11/28 | art | fist full of yen

haven't spent enough money on posters, tees, books and kicks yet? plus you dig geoff mcfetridge's designs. here is what you do: go to, have your amex ready and fill your cart with posters, tees and buttons.

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11/27 | kicks | nike footscape sl

if you want to look sharp on x-mas you shouldn't miss the new footscape sl. they'll give you this holiday-look with smooth brown leather and gold details...

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11/22 | retail | commonwealthstacks

new designs by michael leon and guest artists lucy mckenzie and geoff mcfetridge are now available on t-shirts. also check the new posters.

go to: commonwealthstacks

11/21 | art | rostarr @ return of houston

sorry for posting this info late. but there is still time to catch the art of rostarr (you might have seen his work at nyc's alife) in tokyo. return of houston is showing 'graphysics a.w.t.c.' until jan. 6th 2002. relax magazine has the merchandise that goes with the exhibit...

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11/19 | kicks | nike woven

can someone please tell nike that there is no need to put this shoe out in huge numbers/variations? be prepared for 1 million colorways to come out over the next three decades. this shoe will be dead very soon. too bad. and why do they look like the fakes sold on ebay?

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11/16 | kicks | nort 235

you're too afraid to go to iran to check for old pumas? you don't know anyone in tokyo who is willing to search for those vintage metro attitudes that you need? now is the time to go to nyc. air fares are low plus there is a new spot to find what you've been looking for: futura's old pal stash (of subware and recon fame) will open his own sneaker store, specializing in - you guessed right - hard to find, limited edition nikes, pumas, converse and adidas.

go to: nort 235, 235 eldridge st., nyc (opening 11/23)

11/15 | anniversary | disney rmx - d100

so you thought birthdays were about cakes and candles. well, think again. also, no one would have guessed that disney had the guts to let its oh-so-sacred figures get remixed by non-disney-ites. ok, here comes d100 - once again, japanese only. take a couple of japan's finest artist/designers, give them mickey & co. and as a result you get a fresh take on a rather lame subject. you have never seen mickey in translucent kubrick-style lego...?

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11/14 | paperwork | relax - paris

relax #58 is out at your international newsstand. main feature is paris - with all the important people, galleries and retailers. also: pics from the opening party of futura2000/nike urban action by colette. as always james lavelle gives you the must-haves for the month. so learn japanese!

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11/07 | retail | bond intl.

when in london don't miss bond intl. - they were among the first to bring you names like good enough, very ape, silas and modern amusement. hence, the japanese are all over it. if you see them leaving the shop - no need to go in (unless you wear xs). but here's your chance to get those sought after items without risk... up next: new vinyl dolls by james jarvis!

go to: bond intl.

11/06 | retail | tokion usa

tokion nyc, publisher of the magazine w/ the same name is issuing ltd. ed. t-shirts by ryan mcginness and futura2000. while you're at it, also check items by michael leon, rostarr, espo and stüssy. you gotta hurry - the good sizes are getting scarce.

go to: tokion

11/04 | art | vava ribeiro 'somebody'

this just in from paris: colette are showing works by ribeiro from nov 5th until dec 8th. go there!

go to: colette

11/02 | entertainment | lodown - flash reels

check out the flash experiments at those guys have done their homework... as always 2-D, 3-D and 4-D are remixed to make your eyes go nuts.

go to: lodown

11/01 | investment | futura2000 book - ltd. ed.

100 copies of futura2000's book are available from mowax online, hideout, recon, nowhere, and houston. each edition is customized by futura w/ paintings and signature. it also features an exlusive package design by ben drury. you need to hurry - these are flying off the shelves. price is $125.

go to: houston | mowax

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