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early 2000s

Here are some of Grime's most well-known figures...


Rythm Division
Rinse FM

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Resonating and reverberating from tower block pirate radio stations, and pimped up VW Golfs throughout London is a sound with many names. Some call it Eski, some call it 8 Bar, some call it Sublow - the most common term being Grime. A raw mixture of influences born out of the UK Garage, Hip Hop, and Dub scenes - with fractious electro rhythm patterns - it really is the most original sound to come out of the UK since Drum and Bass in mid 90s.

The first artists from the Grime scene to get any kind of recognition were Dizzee Rascal and Wiley in 2002, with 'I Luv You' and 'Eskimo' respectively. Rascal won the Mercury Music prize in 2003 for his debut offering 'Boy in Da Corner' - in early 2004 Wiley released the soul baring 'Treddin' on Thin Ice' to critical acclaim. Whilst the underground was positively quaking due to the myriad of small crews and sound systems sprouting up around London - record stores such as Rhythm Division in East London, and Rinse FM championed the cream of the crop, and continue to do so. Many crews release their music on home-produced DVDs throughout independent record stores in London, meaning the scene has grown organically in a truly underground fashion.

Many thought that 2004 would be the year that Grime went big time, but after a few features in the UK's trendier magazines, coupled with the excitement surrounding newcomer KANO it really never happened. Fast forward to the 24th of January 2005, and the first major Grime compilation 'Run The Road' is released on 679 Recordings (Warner Music off-shoot), showcasing some of the incredible talent emerging from the genre which is growing faster than the egos of the MCs making it. Angry, aggressive, raw and awe inspiring 'Run The Road' bares all the signs of a classic compilation - featuring the man of the moment KANO alongside Dizzee Rascal, Wiley and many other originators who deserve a wider audience. Highly recommended, for anyone who wants a bitter taste of Grime, Sublow, Eski, 8 Bar…you decide.


* DJ Slimzee - Bingo Beats Vol 3
* KANO album - The World Is Yours
* SLK - Hype Hype (Smoove Records)
* Crazy Titch - Sing Along (In The Hood Records)
* Raw-T - Realise And Win (F4 Records)

Adrian JW Darby, January 2005

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