31 | kicks | vans

we usually don't show you stuff that's unavailable. it's just not fair we think. to bring you this piece of info, we had to make an exception, though: vans - we loved them when we were kids, we love them now. they just stand out from all the hype-tech-bubble-shox-stretch-woven models out there at the moment. and that's good. simple canvas, decent colors, some ltd. edition designs, a few collaborations - everything seems to be done in a very careful and thoughtful manner. so - the designs we show you are ltd.. they are out of stock. however, if you hurry to streethreds you still might be able to order a pair of the silax x vans slip-ons.

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26 | garments | can't skate - gang collection

you want to start a gang, but you are lazy. you can't find a name for your gang and it's even harder to come up with a mean enough gang sign. what else to do than to pick an already established name and 'key-visual'. even better - there is a british company by the name of can't skate who will provide you with the necessary tees. and where did they get the idea? 1979's classic 'the warriors' - our alltime favorite nyc-gang-movie. colette has them for sale - but keep in mind that the number of members is limited to 35 each (there are 10 gangs).

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| graphics | girl skateboards

this is long overdue: our pick of the month of the finest graphics by our beloved skatecompany: girl. we can only show you a few of the designs - but rest assured there are plenty more. and if you haven't purchased the city-, car-, or motorcycle series by now, you should hurry. make sure to visit your local skatestore regularely and ivest in art that's always limited ed.!

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22 | relaxation | spidermen?

from time to time you just need to take a break. take a break from sneaker seeking, toy shopping, auction watching, daytime jobbing. you take a break, you go to the movies, sit down and enjoy a good trailer or two. if you're lucky these days, you might even end up seeing a good picture - spiderman, maybe. it's a movie with one spider, and it's good (at least that's what they say). so how about two spiders, or a few dozen more? should be even better then. - go watch '8legged freaks'! and please - no 'direct-to-video' with this one...

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21 | kicks | various

just a few days ago we were talking about how the new colors by nike would help us through what seems to be a sneaker depression. apart from the more subtle schemes - brown, beige, navy, and olive - nike decided not to stay quiet for too long. just take a look at the trainer iii b, the brazil or htm/rainbow woven. will these work in less progressive cities - other than la, nyc, or ty - too? if no, there is always gravis to rely on: this time they chose goodenough to help out designing. red isn't a new color to footwear, either, but the way vans used perforated leather on the classic slip-on definetly is.

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| bi-monthly | paper sky - tokion traveler

'paper sky' - how come those people at knee-high media always get it right? this time they are bringing us an 'inflight magazine for the ground'. what to expect from it? - go to their website and let them do the explaining, because we can't find any better words. while there, use the convenient link to the 'creative store' to shop for paper sky gear and a new tokion poster.

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14 | label to watch | subsurface

the kingdom strikes once again! while the armies of 'subsurface' have already conquered europe, japan and australia, they are now headed for the rest of the globe. in a combined effort with magma books in london, subsurface will launch their attack with 'minion' a 4" fully customizable figure, a ltd range of tees, and various other ltd items. to kick off 'substance' - as this offensive is called - an exclusive exhibition will be held at exposure in london throughout august. until then take a look at subsurface's work and check their website for more info and updates.

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| nyc data | x-girl opening

x-girl was one of the earliest stores on lafayette street - among liquid sky, supreme, and label. the shop closed, with x-girl being sold to a japanese company. from then on, if you wanted x-girl, you had to travel far to get this line of well designed, delicately tailored clothing. earlier this year x-girl returned to nyc to almost the same spot, and from the opening of the new store we bring you an exclusive tee that was produced in conjuction with educated community who were part of the gig.

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12 | art | doze

jeffrey green, aka doze, is one of the 'old masters' of graffiti and has enjoyed quite a bit of media coverage in the recent past. with the 'new school' (graf or graf-inspired) artists getting all the props, it's good to see that the people who inspired this genereation are still around, doing art and everything around it. in doze's case this means customizing a pair of adidas superstars for the 'my adidas' exhibit (currently on show in tokyo) and making one of his characters into a toy. 'travela' is a boom-box robot that comes complete with speaker on the back and a portable turntable. expect this ltd toy to hit stores in la, ny, and ty around june.

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10 | monthly | relax #64

two days ago relax #64 reached our shores, packed in a groovisions designed wooden crate. what's in it for you? 'après-midi grand cru' - a precise music schedule of a special choice of records to play from midi to 26h30. there's also some kanji on furniture, plus the regular 'bad news', 'the best must hit shit', etc., and an eric haze paint job on a honda motor cycle. get your specs out and try to identify the labels behind futura mugs, wk interact vests, delta sneakers and pete fowler watches.

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08 | graphic design | braveland design

ok, ok. we do make mistakes from time to time. we did pass on those braveland design tees while shopping at union. but the graphics we kept in mind. after a bit of research we're proud to bring you this bit of info: braveland design is the brainchild of dave bravenec who has done his share of work in new media. dave has also been design director at grand royal records and started braveland design as an independent studio and clothing label at the same time. this is good, because if you like the graphics you can easily get the tees - and you don't have to go to nyc for that...

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06 | kicks | nike air presto

just when you thought you had to go barefeet this summer, nike brings us one of the nicest colors for the nike air presto. sometime last year a shift in the color design took place and all of a sudden some decent schemes came along. faded olive, paul brown, barn, and of course our favorite combination: md brn/brit khaki-cne. following the line of excellent tones is this new presto that will make europeans happy. the rest of the world probably will stay barefeet. sorry.

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| nyc data | the alife poster pack

even though we missed 'i like printing' we didn't leave alife with some sort of printed matter. currently on sale: the alife poster pack. a series of 4 prints in an edition of 200. it's actually three original designs with a special added bonus: the uptown tammy exclusive. if your're familiar with alife's ads in relax magazine you might recognize the featured graphics.

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01 | label to watch | charizmatik

don't ask why we haven't featured these shirtmakers from l.a. any earlier. they have been around for a while, unfortunately not on mainland europe, though. there are many factors that seperate these guys from the rest of the clothing industry: a) philosophy - while many companies seem to have constructed some abstract story around their products, the ideas that lie behind charizmatik are clear at the first instant - 'capacity to love is vast: simply open your heart'. b) design: you have not seen any of these prints on shirts before. c) quality: treatment of the fabrics, stitching, and materials in general are among the finest we have seen so far. when you get a charizmatik shirt, be aware that you might not want to wear any other shirt in the future...

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| nyc data | zoo york & futura2000

there is no getting around futura2000 these days. too many projects to mention here, and one can easly loose track of what's going on. while futura has been involved with zoo york from its beginning, his influence is now bigger than ever. the current line features tees, hats and a special camouflage fabric that is used for shirts, shorts, etc. anything missing? no, of course, there is also a new limited edition deck, featuring this camouflage design. other than that one should also check out the new decks designed by alife's own jest.

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