With "also known as" the 12ozProphet crew is back with a bang - back after a much too long period of absence from a scene which they played a major role in for a long time. With the launch of the magazine in 1993, 12ozProphet helped open the doors of the enclosed graffiti community, introducing it to a wider audience by treating the subject in a more accessible manner and format.

It was the professional approach towards graffiti with in-depth articles and interviews but also the design and high-quality print which made the magazine stand out from the usual graf-zines: "We presented the mayhem with an elegance and attention to detail never before seen" - this quote sums up 12ozProphet's attitude pretty well. Not only did the magazine show graffiti from a different perspective, it also broadened the view alltogether. 12ozProphet ventured outside graffiti's usual habitat - the known metropolises of NYC, London, Paris, etc. - and introduced independent art from lesser-known parts the world to its readers. Os Gemeos are just one, probably one of the most prominent, examples of 12ozProphet's discoveries...

"also known as" is set to bring fresh air back into graffiti which, over the years, has been integrated into mainstream youth culture. A culture with graffiti stores that sell you everything from spraypaint and nozzles to gasmasks and markers. A culture where everyone with a laser-printer is a "street artist" - where everything is easy. A culture which has grown lazy. This is where the guys step in: "The focus will be nothing short of dear, dirty destruction; the glorious variety of fuck-you graffiti that offers no attempt to make friends".

The actual book, however won't just attempt to make friends it will make lovers - one can't go about loving every page which has been specially treated in one way or another: spot colors, varnishes, specialty paper stocks... and then there are those extras: poster, sticker sheet, die-cut vinyl stickers, postcards...

"also known as" will get you excited again, as if you were seeing it for the first time, about graffiti art.

12ozProphet - they are back because they care:

"Graffiti remains as relevant as ever, but it's uncared for. We'll light a fire under a cool culture grown lazy".