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How did you end up on
A friend of mine, Mr.Crook, brought me to the site some time ago. Now I check it almost on a daily basis - main interests: artist informations and exhibitions.

What are your favourite hunting grounds in Munich – or any other place?
I like going to second-hand-shops and flee-markets to get some cool t-shirts. I'm hunting deep in tees. It's the same when I'm in other towns like London or Hamburg. Also, I'm always searching for those new artist toys and things...


Where are you from and how (and why) did you end up in Munich?
Born in Munich - gonna die here, too! I try to travel a lot, but I'm always ending up here 'cause I love this beautiful town!


What’s your field of ‘professional activity’ (1) and how did you get to do what you’re doing (2)?
(1) At the moment I'm working as a freelance illustrator for different clients. But I'm trying to get more time to work on my own projects. I got my skills by walking through life with open eyes. A teacher once said a good metaphor for this: "You walk through life with a shopping bag. You only get things out you once put in it." So your work is always affected by the things you see. That also includes other artists' work. So keep your eyes open or there will be nothing in your shopping bag...
(2) Art school: it was a good place to meet up with people having very different backgrounds. That helped me to outgrow myself. I grabbed a lot of new techniques and ideas, combined it with my own style. I think that's what's pushing yourself up to a next level.

How is it working as an independent artist? Have you considered looking for a ‘real’ job, eg. in an agency, etc.?
Everybody knows that the situation for freelance illustrators (also designers and so forth) is not that good anymore. In Germany the economy has somewhat broken down and jobs are very rare. I still manage to get my food... The new car has to wait a bit, though.

What’s your ratio between client work and personal work?
Most time is used for "commercial work" during the week, also at the weekend. But all the time that is left I spend on my street- and art-projects. That means: drawing, painting, or i'll have a long walk around town stickering. Or I'll go out with good friends to do some graffiti...

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Everything from everywhere around. But I'm always very impressed by other street artists. Especially big and new kinds of 'actions'. I'm trying to do it on an equal level. Watch to see them all!


You were chosen to participate in the Gravis Mindclouder tour, how did that come about?
When there was this big street/youth-art exhibition here in Munich early this year (, I got in contact with the guys. Now we had exhibitions in Düsseldorf/D, Berlin/D, and Antwerp/Belgium. Then there is Vienna/Austria, Prague/Czech Republic, and Munich/D still to come.

You are involved in many projects/shows/etc., tell us a bit about what's going on.
Seems like this was an active year for the Fortress. Many exhibitions - you should check the site for current dates... That was one thing - the site - and after putting it up people started to notice my work plus my work for different magazines.

Who have you been working with in the past & who would you like to be working with in the future?
While traveling a lot this year, I met a lot of nice people all over Europe. I did a lot together with my buddies Gomes, Burns124, SatOne, Dave the Chimp, Kabe, Cpt.Rouget, D-Face... and hit suff with Loomit, Os Gemeos, Beast, Font, and Tumor. I hope to do it the same way also, next year. Traveling and meeting people. I already made connections and plans for my trips in 2004. Let's see what that will bring...

What are your next projects?
There will be a group show in Madrid/Spain from January to March 2004. Also the "Reality Models" show from Element Skateboards comes to Munich for the ISPO show in January, after being in Paris and Antwerp. After that it'll be in London and back in Paris. In June/July I will be part of a group show in NYC. A lot more still to come...


In this street/youth/skateboard-culture everyone seems to be connected. Any names you can drop of people you are in contact with?
Yeah! I stay in contact with a lot of cool people. There are a few good sites where the scene stays connected. A bunch of people I really admire started to write e-mails - I made some friends. I try to use the contacts for traveling and invitation. But no specific names here, sorry...

Any comments/recommendations/hints/shouts?
Brudreas! Meat Love! SenorB! Emka! Cpt. Rouget! P-Heart! Eko! Above! LaMano! FRIENDS...

Who should we interview next?
Andy Howell. This guy rocks! Idol.


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