Saturday, 29th

Printed Garments. Four The Hard Way & Whitelabel

In the northern hemisphere winter is just knocking on our doors while way down south summer has just commenced. Good thing our planet works like that - because it makes selling T-shirts all year round so much easier and lucrative? Here are two sites that could help us find out whether our assumption is true or not: Four The Hard Way has new tees by 12ozProphet & Joker while Whitelabel have just released a new 12'' by Konstantin Gricic.

Four The Hard Way


Publication. Dirty Soup #2

This small-format magazine has been out for a while but we just couldn't end this month without mentioning it. Despite the low number of pages this magazine scores high on the content. High quality interviews, high quality images, and all that printed on extra heavy paper in a quality that you'll have to search out there on the market of free publications. This issue even comes with a mix CD and stickers!


Thursday, 27th

Opening. adidas München

On December 4th you should leave Cologne and head down south to Munich. The occasion? adidas is opening it's brand new retail space there that day. What we heard from our unofficial sources is, that there might be some special merchandise on sale...

Like Munich's own sneaker? The adidas München? It's about time, since it has been on sale all around the globe for months now. Like in Madrid - weird though - the adidas Madrid wasn't available there. Messed up this world is... We picked up our pair in NYC - and brought it back home (one of our homes), to the city where it belongs.

We'll give you more info when (and should) we get it and if you're in the city on that date, drop us a note.

Tuesday, 25th

Exhibition. Vinyl Vibes

If you think that German vocabulary is hard to pronounce, you're quite right - trying saying this name here: 'Hallmackenreuther'. That's a real tough one, but if you're travelling to Cologne until the 14th of December you should keep it in mind and then tell your cab driver to take you there. Either to have a glass of Koelsch or to look at a selection of toys that are on show there.

Please, if you are from the US (NYC or SF in particular), HK, or Japan even, you might consider the figures no real 'heat' but since Germany's toy history doesn't go back that far - in the sense of modern vinyl figures and boutique toys - this show truely is a valuable asset. Big Ups to Hallmackenreuther, Vibes, and Plastic Particles.

Bruesseler Platz 9, Cologne
Tel.: 0221/517970

Pics: Desley

    Monday, 24th    

Hiroshi Fujiwara. The Shadow of the official Artworks

Here are two follow-up posts to books that we have told you about not too long ago. The first one is truely our 'book of 2003': Hiroshi Fujiwara's compendium of his work from the past decade(s). Printed with a manifold of different inks and on a variety of papers and other materials, this book presents the reader with an intense dose of graphic- and product design. But not only that - it's the sheer mass of visuals that will force you to sit down. What we encountered when studying this book is the following notions: 'Why did I sleep on that?", "I have that...!", "I want that!", "That, too...?". Unfortunately, only very few copies made it to Europe. If you're lucky, you might still be able to get one at The Hideout or Fly in London.




MAT. Proud 2bea Flyer

Did you know that Goodenough (see above) also used to be a club night in London during the early 1990s? If no, than you need to do some homework - and your first assignment is to study this book, a collection of flyers that stands out in the masses of books on the subject. You won't find any candy-colored, manga-eyed, arrow-laden technoid graphics here. Only the best of illustration, photography and typography by artists such as Andrew Rae, Gareth Bayliss, Heavyweight, and Mode 2 or agencies such as AAGD/Munich, Azlan Design/Bristol, Raffinerie/Zurich and Sartoria/Modena. Now get to work - there might a quiz on this subject.


Proud 2bea Flyer
    Friday, 21st    

Retail. Beneath

We start today with a very special store up north, in Scandinavia - Stockholm, Sweden to be precise (we're looking at it from a central European view - for others it might be in the far West or East, or even far down south...). To get back to the point - Beneath has just opened up it's doors that lead you into a retail space where you will find a carefully selected range of clothing and accessories.

All the labels that Beneath carries are exclusive to the store for the Scandic region. Among them: Aurora Borealis, Clarendon, Complete Finesse, PriceLe$$ (watch this space for more info and pics...), Sarcastic, Tonite, House of Jazz, Kim Jones, Perks and Mini, etc. So now we're waiting for Beneath's own line 'Midnight Division' to drop shortly.




Exhibition. Hello My Name Is

And another post from up north - geographically speaking... Nic Fensom sent us pics from his show 'Hello My Name Is' which took place at the University of British Columbia/Canada in October. The name is self-explanatory but we'll give you a hint: The people in the photographs all signed Hello-My-Name-Is stickers which were then used to attach the pictures to the wall. Very personal, even more so when you keep in mind that many of them are Nic's friends, too.


Nic's site
Wednesday, 19th

Printed Matter. Sneaker Freaker #3

Woody from Sneaker Freaker gave us a sneak peek into the newest issue #3. His crew had hit the Big Apple before us - and while staying there gathered some great input for their latest publication. In it you'll find a feature on the history of the Air Trainer series, a retrospecitve of the Reebok Pump, and a huge piece on the city itself.

While there, they also met with a few people who they forced into talking about that lame subject of sneakers. The following suffered hard: Sandy Bodecker - Vice President of Nike Skate, Alex Corporan - Supreme Clothing, Tony - alife, and Fraser Cooke - Foot Patrol/London. Could it be that all of these people showed up at the Nike Laser event? Did Woody catch them there...?

You need more info? Ok, here it is: Art from Regular Product, stories on Nike Laser technology, New Balance, SPX, Troop, Kangaroos, Vans, Saucony, and the winners of the inaugural Sneaker Freaker colouring-in comp!

Sneaker Freaker
Thursday, 13th

Printed Matter. Escape NYC

People in NYC and L.A. listen up – if you need new wall decoration for your penthouse, you should check Nike retailers on Tuesday for this: To celebrate the first re-release of Nike's first trail runner - the Escape from 1985 - retailers will give out 400 posters featuring the artwork of OJAS (or Devon Trunbull as his parents would call him).

If in in the Big Apple, you'll also get a map of the city which shows you places to escape the hectic metro life - trails, places to climb, for kayaking, or just for relaxing.

If you neither live in NYC nor in L.A. we have a special & exclusive treat for you - you can download both poster and map right here to print out yourselves. These are .zip files. In it you'll find either a .pdf or a .gif.

Escape NYC map (0.8 mb)
poster by OJAS (1.3 mb)
Wednesday, 12th

T-shirts. Scrawl

Ever thought about this: you spend quite some bills on a T-shirt to get a tiny little print, or sometimes only a small embroidery on the chest. A microscopic woven label (with that head on it) on the sleeve might make up for the lack of ink on the shirt, you think. But sometimes that's just not enough. You want that print to be big, you want to get the paint on that shirt. That's why you went for the new Peter Sellers and Charlie Chaplin tees by Supreme, and that's why we think that you will especially like the new Scrawl tees.

Three more reasons that speak for them: Steff Plaetz, Kid Acne, and Phlash. These guys treat their shirts as canvasses - using the space really well. That's a lot of ink on one shirt and that's good. You do get you money worth of color in this case. Plus a tag on the sleeve. How good does it get?

Decent sizes are still available but you might want to be fast because: "once they're gone, they're gone!"

Enter the Carousel
Tuesday, 11th

Garments. Vinti Andrews

We don't know how it is with you guys, but for us throwing away old clothing is not the 'way to go'. A) because we hunt, gather and must-keep everything for a long time - more so, if the pieces took us a long time to get in the first place, B) the items were just too pricey to be tossed out like that, and C) we believe that our children would be the coolest when they can wear daddie's vintage sneakers or mommie's takashi murakami bag...

If everyone would think this way, there wouldn't be anything for Vinti Andrews to work with. They take the clothing that people had stopped loving (mostly sportswear) and rework it in a such a way that people will start loving it again. Their pieces include shoes, bags, all different pieces of clothing, and the fellas above. Just those bears will make you want to throw out your old jumpsuits right away. Hopefully Vinti Andrews will pick them up.

Vinti Andrews
Monday, 10th

Magazine. Relax #82

When we received this month's Relax magazine we were not too sure about what to think of it. First thought - beautiful cover by Katsuya Terada. Second thought, please not another Nike Dunk feature. For those of you who have read the last Boon, Street Jack, etc. you would probably have thought the same. Both these Japanese magazines had Dunk features in their last issues.

Ok, we open it and what do we see - Julius "Dr. J" Erving hanging from the basket. So this isn't about the shoes after all... No skipping the pages now. Ok, nice bit on camouflage clothing and merchandise... Then there it is, four pages of dunk (as in basketball) photography... but then a full blown Nike Dunk color overview (recent colors as well as older ones). Is this good or bad... Is Relax letting us down?

No - far from that. What follows next is a visual feast: images from the White Dunk event (including the travel cases for the artwork), a piece on Katsuya Terada, the laser project, and - to top it off - a sticker page with Dunk-inspired graphics by J. Jarvis, Young Kim, Ojas, Perks & Mini, jest / alife, etc.. So, yes, it is a Dunk issue, but no, you won't regret getting it.

Thursday, 6th

Book. I NY

At the moment, the term 'street art' might sound as exciting to you as 'ltd. edition'. The subject has been so widely covered by now, that one could easily say - no thanks. Looking at “I NY”, however, we tell you to think twice. This book presents a personal collection of photographs snapped in New York City over the past two years (yes, one person, two years). It is not organized by artist or by method. It simply presents work directly from the street from all over the city. And NYC is a big city to cover.

Kelly Burns, the author, was/is active in the streets himself, too. During his miles and miles of walks around the city, he began snapping pictures of recurring themes and also original, never-again-seen pieces. It is this reverence for the art itself that makes the book so interesting. It is almost like you are walking the street yourself.

BGHD: Shop
Wednesday, 5th

Shop. Dave's Quality Meat

Dave has a history with meat! How ist that? - well his history with Zoo York had put him in close proximity with it. The Zoo HQ used to be right in the middle of the meat packing district in NYC. From there he took the idea for his new shop on 7 East 3rd street. It manifests itself in the form of a meat counter - with the tees being professionally wrapped up in styrofoam plates. He even put in a conveyor - not moving - to hold tees and bags, for the ladies and the gents. Even though we visited the shop on its opening day, Dave and his crew had already stocked that place to the fullest: his own t-shirts and decks, bags and jewellery by Princess Tina, Rosasen's woven masterpieces, shades ... and of course these: Nike Dunks, Jordans, Vandals, Air Force Is, Blazers, Wildwoods, and A Bathing Ape Super Ape Skates by adidas. As Dave told us, that's only the beginning. More stuff is still to arrive...

We wish Dave and his crew all the best for their venture. You hurry now to see for yourselves!


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