June 26th

Spring Street NYC

Report and pictures by

Leah Christine McSweeney
(Married to the Mob)


Party. Reporting from NYC  
Saturday, June 26th - New York City

Leah reports from the Spring Street Block Party. Open the slides and see what went on. If you're not familiar with the faces - read below...


The day started off strong with Semen on the ones and twos and the drinks flowing heavily. It's good to have you back Spermicle, that bitch needs to get her ass beat... some of you may have read about his unfortunate situation in the New York Times. If you didn't, go Google it.

Jerry Bubba
Oh my god this guy is such a crazer. This is my 27 year old neighbor Will. He is obsessed with all the dogs in the neighborhood and incessantly asks everybody about their pets. I sometimes hear him out my window chanting "bring Jerry down", Jerry is my dog. That is a little frightening to me. Other than the dog obsession he is a cool neighbor... he has the biggest collection of Chinese movies... ever.

Here is the man of the hour Aaron aka the Don aka the Dirty Rotten Don aka Carrot Top (sorry Aaron I had to add that one in, it's my favorite) But most importantly he is A New York Thing. He helped organize and put all the music for the event together which included Joey Semz, Blue Label and Kudu off the aNYthing music label. Even though we have a dysfunctional love/hate relationship... I have mad respect for this guy. He is a true New York staple and a fucking character to say the least. And his hustling abilities are inspirational...

Cool Guys
You probably know some of these guys because they were super friendly to you wehn you were shopping at Supreme.


Why do Mexicans get so shitfaced?? This guy was so drunk, it's a miracle that he didn't have piss and shit stains all over himself. He was fucking hysterical. He was bombed out of his brains but dancing like you wouldn't belive. He was a good dancer for real! I'm laughing just thinking about it. At one point he stopped and looked like he was gonna throw up but then he took a breath and kept on grinding. It topped it off when this chick came and started blowing bubble on him.

Here one of my favorite people El Prez of Irak Crew. If you don't know what and who Irak is, fuck off. Oh yeah, keep your eyes open for their new stuff for this season.

Yes, cool guys get bangin off the chart chicks!

Ok this is when the booze started to kick in. I'm not sure how to explain this one. All I know is that there was a bunch of commotion and ripping of shirts and I ended up with this picture and I find it fucking funny as hell. Look at the fucking gay rainbow/confederate flag tee for Christ's sake!!!! And this is on gay pride day over here!!! I love it.

Nov York
Nov is the mother fuckin man! Please tell me you've read Nov York or Novurkistan?? If you haven't you must! This guy has talent up the fucking yingyang and is going to be big one day... Go read them and you'll know what I'm talking about.


Timmy and Tabatha... .when they were five they were cooler than you could ever hope to be. HA! Go to to sweat the technique.

I had to slip in this flik... for all the MOB fans/enemies.

Just to give you an idea of the crowd... this is about half the block. The other half was just as packed. Basiclly a sea of hipsters.

Holy shit!! This guy was great. I don't know who he is or what kind of dance move he was attempting but I love him. He is some sort of manchild... He looked about five but was probably 26 or so. People were going nutty dancing on that stage. The best part... look to the left and you can see Kai the ex member of As Four who now has his own label called... .Myself. How hilarious is that? If you look closely you can see his shirt says I heart myself. Oh no he didn't!

This is definitely another drunken moment. This is pretty elf explanatory.

And this one definitely doesn't need an explanation.

Here is some of the Mob Crew... .most of them are hiding their faces for their own protection.

What's a real NYC block party without a dance circle? Oscar and Marco were keeping shit real but right after this some older gay white man got in there and made a fool of himself...


And here he is. You can look at the people in the picture and tell how uncomfortable he made them. He did some weird move where he grabbed his dick and then pointed at his friend who then ran away. Seriously. I felt kinda bad for him, for a second.


Thanks to Leah - and we'll see you guys next year!

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