03/27 | art vs. commerce | milkcrate ii

here is the deal: we'll show you two pieces you can't purchase - even though you'd probably wanted to - and two pieces that could be yours. a) a wtb - follow up: two customized record boxes by a. lacrate. one for kbond/la the other for alife/nyc. b) milkcrate's new gear - take a look at the new world order camouflage caps and the keith haring inspired original milkcrate tees.

can't have: this | can have: that

| art & commerce | tokion - margaret killgallen

margaret killgallen's toy is now available from tokion. it's the first in a series of artist toys in the neograffiti project 3d. you can purchase them seperately or get a subscription-sort-of-deal on all of them.

see: kilgallen figure | shop at: tokion

03/25 | kicks | nike air force i - virus

you're definetly not shy. you like to show what you have - and you have plenty. you have it in your mouth on your fingers on your chest on your arm - and now - also on your feet. one pair, $300. bling!

see: image | get it here

| investment | gasbook 11: reminder

get this one now - if you already have one, get another. we'll drop some names to make sure: ryan mcginness, acne family, huntergatherer, rostarr, geoff mcfetridge, why not associates. included in the box: dvd, poster, sticker, postcard and t-shirt (deluxe ed.).

see: image | go here: shift factory

| bi-monthly| lodown #30

straight from berlin - lodown #30 packed with the data for urbanites and those who need to know: dj shadow, andy votel, rostarr, b-ballin' in nyc, jamal shabazz - back in the days, pimpin' american style, etc.. we don't need to mention the graphics!

see: cover

03/21 | investment | michael lau

this just in: magmabooks in london have michael lau's crazychildren #11-13 available for online sale. at £ 110 each (plus shipping) they'll make you bleed for them. for those of you who have less to spend check ningyoushi's workshop.

shop here: magma | save money: here

| monthly | relax #62

there is nothing too exciting to say about this month's issue of relax. some james jarvis scribbles on the cover, some gadgetry, clothing, and art inside. james lavelle sells bape stas with the slogan: 'bape + sneakers = bapesta's - nike watch out, foot soldier about'...?

see: cover

| retail | zoo york > zoo tokyo

just in time for you to catch the next flight to japan: zoo york is opening its first ever retail boutique in shibuya/tokyo. celebrations will start march 29th at harlem and continue with the grand opening on the 30th. the store is located at 5-28-7 jingumae shibuya-ku.

| art | milkcrate - wtb update

for those of you who weren't satisfied by the picture of the milkcrate 'wrecking the box' dj cases, we were able to get you a better picture of those fine pieces of dj equipment customized by some of the big names in graffiti.

see: images

03/19 | art | derrick hodgson - madreal

drop your weapons! the creatures you're about to see mean no harm - or do they? they'll definetly made us want to have one or two as a pet. unfortunately science won't allow to bring derrick hodgson's figures to life, yet. for now we'll have to make do with his prints and drawings, and foremost with his new website. if you need to go hunting - see below.

website: mdrl

| art ii | hoboyard toy collective

with the bluebee figure the hoboyard toy collective come very close to bringing comic-book creatures to life. the collective is: derrick hodgson (mdrl), tania sanhueza (aka mini sinny), and hanne whitfield (aka whitties). 50 bluebees have been released into the wild that is our planet where they should roam freely. our sensors have picked up bluebee signals from alife in nyc and delphic in toronto.

see: bluebee | more info: mdrl

03/16 | label to watch | huntergatherer

while reading this you're hunting (for infos) - afterwards you'll probably be gathering (items), at least you'll try... so we're all still hunters and gatheres in the prehistoric sense. todd st. john and gary benzel have taken this concept into the field of graphic design and are producing an intelligent range of clothing and accessories. next time you go out hunting-gathering make sure you wear the right outfit: huga!

see: images | more info: huntergatherer

03/15 | investment | ryan mcginness at parco

we told you about those rmg skateboards designed for the exhibit at parco gallery in tokyo. ok, those decks are now more easily available through giant robot in la. get your plastic out and buy before there's nothing left to buy...

shop here: giant robot

03/13 | apologies | server problems - part ii

sorry about that - let's hope this won't happen again.

| skateboard & design |

our favorite german skateboard company is just about to release new decks in the 'metromob' series. featured cities this time are london, warsaw, and dresden. all decks come with maps of the best urban skatespots. while you're at it, also take a look at the logo designs and - remember where you saw it first - dave kinsey's graphic for the 'a new kind of meaning' series coming this summer.

see: images | check: hessenmob

03/11 | apologies | server down...

first up we have to apologize for the problems we have had with our server. unfortunately the site was down for quite some time. we did our best to get it up asap. sorry for the inconvenience.

| garments | one true saxon

new gear is coming to our favorite stores all the time now, as everyone is getting ready for the warmer season. we have already told you about one true saxon and now we'll introduce you to their new styles. please note that all garments are produced with the utmost care and attention to detail. ots only use highest quality materials and you'll get plenty of small labels, logos, tags, etc.

see: images | shop here: streethreds

03/07 | gear | supreme

ok, supreme doesn't need any further introduction. what's new from the big apple - footwear, clothing and accessories. from all the force/dunk clones we have told you about, the supreme downtowns were our favorites. hence the midtowns will take the #1 spot on our wishlist now.

| garments | true

sneaker tees have quite a tradition. we'd like to remind you of the air max '95, woven, and af i tees by stussy or the presto design by staple. next up are true from san francisco whose first line of t-shirt designs feature well known trainers. we're not too sure about whether one could have done a better job on the '95 print, though.

shop here: digitalgravel

03/04 | paperwork | arkitip

after all those stussy dunks, presto wovens, metro attitudes, etc. one has hardly any funds left to spend some more. for a fraction of the price of sneakers, however, you can get some ltd. edtion artwork in the form of arkitip magazine or their merchandise. pre-order issue 12 (featured artists: alife, hersk, gm) and hurry to get one of the last packages of the kaws trading cards that came with issue 11 and are now sold seperately.

see: images | shop here: arkitip

| investment | girl/de vleeshal decks

and again, if you have some spare change and need something to put on your walls, stop by the crailtap shop and have yourself one of the girl/de vleeshal decks delivered to your door. the graphics of these came from the 'rolling with the flow' exhibit held last summer in middleburg/holland.

see: image | shop here: crailtap

03/01 | garments | courier

it's almost spring - and what better to do in spring than to start a new label? everyone needs new gear for summer and now is the time to get ahead of all the rest out there. best example: courier from scotland. the first protoype t-shirts (hanes beefy tees) feature stylized imagery from star wars as well as basic logo designs. we can't show you everything here but there is tons of artwork behind all this. expect more soon and get the tees while the ink is still wet.

see: images | shop: here | for more info: mail

| kicks | lowrider star dot canvas

if you are looking for canvas sneakers, you have these options: converse all stars (camouflage) or vans (camouflage, or any of the customized models). if you can't find those anymore or don't want to wear a label that maybe you dad wore 20 years ago - lowrider has these for you: the new star dot canvas sneakers. this shoe is based on the converse all star and features the company's dotted star symbol. it comes in six fresh two-tone color combinations, however, you have to have small feet: sizes go only up to 28 cm.

see: images

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