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Made Magazine
Twenty Four

Short Interview. Made Magazine

How did you get in touch with
To find out first…

Could you briefly tell us about yourselves, what your ‘job’ is regarding Made Magazine?
Raif acts as Art Director, Craig Handles Sales, Mark lays out the magazine and works with Cathee on all the other aspects from story development to packing and shipping.

The Project

Who is involved in the production of Made Magazine?
Raif, Cathee, Mark Gainor, Yasu Endo, Craig Engman, Jeffro, Mark James and many other outside contributors.

How did “Made Magazine” come about and who is the key figure?
Made was Raif's brainchild, he came up with the concept then put together a group of people to make it.

What was the idea behind it?
The idea behind the magazine was inspired by the Gallery. Raif and Cathee wanted to bring artists to Canada that people would normally not get a chance to see without travelling to the US and Japan. At the same time they wanted to showcase Canadian artists that people in the US, Japan and Europe would not be able to see. The magazine will hopefully be used as a reference tool. We think it is a good representation of what is happening at the time.

How did you go about producing the first issue? Did you set up a scheme/plan/roadmap?
We just really wanted to create a global platform for the people we found interesting.

How did Made Magazine evolve from the first issue?
The book will keep evolving as it has from day one, because pop culture continues to change.

For the people who didn’t get a chance to see your earlier issues - whom have you featured so far?
Kostas, Tommy Guerrero, Alex Morrision, Mia Thomsett, Royal Art Lodge, Ryan McGinness, Tim Barber, SEEN, Kyla Mallet, Bob Hund, T&T Co-op, Stash. Many more.

Who would you like to feature in the future and what would you have this person do for Made Magazine?
Dennis Hopper, doing whatever he wants.


What are your plans for the next issue?
You have to wait but they keep getting better…

What’s new at Twenty04, the gallery? Any news you’d like to share with us?
Twentyfour Inc. is starting their own Distribution Co. for Canada, so a lot of brands that where previously unavailable will now be available including SSUR, SNAFU, Champion of None, Spruce and others.


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