- 1st class sneaker store
- location: Tokyo
- address: 1-14-2 Ebisunisi,
- manager: Hiroki

Short Interview. Hiroki

How did you get in touch with
I got a lucky email from Jörg of famous

What other thing - except for sneakers - are you hunting for?
Nothing special. I like Italian fashion other than sneakers. I'm a big fan of NIKE and Giorgio Armani. (maybe ladies.....joke).

What is the best city/location for you to 'go hunting' - you don't need to tell us your secret spots...?


How did you become involved in the sneaker business?
When I was a sales person for American Express, I was working in Harajuku area and I got interested in this booming business.

What makes Tokyo so special regarding sneakers?
It's the outstanding inquiries by the customers.

Many people collect but would never wear. In Tokyo you see people with the most valuable sneakers - could you explain this phenomenon?
I think it`s the same here, my customers don't wear what they are buying.

Is it common for people to spend a lot of money on sneakers in Tokyo/Japan?
It was until a few years ago, not really these days. But at the hi-end customer level, it's getting more...I feel.

You do get very high-class sneakers - Berlin Vandal, Stash Dunk, UNDFTD Dunk - is there one shoe that you still dream of having in your store?

Thanks to all the best contacts world wide, I have access to all these sneakers. So far, nothing special. Maybe 1 of 1 Laser collections.

Every sneakerhead's dream is to walk by an old warehouse or garage and to find stacks of unopened boxes of - sneakers. Have you ever had any such experience?
I never got across a situation like this. Oh, once in Chicago there were Air Jordan IIs made in Italy. Huge size.

If you could choose one sneaker that would only be produced for you - which model would it be, what would it look like?
It`s secret about material. But it should be a Dunk Hi.

How long have you been in the sneaker business?
4 years.

The sneaker scene has become very strange lately with people camping outside of stores for ltd. editions, etc.. What's your take on all this?
The sneaker phenomenon will never end, I believe, whether it'd be great or small. It`s a kind of human essence of 'wanting'.


Is there anything that you would quit your job for - any other occupation that you'd love to do?
Nothing really. I just want to organize a fashion based lifestyle business, such as art, furniture, clothes, restaurant, and music.

What new, hot items are you expecting at Passover?
VIBE Air Force 1/10 pairs, limited Laser Dunk.

Any comments/recommendations/hints/shouts?
Thank you all for visiting the PASSOVER website, we'll get more creative in the future.


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