01/28 | kicks | update - nike air presto woven b

the presto woven b we told you about earlier is ltd and not sold at your sports store around the corner. there are, however, other ltd colors like the brown w/ orange or wine w/ skyblue which are available at browns focus in london. what's good about that? you can order online... check the sizes!

shop at: brown's focus

01/26 | kicks | bape sta - update

you know we're indifferent about this piece of footwear. however, without any judgement, we give you more colors of the bape sta... buckle up and hold tight - those babies are said to cost around $250. yes, all things bape do have their price. if you can't live without them, though, drop us an email and we'll see what we can do.

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| website | stussy.com

do you remember a time when stussy had a proper website? we don't either. things have changed and 2002 sees their brand new flash site. only flaw is, stussy.com doesn't sell online. they only show you the ltd editions and custom made items - you still need to travel to any of the stussy capitals of the world to get them - unless the british chapter decides to finally ship outside the uk.

see: images | go here: stussy.com

01/25 | kicks | nike air presto woven b

at beinghunted.com we're getting ready for spring. and where do we start - new trainers, of course. after all those letdowns at the end of last year, 2002 seems to be a good start for footwear. our wires to japan are running hot to get a hold of this new presto/woven hybrid.

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01/23 | art | milkcrate & colette - john maeda

this goes out to all dj's with an affinity to art: colette is showing custom painted record boxes by our favorite artists: futura, stash (if you book one you get the other one for free?), ssur, a. lacrate, m. bode, jest, and kostas. you can't buy the boxes, however, you can get the milkcrate t-shirts that go with the exhibit at collette.

if that's not enough for you, check the graphics by mit's math/design wizard john maeda currently shown at colette, also.

see: images | shop at: colette | info: john maeda

01/18 | monthly | relax 2002|02 60

relax likes ny more than ever. that's why the current issue features most of the creative folk located in the big apple: rostarr, ryan mcginness, espo, reas, h. hunter, kaws, kostas, r. powell, futura & stash, and lee amongst others. if that's not enough you get 2 sticker pages with special designs by alife, 360° toy group and most of the artists mentioned above.

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01/16 | toy biz ii | time capsule

sony creative products inc. is responsible for a series of art toys by such famous names as james jarvis, pete fowler and japan's own groovisions. problem is (as always) all products, which are sold through vending machines, are only available in japan - if not sold out already. anyways, the figures are all nice to look at and maybe some of them will surface on ebay.

see: juvenile delinquents | more info: timecapsule

01/13 | toy biz | pete fowler - monsterism

to all londonites this is not a piece of news: pete fowler's exhibit at exposure gave a complete overview of his world of misfit monsters (bad eyesight, disfunctional mobile phones) and saw the launch of the accompanying toys. there are 14 characters to collect (7 styles in 2 colors - in 3 different color boxes). each creature comes with care and make-a-monster instructions. also get the monsterism tees.

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shop at: shotgun.uk | go to: monsterism.net

| graphic design |
michael leon - ideas float away

until february 2nd you can see (and hear) michael leon's work at the 222 gallery in philadelphia, pa. at commonwealthstacks.com you can purchase the necessary goodies. and michael: we're waiting for the "stacks love fades" tee!

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01/12 | classics | adidas originals

don't say we haven't warned you. here they are - the long awaited adidas (metro) attitudes. along with this classic trainer adidas is going to release a couple of remakes and new interpretations of oldschool items. even if you are not a sneaker-head you must buy the snakeskin metro attitudes in both colors - black/white and blue/orange. check the adidas website for detailed information and competition.

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01/11 | website | x-girl japan

even though x-girl has not been available in the us and europe for some time now, one can at least take a look at their designs through the new x-girl flash website. the site uses the familiar designs and gives info on the latest collection, the concept and shop locations in japan. for those of you who can't get enough of x-girl you can even download some of the graphics as desktop wallpaper.

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01/08 | kicks - retail | alife - rivington club

we know it's hard to get the right kind of trainers these days. your local dealer doesn't carry the styles you like, your friend in tokyo has lost the nerve to run to ueno, everytime you email and you are not sure if it's a good idea to go to nyc. but you should definetly go! as mentioned a couple of weeks ago, nort235 is up and running, as well as alife's rivington club. it doesn't sound like a sneaker shop, it doesn't look like one either. the cigar club atmosphere, however, definetly gives you the feeling that this place is for the true aficionado. check the various nike woven colors, as well as rare adidas originals, nike dunks, and alife's own line called ritefoot.

see: ritefoot ad | go to: arc, rivington steet 158, ny ny

for images of nort235 and alife's rivington club
check lodown #29 | see: cover

01/04 | garments | canada goose

in the northern hemisphere, at this time of year, we all like to keep real warm. and where do we look to when it comes to keeping us warm outdoors? canada, of course. so today we would like to give you info about the best down parka your money can buy: the snow mantra by canada goose (any other jacket in their collection is fine, too!). this jacket features goose down, a multifunctional, adjustable hood with coyote fur & fleece scarf to cover your face, two mini ovens in case it gets real cold (?) and plenty more equipment. see for yourself and save up your $ - it doesn't come cheap.

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01/02 | art | tokion - neo graffiti project 3-d

you're never too old for toys, right? right. so now add to your kaws/lars/unkle figres these: adidas and tokion magazine present a new line of artist's toys designed by such famous names as barry mcgee, margaret kilgallen, shepard fairey and stash. they will be on sale on a bimonthly basis (1 per issue) - starting off jan. 2nd.

shop at: tokion

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