10/28 | kicks | nike vs. stussy

as mentioned earlier, nike has teamed up w/ stussy to get the colors right on the legendary dunk. so there you have it - now available at stussy's london outlet are both colors. for those of you who are not living in either tokyo, nyc, london or l.a. (which is probably true for 90% of you) - check the current auctions at eBay. however, be prepared to pay up to $300 per pair.

10/25 | retail | oki-ni

so you were the first to get evis genes around your neighborhood. didn't last long before clowns around you were sporting the crap italian remakes. presto i.d. - you had them first. now they're everywhere. looking for the ultimate in individualism... go to london! go to oki-ni! everything they carry is only made for this particular store (levis, evisu, adidas, fake london). ok, are you happy now with your carp-skin forrest hills?

check: oki-ni

10/22 | product | hessenmob metromob series

beinghunted is proud to be part of the hessenmob experience. we were involved in the latest metromob series which features one of our designs. also check the "life without walls" campaign (stickers & adverts).

check: hessenmob

10/21 | exhibit | futura2000 at colette

so you weren't invited? don't feel bad:. check out snaps from the opening party of the futura2000/nike urban action gig in paris & you'll see that james, nigo and friends weren't that much of a show. besides a bathing ape has teamed up w/ (was bought by...?) pepsi to bring you (and millions others) bapepsi. stop this monkey business! now.

check: bapepsi

10/20 | exhibit | ryan mcginness

for the first time in germany: ryan mcginness' exhibit at the gallery de miguel. "sign age" includes the alife mural (consisting of 360 panels), various works in enamel, and also parts of the shtick exhibit at houston (extensions, etc.).
today is the last day of the show - the gallery will be part of the "long night of museums" and is open until 2 a.m.

10/01 ~ 10/19 | message from the sponsor |

yes, we are also humans, too, and humans need a break from time to time. so, we hope you stay sane while we're off to the south. check back by october 20th.


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