30 | motion graphics | röyksopp - remind me

once in a while there comes along a music video that leaves you staring at the screen with your mouth wide open. we're not talking hollywood-style filmed entertainment or big-budget-movie-star-cameos here. we're talking about animation. four long minutes of it. ok, it might be a matter of taste whether you like information graphics in general, but if you have the only slightest idea of how much time it takes to make something like this look good and perfect you'll definetly have to give this video the props it deserves. too bad we don't know who's responsible for it - if you do, let us know. those people need to get their names mentioned!

some stills | stream this

27 | investment | zoo york - car crash series

only highly skilled motorists are able to take a car and crash it as beautifully as those featured on the new ltd. edition decks by zoo york - by the way: aren't skateboards always ltd. edition? what is weird though, is the fact that all four cars seem to have the same sort of damage. this is either true mastery - as we suspect - or someone really needs a few more hours drivers ed. question is: will zoo york be able to make up for the damage through the sales of these decks or are they just burning money?

inspect: cars | more info: here

23 | graphics | faesthetic · upso · nonconceptual

those past few days we were trying to figure out how to put this all together: ok, there is faesthetic - a magazine/booklet featuring artwork by dedass, graphic havoc, andy mueller, don pendelton, and upso to name but a few. upso who is the publisher of faesthetic is friends with nago of nonconceptual. together with mooney nago produces tons of design, some of which you might have already seen around. and how does the new hessenmob deck for the "a new kind of meaning" series come into play? and why does it feature at-ats, nike prestos, and machine guns... try getting some sense out of it yourself...

sense this: pop-up and site A plus B | or this: popup and site C


| kicks | nike footscape update

more summer sneakers from nike who are now playing around with canvas. after canvas air force is, etc. they just released two new colors of the air footscape. since this model is one of our favorites (even though it looks better on a shelf than it does on your feet) we'll share with you two images. as with the new presto wovens we showed you earlier, this is the least we can do, since this edition is, again, available at places most of us won't be able to go to in the nearest future.

enjoy these

19 | graphics | pixelate

seems like july is going to be our design month... this time we're taking a close look at pixelate who not only do graphic design, interactive design/production and photography, but also produce a small line of tees. so, if you like their work but don't feel your website needs a redesign, spend some euros and take a piece of pixelate design home with you. hessenmob and fork unstable media are just two names pixelate can be put in context with. for more names check their site...

see: pixels | pixelate home

17 | monthly | relax #66

this month's issue of relax magazine is dedicated to the japanese comic artist fujiko f fujio. as you can tell from the cover it's packed with smiling little creatures - millions of them. you'll get to see and read everything about the man, his characters, all different merchandise and so forth. if reading is not your piece of cake - pictures from hawaii plus the regular best must hit shit should satisfy you. what we were most curious about is the artist tee series - the current one is by ryan mcginness.

see: sample pages


| art | esm artificial & poplab

it's been a while since we first told you about esm artificial up there in canada. kenn sakurai and dave o'regan from poplab are headed south to brooklyn for their show at mccaig-welles gallery. so, you should get there, too.you have plenty of time to catch the artist opening reception on july 20th and if you can't make it - don't worry the show will be running until august 3rd.

we have the flyer | and more info: show & esm & poplab

11 | kicks | nike woven update

basically this is for those among you who were not able to get their hands on the ltd htm woven desert boots. if the following is true for you follow the link and you'll enjoy great pleasures: 1) 'woven' is still part of your sneaker vocabulary 2) numbers like 1500 don't mean anything to you or 3) 1500 does mean something to you but there is no other way, and 4) you convert all your money directly into sneakers, no matter what... if there is no correspondance with these 4 points whatsoever, you might want to consider the two exclusive colors of the air zoom haven - they too are only a few clicks away.

what we're talking about | where to get it: I & II


| art | kaws & james jarvis

for the record: if you managed to get around this piece of info until now - here it is for the last time: kaws is just about to release his newest book project - 'kawsc10'. there's a couple of different ones which you should buy, not open and store for the rest of your life. so you'll never even get to know whether the pages inside are blank or not...
james jarvis just updated his website. or should we say his giant animated gif. even though there's not too much text, you'll get the info through a wide selection of james' drawings that he features on the site. and, of course, if you need to contact him - the info is right there. no 'skip intro' or 'loading 456743 KB...' bull on this site!

kaws: packaging & info | jarvis: see & go!

10 | kicks | presto woven update

even though the all white air force i has been our favourite for a while, we are ready for a few colors just about now. not too many on one model, though (except for anything rainbow...). since we first told you about the presto woven, many colors have passed that didn't make our shortlist. nevertheless nike just released three colors in japan - one for the ladies, two for the gents - that seem right to us. since you know the model we'll give you close-ups for a better color-check. where to get them? good question.

pictures here

07 | graphics i | phunk studio

our last report on phunk studio brought you news on their transmission02:utopia book project. if you got all interested in their work and need to know more - we'll link you to an interview plus samples of their work. so much on the info side - we know you'd be more than willing to spend some money, too. then watch out for phunk studio's old school skateboard design - available very soon. by the way, those phunksters do like their sneakers!:

see: samples | interview and more work here | phunkstudio go!


| graphics ii| streetwise one

traveling to the us just to see your favorite (street?) artists is out of the question for most of us. we'd rather spend that money on a pair of stussy dunks. so now, with this exhibit in london, you could go plus maybe still pick up a pair of waffle racers on the way. streetwise one is not all about the us, though. a few european kids are featured as well - check the website for a complete list of artists and updates on the forthcoming book.

sneak peek | streetwise one website

03 | collaborations | u-dox - recon

thank god it's summer. because now you can wear all those tees that you have amassed over the last months. goodenough, supreme, one true saxon, silas, alife, soul rebel, the list goes on and on. if you thought you had enough, think again. u-dox, a project by unorthodox styles (spine magazine, crooked tongues), starts off by collaborating with no other than recon. new york meets london - and it's all about defense: you'll learn how to use that paper knife, baseball bat or pepper spray. 8 designs to choose from, 200 pieces each. if you're not much of a thinker make use of this:

see: samples | u-dox website here


| bi-monthly | massappeal #16

outside of the us, massappeal magazine is kind of hard to get. this is why we recommend you go to their website and either get a subscription or buy single issues. don't ask, just do it. there are plenty of reasons. at least the double page ads by alife are worth spending your dollars. if you don't like the idea of cutting up magazines you can purchase the cover of the current issue as a poster. to be honest, that cover is basically the reason we put together this piece of info - it is nice.

see: cover | info and subscription here

01 | project to watch | graphonic

at our premium spot - the first piece of data for the month - we'll direct your attention towards nyc, brooklyn to be precise. in the past, the city has seen a lot of new talent in the fields of art and graphic design whose ideas manifest themselves in a variety of media: graffiti, magazines, art shows, performances, or even right there on peoples' chests - in the form of t-shirts. graphonic chose the latter plus they'll make sure the info gets to you through their stickers, postcards and website. what their philosophy is... let the images speak for themselves. if you need to know more - make use of our hyperlinks.

graphonic work here | for info and tees go here | tees also at zakka

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