't thread the laces through the tongue anymore. we haven't touched it yet but we might as well just leave it where it is - right in the store. or should we buy up all the stock and burn it?

see image: air max '95

02/20 | garments | gimme 5

the myth goes that a couple of years ago gimme 5 released a t-shirt which just featured the company's door. why? because in front of that door kids (mainly japanese) used to wait in order to get some goodenough gear (which gimme 5 handles in the uk). whether they got what they wanted we don't know. nontheless, gimme 5 still produces t-shirts and a couple of new designs for spring were just released.

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02/18 | corporate communication| premium 01 2002

what have volvo, range rover, jaguar, and aston martin in common? they are owned by the ford motor company. for those few who are fortunate enough to drive one of the mentioned brands (excluding ford itself) premier automotive group publishes a neat quarterly called premium. the title gives a good idea of the content - premium design, premium photography, premium stories.

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| kicks | nike dunk pro sb

new dunks - new colors - new names. finally nike is giving the skate kids their own dunk colors. expect highly ltd. numbers of these.

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| art | 024 - ryan mcginness

twentyfour vancouver (the source for quality sneakers and imported goods from japan in canada) bring you 'fancy is a verb' - an art show dedicated to works by ryan mcginness. the exhibit opened friday 15th and runs until april 14th.
if you need to spend money and can handle japanese we'll give you a link to get yourself some nice rmg gear.

see: info | go to: parco

02/14 | monthly | relax #61

for non-japanese relax magazine is a) hard to get and b) quite expensive. considering the fact that only a minority can read kanjis properly, you'll have to think twice before you spend the US$ 10-15. this month's issue features in-depth stories on polaroid and american fast food restaurant denny's. so if you are a camera person, the images will definetly make you happy. denny's, however, isn't really what one needs to know about, or is it?

see: cover

02/13 | garments | supreme

it all started out as a skateshop in new york with fresh interior and futura artwork. since then the classic box t-shirts have surfaced everywhere and are highly sought after, not only by the japanese (who have their own supreme in tokyo). from t-shirts and sweats supreme has grown into a clothing label with everything from shoes to jackets and hats. the new styles for spring seem to be inspired by 70s street pimps (see hat) and if you'd like to make a statement get the new carabinieri t-shirt.

see: hat | t-shirt

02/12 | garments | 2k t-shirts

ever been to beams/tokyo on a saturday - or any day of the week? it's crowded believe that. the most hectic area is the t-shirt rack with the ltd. edition t-shirts by 2k. why is that - because 2k t-shirts feature graphics that you don't regularely get - designer's republic, groovisions and of course our regulars ryan mcginness, geoff mcfetridge, and evan hecox to name but a few.

see: images | go to: 2ktshirts

02/07 | garments | goodenough uk

now, how rare is goodenough really? have you ever seen any piece in a store? if so, those items probably came in sizes inacceptable to our japanese friends - xxl, xxs (they somehow happen to be everywhere at any given time to buy everything). if the japanese goodenough is scarce, the british chapter - handled by gimme5 - is even more scarce. at the moment you can search for the new lightweight sweats and tees.

see: images | search here: adamlowe.com

02/06 | art | museumsquartier wien

we thought it was about time to mention one of our favorite exhibition spaces - the museumsquartier in vienna/austria. long before the opening party in may last year (probably one of the best parties in '01) one could get an idea of the care that was taken in developing a sound concept for the area as well as the corporate identity. why is this relevant for beinghunted? try to get one of the mqw posters or ltd. giveaways...

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| kicks | nike & adidas

just a short bit about some new colors for well known nike and adidas classics. there is the air max 95 zip on the one hand and - out of adidas classics' denim line - the galaxy and italia. only question with those is: what to wear with them? jeans?

see images: nike | see images: adidas

02/02 | retail | stussy products

some new stussy products have surfaced. if those luxury patterns are still what's rocking your world - stussy has the right stuff for you. now available: stucci bags and wallets. apart from that find the custom made tees now available at your local stussy store.

see: images | shop at: stussy (uk only)

02/01 | garments | commonwealtstacks

finally, after some very long weeks, the new 'stacks love fades' tee by geoff mcfetridge is available. this design is ltd to 100 pieces - so add to your cart quickly. no, it's not a vampire it's just his teeth.

see: image | shop at: stacks

| goods | groovisions' chappies

there is no way you haven't stumbled across those japanese cutie unisex mannequins - the chappies - in the past. apart from the figures themselves, which populate various shop windows in tokyo and all around, there is an immense number of merchandising products available. with valentines just ahead you might follow our link to giantrobot and get your girlfriend or yourself a chappie bandana or washcloth.

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