Friday, 27th

Printed Matter. All Most Famous

We have to interrupt our feature presentation for this bit of news: alife have teamed up with Cone Denim to produce a book - which will not go on sale - of photographs by Kai Regan featuring a cross-section of New York City personalities and the life they are leading.

Part I: The Cast - a blank studio, one man with a camera, 28 people. These straightforward studio portraits present the characters in this tale of city life. The stark white background allows each person’s individual style to be prominently displayed.

Part II: The Feature - following in the footsteps of the cast, these photographs capture a split second in the life of each character. We see Ricky Powell on the lookout, A-ron buzzing around the streets, Drea De Matteo chilling in a favourite hang-out.

Probably the only way to even try to get a copy of this great book is to attend the launch party March 1st, 7:30 to 10 at BLVD (199 Bowery) in NYC.

Tuesday, 24th

Footwear. alife RTFT

Right in time for the warmer season, alife are ready to release their new range of RTFT footwear. As before, they won't settle for anything ordinary. Or, let's phrase it this way, at a first glance the shapes of these new models might appear familiar, however, when you let the first impressions pass and dwell upon the appearance for just a little longer, you will reconsider your initial thoughts.

The Everybody is a shoe that follows in the line of alife's now characteristic canvas models. While before they were remixing/enhancing all time classics like the Vans slip-ons or Converse Chucks, the new RTFT are heading more towards the style of one the sneaker industry's giant's most popular retro shoes to date. Just when this shoe (or better shape) seemed to be loosing its appeal to some folks, alife are bringing it back with a new approach towards materials and colors. To us, the Everybody is like the aforesaid model's younger brother - the one who spends most of his time at the beach or in the park.

Now, the Kennedy is something different alltogether. We've shown you the first colorway a little while ago and here are the follow ups. We would need more space to get into detail with this shoe - maybe there's a magazine that will give us a few lines...? - for now we say: yes. Yes, we like the concept. Yes, we like the colors. Yes, we like to have a sneaker alternative.

Sunday, 22nd

Toys. Head Lock Studio/Plastic Particles - Talon

It's hard to find a good transition from our last review - the "Kosan & Eagle" image - to this current subject, the new Head Lock Studio collaboration toys. Or maybe it isn't? Let's just take a look at the figure itself. It's an eagle... There you go, that was easier than expected, since these new figures also depict a griffin.

This new set - adequately named Talons - has the same family background as The Aerosol Ray, the spraycan toy for adidas which was released at Plastic Particles' exhibition in Berlin, Tokyo, and Osaka last year. For the eagles, Head Lock Studio had asked several players in the toy business to create their own 'skins' for the toy: Spanky, Playlounge, Strangeco., and Plastic Particles - the one that we're showing you above.

Besides these limited colorways (70 for PP, the other numbers are yet to be released) Head Lock Studio also produced a 'regular' Talon in blue.

So far, so good, names are checked, quantities are noted... allright, here are the links to check out the rest of the Talons. The PP version will only be availalbe through their site. Pre-order should be up soon.

Plastic Particles
Head Lock Studio
Wednesday, 18th

Photography. Dave Edwards

While we're usually choosing a number of photographs or illustrations for these cover posts, today, we're only showing one. However, this motif will keep you fixed on the spot for the same amount of time as you would spend clicking through a 20+ slideshow.

The photograph is called "Kosan & Eagle" and was taken by Dave Edwards in West Mongolia. It depicts a Kazakh hunter who is just about to release his trained golden eagle to go after small game.

Sure enough, one could write pages about the atmosphere, the aesthetics of this image and the subject itself. Examining the traditional, archaic lifestyle of the nomadic tribes that descend from a people that, under Ghengis Khan, once ruled one of the greatest empires in history. We leave this up to historians and art critics, though.

Our aim with this bit is simply to introduce you to Dave Edwards and one of the most powerful photographs that we've come across so far. It is only one in a series that he took on his travels to the region. To see them, please visit his site or The National Geographic Image collection.

Dave Edwards
NG Image Collection
Monday, 16th

Retail. I Heart

We gave a quick preview of I Heart in our Kenzo Minami feature at the beginning of 2004 - now, here is the full scoop on this brand new retail space. Ladies, this post is for you and believe us, you will “heart” everything you find at that space...

Disguised down a flight of stairs in Nolita (have hidden basement-style shops become the new rage?), you will enter a smartly fitted space. The starting point is the clothing, with pieces by Australian brand Tsubi, Eley Kishimoto, Karen Walker, Surface2Air, Zakee Shariff, and Ivana Helsinki. Those are only a few of the spring offerings, by the way.

To us, I Heart doesn't seem like a regular clothing store, but more like a modern living room, decorated with pieces by some of our favourite artists (Daniel Jackson of Surface2Air, Kenzo Minami, Jon Santos, and Kostas Seremetis) and equipped with a proper soundsystem. We just have to remind ourselves and you, that the clothing, accessories, housewares, decorative items, and music (from labels such as Output, DFA, Colette, Tigersushi, and Domino) are not ours/yours but have yet to be paid for...

By the way, did we mention that I Heart is the only place in the world where you ladies can pick up your Kenzo Minami vs. Beinghunted t-shirt...

I Heart: 262 Mott Str. btw. Houston & Prince

Friday, 13th

Sneakers. Rank, Singapore

How long has it been since we've had a sneaker header - and felt really good about it... You know, not just talking about some retro model or new color scheme. Putting this bit together really made our day, and it will definitely make yours, too (even though there are a lot of retro models featured here...).

The images that you are seeing above were just wired to us by the folks that put together one of the most outstanding sneaker shows in a long time - Rank. All of this is taking place in Singapore and is supported by the local sneaker emporium - Limited Edt., as well as sneaker companies and collectors from the US, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, and - sure enough - Singapore.

Rank not only celebrates sneaker culture in general, but also aims at shifiting the producers' attention (a bit more) towards Singapore as a potential marketplace. At the show, people will get to see a wide selection of vintage, contemporary, and upcoming models. From custommade players' models to customized collectors' items, visitors will find some rare pieces that are usually stacked in places hidden from the public eye.

If from all the 'seeing' people also feel like 'spending' - Rank is also the place to get: 18 custom dunks by SBTG, and new models by adidas, Reebok, Nike, and Puma. Rank - you guys did a great job!

Limited Edt.
Thursday, 12th

Printed Matter. Relax #85

Up until a year ago, Relax Magazine came flying in only 5 days after it had been sent from Japan. From then on - coinciding with certain strategic moves in the Middle East - it seems that global mail has slowed down considerably. Shipments from Japan take twice as long and sending stuff to the US takes between 6 and 8 weeks. What is happening with/to our packages?

But let's get to the subject of this post. Relax #85 finally arrived, and this issue shouldn't really be considered a magazine but a catalogue. There is so much photography in it that it could literally be the printed version of an exhibition of Kishin Shinoyama's work: 37 pages of visuals and an 8-page interview. If you have never heard of Mr. Shinoyma before, it seems that now's the time to follow up on him.

wear? or not? is probably what most of the Relax readers turn to at first - the 'stuff' pages. This time you'll find Complete Finesse's Jammie Pouch, Famouz's Monchichi skull-cushions, pillows by Nexus7, shirts and hats by BAL, pants and shoes by Vandalize.

All in all a solid issue. If you're looking for hardcore Harajuku/Shibuya stuff, though, you should probalby turn to other publications.

Tuesday, 10th

Toys. Be@rbrick

This is going to be a very vague post, unlike most of the info that we put here. However, it's about time to bring back some aspects of secrecy, myth, and clandestineness (what a word!) to this game of hunting and gathering...

Let's just say that sometime last year, Medicom sent out an unknown number of white 1000% Be@rbrick figures to an unkown number of artists and creative folks. We're not supposed to disclose any names but we might suggest that there are quite a number of 'NAMES' among them - most familiar to the avid Beinghunted reader. Now, what would you recon, that these people were supposed to do with those blanks...?

That's not too hard to figure out. Basically do everything to them that would be re-producible. 'Why that?', you're asking yourself. One suggestion would be that those figures would then be re-produced? And if 1000% Be@rbricks are the originals, could it be that the 'produced' ones are going to be the 100% and 400% figures? Maybe, maybe not.

This is clear - Medicom have announced the Be@rbrick World Wide Tour 2004. Will you see some of the most incredible 1000% Be@rbricks from some of the biggest names in the art/design/fashion world...? We suggest...

Monday, 9th

Printed Matter. Bernhard Willhelm

Today we would like to talk about two books. Rather, one book plus book release party and one book-slash-magazine . The one factor that brings these two together is the city of Berlin, where this Friday, Pro qm and Apartment celebrated the presentation of a new book on the designer Bernhard Willhelm. If you're on Apartment's email list you might have received the flyer - so here are some snapshots of what Berlin-Mitte looks like when they're having a 'fashion' party. Some slides of the book's content will provide you with a short insight into what the book is all about. More about book #2 - see below...

Lukas & Sternberg
Pro qm

Printed Matter. Content

The other book is the catalogue to Rem Koolhaas' exhibition in Berlin called 'Content'. This publication, however, left us speechless in our armchairs. You don't even know what it is that you're looking at. Rem Koolhaas, yes, he's an architect and creative mastermind, but with this thing you might get the impression that he and his fellow workers at AMOMA are purely insane... As always - you won't believe unless you read yourself...

MoMA Berlin
Friday, 6th

Printed Matter. Clark Magazine

We've had Japanese, we've had German, we've had British, and we've had American magazines featured here. Apart from that superb sneaker publication 'Lil' Tyler', there haven't been too many French titles finding their way onto our desk. One that just arrived this week is le magazin lifestyle 'Clark'.

On the cover we're reading the following: "Air - Versailles représente", "Blueberry - Ian Kounen, Vincent Cassel", "Rotterdam - city guide", "Ed Templeton - L'art white trash" and "Jim Phillips, Bootybass Ghettomusic". Together with the fine cover art by Ed Templeton it's a good setting - a teaser that will keep you going for the contents. And this is where Clark scores highly. We wouldn't really want to call it Relax's little French sister (because nothing compares to Relax) but it seems that the makers of Clark approach their subjects with a similar attitude towards thoroughness.

The articles and interviews all seem to be very well researched, and the illustrations and photographs are not only decoration but they round out every piece in a logic and tasteful manner. To make this short - we like Clark Magazine - it will give you background info on the subjects that matter and it will also tell you what gadgets, t-shirts, and toys to buy. One tiny thing that keeps us from giving Clark a straight A is this: all texts are written in French. Oh well...

Thursday, 5th

Events. Munich

Those first few days of February were quite busy in Munich. The bi-annual trade show for athletic goods - ISPO - opened its gates and with it a number of shows, showcases, and conferences took place. After the huge success of Modart last year, this artshow returned to Munich with some familiar faces and new talent.

As with Bread & Butter in Berlin, it seemed like those 'side shows' were even more important than the actual fair itself. Hooking up with people seemed to be so much easier in the relaxed atmosphere of an art exhibit (in a smaller, confined space, with cool beverages, and good music). So, what was there to see? Who was there to meet? What was there to do?

The weekend started with the Volvo Sports Design conference. Lots of interesting workshops, etc. but the highlight was Errolson Hugh's presentation on Aconym's now almost mythical 'First Edition' which caused a lot of amazement in the audience. Later that day, people moved on to the opening party of Modart which at that night (and the following) probably saw the highest percentage of 'street artists' per square feet in the world, ever: Sam Flores, Will Barras, Jono, Robert Mars, Yogi Proctor, Mathias Fennetaux, Raffinerie, Naomi, Flying Fortress, Meat Love, The London Police, Jeremy Fish, ...

ISPO itself was huge as always. But 'huge-ness' and 'large-ness' doesn't mean 'good-ness' in any case. We loved the smaller booths the best (Hessenmob's being our favourite) and besides taking a few pics of the artwork we also snapped a nice Dunk sample for those of you who haven't seen enough of them, yet.

Slides: Volvo/Ispo
Slides: Modart
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