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Russel Maurice aka Gasius

Graphic Designer


1993 out of "The Gasface"

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The Gasface
Interview. Gasius  


How did you end up on
You know, I fully can’t remember, hasn’t Being Hunted always been there?

Is there anything that you are hunting for? What's are your favourite hunting grounds?
I am forever hunting the fresh visables, the newness, something juicy, shapes, colours, design, art, graphics, random... there is never enough. Favoured spots is a toughy though, Oxfam is always good for random books, (and records too-especially that one with the Futura cover that Teeto pulled out in front of me, in my local dusty crate source tucked amongst the Val Doonicans...), Epsoms Oxfam has been the source of some juiciness.


Where did you grow up?
Born in Newcastle (up north), grew up mostly there, it was a great place as I had a massive crew where we lived, always just people knocking about...

Looking back to your childhood, what was the best part about that period in life?
That is instant answer, it’s the next question...

You have been involved with the Graffiti culture since you were 12 years old. What got you into it?
This I will never forget, It was Junior school, my mate Tony Owens was part of a break crew called the Euro Breakers (he had an Adi track top with it on the back in flock letters!). They used to break at a club on Saturdays called Tiff(any)’s, He brought the flyer for this into school and showed it to me. It was instant, I was just sucked in straight away. I went home and got my fluro pens out, I think it said break or something, with a pair of puma states in the middle doing the moonwalk. I think I still got it in my Ma’s attic somewhere, wish I could show you, It took me a year to get off paper, I came to London with my dad and just remember seeing tags everywhere (especially Pic) all in different colours and unreadable crazy styles... when I got back I was saving my sweet money from then on and bought a red Pentel... first tag: Neet.

What were your sources of inspiration for Graffiti?
At that point in time there was no graf books or mags, nothing, hip hop was tiny small, the only bits I saw
Where around Newcastle (esp Gateshead stadium and on the coast), Subway Art hadn’t even been released at this point, damn I remember when that came out, my brother used to write, too and he and his crew (TDK) were all around the kitchen table studying it. Me and him went halfas on a copy.

Many kids who start with Graffiti at some point stop – seems like to many, it is only a phase in life. How/why did you carry on with your art?
It's just what I do, I kinda gave up graf a while ago tho, (I do little bits and bobs but I feel I cant really claim to still write when guys are out every week on the night shift).

Graffiti almost seems like a trade to be learned. Similar styles which are repeated over and over again by generations of writers. How did you “free” yourself from these constraints?
Yeah, I spent years striving for funk in my graf... originality within those constraints, I think once I had got to the point where I was actually happy with what I painted, I was able to wig out a bit, I guess I just kept moving onward.

How would you describe the style that you have developed?
Tough one, um, id rather some one else did that.


What were your first paid jobs?
Ha, my first paid job was gardening with my pops, I used to do a Sunday with him for a tenner,
I’d always have been tripping the night before or something and just be a zombie for the whole day,
I learnt one important lesson from him on those days... at least look busy. My first paid graphics job... I fully can’t remember, possibly doing graf flyers for people in Newcastle (Bedrockcrew?).

How was working for clients different for you than doing your own designs/artwork?
As it always has a specific brief to follow and most of all has to relevant to them, my stuff I always have a backlog of ideas I wanna do.

You spent a great part of your career working for Maharishi. How did you get in touch with the company?
Tony The Tiger Brought me in to meet Hards, he had already been working there for a while as he was in the year above me at college.

What was your first job there and what was your last one? How do these two jobs differ from one-another?
I was initially employed to design DPM... so the first few months were spent solidly on developing that.
The last stuff I did before I left was designing stuff for the collection, very different. Books are snap to grid and clothes are a lot looser especially at Maha as you have a lot of freedom with less production limitations which means you can really spread a graphic around a garment and do different stuffs. It was nice to be able to do that.

You’ve always kept your personal projects running at the side. Let us know a couple of projects that you worked on in the past years?
Mostly TheGasface clothing, started in 1993 and running until the birth of his Son Gasius who is current incarnation is Gasius IV, Other projects mainly consisted of Exhibiting my paintings, my first being with Ido and 90sqm in Amsterdam. Now I have left I have set up a design firm Ovrlap.

The underlying theme of your work is nature, its energy, growth patterns, etc.. How do you 'stay in touch with nature'?
I get out as much as possible, which is hardly ever at the moment, my favourite is to get stoned and go walking,
w ig out on some macro worlds in a mossy knoll or something.

Where do you get the inspiration for your work?
The stinky green stuff.

And how to you transfer your inspiration into an actual piece – do you have a certain method of working?
I like to come up with my ideas when im stoned, ill just draw, and come up with stupid shits. My books are like just sketchy ideas and stuff, ill come back for them as I need it.

You’ve also started your own clothing line. Please tell us about the philosophy behind your brand?
I kinda try to promote nature in a way, so people will think about the environment more, the earth is getting cooked yet no action is taken to prevent it. When I get time I want to start a campaign to hassle Blair to sort it out a bit!!! Stylistically I just try to be original and remain fresh. Do stuff that hasn’t been done, and not follow fashion and do obvious shit to be commercial.

What were the influences for your current line?
Gasius IV collection is about ancient history, with a secondary frog theme.


If you could travel back in time – which period would you choose in regards to art/design? Which artist would you like to meet in person?
Really tough one, either the 60’s and meet maybe Rick Griffin or Buckminister Fuller... Or late 70’s NY and meet Phase 2 in Bubble letter period. Or even 1860’s too meet King Ludwig II of Bavaria.

What is on your to-do list for the next seven days?
Bread and Buttmunch, Koi Club, Finish the Mole Magazine with Streative. Audio Bullys, some other proposal stuff, Sixpack proposal, and then I really need to chill for a few days.

What would be your ‘dream’ project in regards of design?
One that doesn’t have tomorrow as a deadline (and a six figure payment plan).


What are your pastime activities?
Special cakes, Films, my friends, food, seeing exhibits when I can...

What are your 5 most beloved items?
* Paper Mate pen (for sketching)
* Mac (sad but true)
* Steree airie oh
* My library
* The castle in the south of france

Any comments/shouts/hints...?
Big up Mrs Gasface and all my friends...

Who should we interview next?
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JH, January 2005

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