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Josh C. Nusbaum, Jason Rooney, Greg Morris



RRT x BGHD T-shirt
Interview. Rabbit & Redtree  

How did you end up on
ALL: We were at a Vacant party and met Gail, she told us about then one day beinghunted targeted and did a small feature on us.

What are your favourite hunting grounds in New York City – or any other place?
GM: In NYC- Zakka, Alife, Autumn, Memes, Other Music, Fatbeats, Etherea, Halcyon…
JR: There’s always something new to see in the lower east side. Sometimes soho. Sometimes I hit up Steinway in Astoria for sneakers.
JCN: I like to buy organic produce and fresh salmon at Healthy Pleasures on University Place.


Where are you from and how (and why) did you end up in New York City?
GM: Jason and I met skateboarding in Albany NY, (where we all went to highschool.) We were about 16 or so and used to skate together all the time. Jay and I ended up going to the same design school in New York (F.I.T.) so naturally we lived together. Josh and Jason were great friends since like eighth grade but I hadn’t met him until he came to visit Jason at school. We all went our separate ways after college, spreading out across the country, but we still talked all the time and got together as much as possible. After a few years we realized that we needed to move back to NYC.


What’s your field of ‘professional activity’ and how did you get to do what you’re doing?
GM: We’ve all been doing art since as far back as we can remember. As we got older and more serious, Josh took more of a fine artist route, focusing on mixed media sculpture, painting and writing. My background lies in graphics and illustration, with much experience in product design. Jason is the bridge between the two. He is an experimenter, a painter, a graphic designer, and a product designer. JR: To pay the bills I design toys… JCN: I’m an artist that does freelance work to make money. I had some ideas for t-shirts and asked Jay if he wanted to start a company, a week or two later we brought our friend Greg in, and things got going.

You were chosen to participate in a gallery show in Tokyo. How did that come about?
ALL: Joseph Ari Aloi (AKA JK5) hooked us up with that one. He was participating in a group show sponsored by Freshjive called “9 to the Power of 3”, and he recommended us to the curator. The show was on in Tokyo and Fukuoka from April through June and featured work from Shawn Wolfe, Joseph Ari Aloi (JK5,) Timkoh, and Us to name a few. We had an amzing time and the show was really well received.

Tell us about any collaborations you have worked on before.
JR: We been so focused on getting our own stuff out there that we haven’t had a chance to bust any collabos, the first is with beinghunted. Yeah.


Who would you like to work with in the future?
ALL: Anyone and anywhere there is an opportunity that fits us; from friends to media to large industry leaders.

What are your next projects?
GM: There’s a lot in store for Rabbit & Redtree, You can definitely count on an all new bangin’ line of T’s and other apparel for spring of ’04.

What are your future plans for Rabbit & Redtree?
ALL: Continue to foster our development as a graphic art group, while expanding our product line. Basically get shit done, get mad paper. Bring fantasy to reality, make sick graphics, and make people notice.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
GM: All over really… music, art, friends, girls, toys, film, dreams… sources are endless.
JR: Dreams and everyday life. People that are doing what they want, making moves.
JCN: Living life and processing life through my mind.

What designer/idea/movement inspires you the most?
JR: People being themselves and having fun and getting respect for creating and doing what they love. Just being real. For me its so good to see all the street/graffiti/skate/graphic/fashion stuff taking over and getting so much respect…
JCN: Classic rock, art nouveau, Joseph Campbell, John Edward…

How hard is it for three guys to agree on one idea?
JCN: It’s work but we have a shared intention for excellence so we’re willing to enter into heated communication. We discuss a lot of details because we all agree that details matter. When we arrive at a decision, it’s well rounded and well thought out because we’ve all had our input. In the end we value each other’s perspective because of the friendship, which is good because the three of us are also equally stubborn.


Any comments/recommendations/hints/shouts?
GM: Huge love and big ups to the Detardations crew, JK5, Tommy & Taka, Shawn, Toshi at Zakka, Tad at Radiall, and all who have supported us on any level.

Who should we interview next?
ALL: Joseph Ari Aloi


BGHD says thanks for the interview and the incredible T-shirt design!

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