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Meat Love
Modart Munich

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June 2003

Interview. Meat Love


How did you get in touch with
It was last year when I met the Beinghunted crew during the MODART exhibition in Munich. It`s really funny to see how the site is operated. I like the variety which is hard to find on only "streetart"- or "graffiti"-based sites on the net.

What's your favorite kind of meat? Any recipes you can share with us?
My favorite kind of meat is the one which still has its coat, eyes, and a beautiful smile! Best recipe: buy some pets if you have the space for them.

Background, etc.

What's your field of 'professional activity' and how did you get to do what you're doing?
Believe it or not, but at the moment I`m working as a butcher. Maybe this explains it all.

Which plays a bigger role in your life – meat or graphic design?
Definitely graphic design! Of course meat, too, but just for this project. Even if I concentrate 100% on the Meat Love concept, it's something for the moment or for a period of time, but nothing forever. I don´t like to sit on one idea only. That would be too boring. My other ideas have to wait at the moment, though, until I'm done with the meat thing!

How would you describe your personal style?
Straight edge. Make Love not Meat!

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Slaughterhouses and my daily surroundings.

What designer/idea/movement inspires you the most?
There are many good people around and I like that "urban art" movement. But in the end I`m mostly inspired by people who have something to say or good ideas!

Meat Love

You like to portray key figures of the meat business. How do you choose the characters that you work with?
My main "actor" is Mr. Lecter. I was always attracted by angry looking faces or strange masks. With him I got both! In general, I think that mean faces catch the viewer's attention a lot easier than a nice looking smiley. After that the context "Meat-Love" followed and the idea was born. But Hannibal felt so lonely so I had to create some friends for him. Ronald plays the role of the man with the "nice facade", Obelix - he's getting weird when he's just thinking of wild boars, and the sexdoll ‘takes in' meat, too. Also for the future, I will choose or create characters with a hidden sense not just to build up a piece of ham. [BGHD: what the...?]

How was it working with Hannibal Lecter, Ronald McDonald, and the plastic lady? Or are there any other episodes that you can share with us?
Once, while putting up some little posters, I was stopped by two drunken guys. After they read the words "Meat Love" they walked off saying: "Ahhh....we prefer Bon Jovi more."

What shows/projects have you been part of?
MODART 03 + 04, Gravis Mincloudertour and some smaller exhibitions in the past. I will see what the future will bring. Then I can tell you more. [BGHD: Meat Love has a philosophic side to him, we noticed...]

What was your most outrageous project in the context of meat?
Last summer my friend C100 was working on the book "The Art of Rebellion". For my feature in it, I needed a photograph of a real pig head. [BGHD: we wonder why...]. So I got one from a slaughterhouse. During my walk to the location of the photshoot, I carried it in my backpack and with every step I felt the pig's nose in my back. Really ugly! And just imagining that some people would put it in saucepan... urgh!


What are your next projects?
I will produce a new t-shirt design (coming soon to: and I have some nice ideas to continue with the character series. During 04 there will be some happenings/exhibitions that I will be part of.

Any comments/recommendations/hints/shouts?
Hey Emka, FF, Senior B, did you ever count the kilometres you're walking? [BGHD: when posting stickers?]

Who should we interview next?


BGHD says thanks for the interview and the Meat Love goodies for our shop!

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