30 | kicks| picks of the month

june has been a very slow month for beinghunted. even though there were some good shows to report on, plus a few new items and garments, you can tell that summer has reached the northern hemisphere. since everyone is only concerned about how to spend the most time outside instead of in front of the screen, news haven't been flooding in as we are used to. nevertheless, we'll finish this month by showing you our sneaker picks for the summer. by the way, we already have one model included in our list for the fall: the new dunk low by supreme...

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25 | garments | supreme summer

we would be more than happy to report that supreme has finally released a new batch of box-logo-tees. unfortunately, though, for those of you who don't feel anything else - you'll be disappointed (you can always put a sticker on your shirt, too!). for the others, you might find appreciation for supreme's new designs. as always there's a little porn, some rock-and-roll and some gangsta style involved. you have enough tees? maybe a hat then, or a new backpack? travel to jfk, tyo or lhr to reign supreme.

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20 | monthly | relax #65

the ramm:ell:zee is big at the moment. you read about him in lodown magazine. you saw his work at the urban experience museum in new york as well as at our favourite skateshop supreme. now relax comes along with the biggest piece and every bit of info that you need to know about all those costumes (are we allowed to call them costumes?), paintings, and so forth. even if you don't have time to translate every bit of text, the images speak for themselves. if you need to know more about the ramm:ell:zee we have two links for you below. james jebbia - among others - comments on his experience with the artist at A while B is the ramm:ell:zee's own site 'gothic futurism'.

relax: preview pages | more about the ramm:ell:zee A & B


| art | vaughn bodé - d.i.y.

we won't explain the name to you. all we have to say is: there is no way around vaughn bodé when it comes to true old school graf. pick up subway art and you'll know what we're talking about. now, on june 22nd every body will get the chance to be part of 'the biggest bodé production' ever. just follow the directions on the flyer and 'bring da phatest' piece. you'll have to travel to connecticut/us by the way.

see: flyer

18 | website | the directors bureau

what we could to with this website is: a) don't mention it on beinghunted.com. b) use every bit of info on the featured artists one after another. c) do all of the above for a couple of weeks. and d) maybe in the end give a hint on this resource. but - we won't do it like that... the diretors bureau website provides you with full coverage on: rodney ascher, roman coppola, sofia coppola, geoff mcfetridge, and mike mills. there you have it.

sneak peek | tdb - go!

11 | retail i | kidrobot

folks, this one is a real treat for the toy-collectors among you. you tried everything - ebay, strange bbs in hong kong and japan, you even started writing to a complete stranger (aka 'pen pal') just to get those ltd toys by eric so, micael lau, and so forth. if you enjoy doing all of the above don't read the following: kidrobot is a new site dedicated to... well, you know what. apart from the incredible inventory this excellent website also offers tons of background info, plus the latest news from toy fairs around the globe.

our quick picks: here | you're ready for this ?


| retail ii | turnt(l)able

you don't need to be a dj to shop at turnt(l)able, or easier: turntable lab. you just need an interest in these subjects: music, dj equipment, records, cds, clothing, books, magazines, ltd. prints, and gadgetry. that's it. since music is a whole different story we just picked a few tees to show here. turnt(l)able still has some lrg tees available (wear max 95) and the collaborations with struggle inc. are definetly worth our while. this store could also be your online source for lodown magazine - you need to inqure though for availability (or see below).

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| relaunch of the month | lodown.com

finally it's there - the long awaited new lodown web experience. even though they tried to entertain us with flash experiements, the 'true' site came along just in time as we were beginning to lose hope. but they really made up for the wait - there are videos (tv), dj mixes (radio), they opened up a shop, plus you get all the latest data on fashion, sneakers and everything else you should be interested in these days. for those of you living in remote areas of our continents - you're finally able to order the magazine online.

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05 | art | anno domini

one gallery, four names: derrick hodgson, ben motz, andrew pommier, and tania sanhueza. that's five reasons to go to san jose on june 7th. not convinced yet? ok, there is more: a) the bassline fm web launch and b) music by some fine guest djs. and of course you'll get to see some fine art, too.

more info | mdrl website

03 | garments | parkwalk...

...as you know, is the name of will bankhead's clothing line, available in extremely limited quantities and highly sought after in japan. and whenever this is the case you can be sure of the quality of these. it's not just some 'let's-put-a-logo-on-a-hanes' sort of deal. take a look at the images, save up some money (but do it quickly), and then email parkwalk directly for the nicest hoodies we have seen in quite a bit. if you're a little low on funds, parkwalk can make you happy, too, with two new tee designs - one by will, the other by ben - ben drury that is.

see: images | inquire here: parkwalk

02 | art & design | hersk

we'll start this month with scott herskovitz, aka hersk, whose work (and new website) was brought to our attention by arkitip. hersk succesfully masters both fields that a graphic designer/artist faces: one the one hand commercial work that is often limited by clients' demands and - on the other hand - his own free artistic output. not that the latter shouldn't bring him any money... in an act of goodwill hersk started a small store where ltd. edtion prints are availalbe at the moment. visit regularely for more gear including tees, stickers, and wristbands. did we mention that we liked his stuff? hersk we do!

see: images | more info and shop: hersk.com | wristbands, etc.: arkitip

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