Thursday, 23rd

Sneakers. Marc Jacobs x Vans

This collaboration has quickly become one of our favorites for the year. As you BGHD readers know, we appreciate when all the small details of a design are tight, as these are often overlooked. Knowing the reputation Marc Jacobs has for providing top-quality materials, we were not at all surprised to see the small considerations in all of the 'remixed' models.

The traditional "Off the Wall" logo has been slightly altered to include the name -- not at once noticeable, but more suggested. This idea is carried throughout the shoe and the packaging. The traditional rubber heel tag and the outer woven tag have been tinkered with to include the Marc Jacobs name, too. All the styles, even the subdued ones, also contain an insole with the "Off the Wall" logo print.

The result of this project shows us that two companies with two very different backgrounds can actually work together to come up with a fresh concept for a product that has been on the market for quite some time, and which has already seen many variations. As for the Mar Jacobs x Vans series, it turned out very well. Of the ca. 50 pairs of each model and colorway, we were able to grab just a handful for our shop... You will also find (what's left of) them at the Marc Jacobs stores and a number of select Vans retailers.

Marc Jacobs
Monday, 20th

Sneakers. New Balance

We'll make this one quick so that you have enough time to read the full story in Sneaker Freaker and on their website. A few weeks back we previewed a special Beinghunted NB 576. We received a lot of inquries/pre-orders for this model which many thought to be (yet another) collaboration.

Here is some background information. The shoe is actually a one-off, produced for Beinghunted after a visit to their factory in Flimby, UK. NB had invited six people to take a closer look at sneaker production and in the end offered all of them the chance to put together their own colorways. One had to choose between the 576 or the 1500 and... literally hundreds of materials. All of this had to happen within a strict time-limit of one hour! If that sounds demanding, imagine this without any means to visualize what the complete shoe would look like (no computers...).

Sure enough all six of us flipped and only managed to get something proper assembled with the helping hands of the NB professionals. A big THANKS to them for giving us this opportunity and to Solebox for the photographs. Believe us, it was a hassle to take these, since everyone was eager to take his pair(s) to the streets... And, no, you don't have to like them, we have to, and all of us do!

Sneaker Freaker
Friday, 10th

Garments. SBTG - Royalefam

Due to his outstanding work and packaging, SBTG is one of the few (of those hundreds) of sneaker customizers, who has become well-known and respected in the sneaker community. He's even made it into the camo-bible DPM with his "Casablanca" set. ROYALFAM is SBTG's venture into the clothing sector. As a prelude to his full line, which will launch early 2005, 100 handprinted T-shirts will go on sale at ambush/Singapore (and ambush only!) on Saturday.

Tuesday, 7th

Printed matter. Shoes Master

Our review of Shoes Master is, in part, also a follow-up to our Kazuki Kuraishi piece. As Kazuki told us in the interview, he was involved in the Visvim & ZUCCa collaboration project, which is shown in detail in this issue. If your languages skills permit it, you could also read more about him and Hiroshi Fujiwara. If not, you can at least view their current top 10 sneaker picks... Needless to say that there are some highlights among these - like that new HTM woven, the Hello Kitty Prestos, or the Nike Court Force.

Even though they weren't supposed to do it, Neighborhood supplied Shoes Master with detailed images of their Superstar 35th. Too bad we cannot decipher the text. Maybe it would tell us who else is part of this "Consortium", and what the other models look like...


Printed matter. Relax #94

Before the new issue of Relax drops, we'd still like to tell you about the one from November which we missed. Changes apparent in #93 are now more visible: The cover-design has been reworked, as well as some of the layouts. Regarding the visuals, Relax is still one of the strongest magazines we know. The main theme for #94 is "Eat and Live!". For us, it's one of the best Relax but also one of the worst. Best, as we'd like to taste every dish that's in there, worst, as all recepies are written in a language we cannot read. No food in our slides - you need to see it in the magazine...

Monday, 6th

Retail. dpmhi store

Had you been around for dpmhi's opening and the following days, back in October, there would have been a good chance for you to stumble into some well known figures in the toy-/art-world.

After attending the opening ceremonies, Michael Lau stayed a couple of days in London and spent half a Saturday at the store to sign things... lots of things... boxes full of toys, posters, books, magazines. But Michael Lau was not the only artist visiting dpmhi that said Saturday morning. Pete Fowler made a guest appearance, too.

With Michael Lau and Pete Fowler in one spot, the scene was quite lively. But when James Jarvis appeared things got a bit out of hand. Everyone was signing everything, pictures had to be taken - group-shots - single-shots - artist & artwork-shots - artist & toy-shots, one still had to look at all the items in the store, there was the DPM book on display, the Kubrick & Be@rbrick vending machines, and, of course, Tom Gallant's 1001 origami cranes folded out of cut-out porn...

One quick bit about the book - only the first (EU) edition contains the two volumes. All other editions do not have the "nations" pages, they have a different jacket and no slide-cover.

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