Tuesday, 29th

Tees. Over the Stripes

While during the past weeks the flow of fresh new items has slowed down a bit - everyone seemed to be gathering energy for the coming season - good things are steadily trickling in again. The Gremlins are back... on Over the Stripes' t-shirts which also come in xxxxs to keep those critters warm (and dry).

Over the Stripes

Tees. Armed Response

Armed Response, member of the Goodnorth family, display their new graphic tees, alsongside 445. Finally we found our long lost daddy-deer. Will he join his family or will be 'hunted down'... Also check One Ture Saxon's EM '04-updated flash site for new gear.


Sneakers. DQM

Sneaker news: Dave actually spent an evening frying bacon to come up with the colorway for his Air Max. We hear that it'll drop in hyper-limited numbers in October and quick-limited amounts in November. Here is a pic - a little early but this one is all cleared with DQM...


Toys. Spanky

Toys to pin to your clothing are headed our way through Spanky. You'll see familiar 3D designs now in 2D. Excellent details on those. If you don't like to carry around your vinyls - these are a good alternative.


Skateboards. Marc Jacobs

Finally for our skateboard-collecting, fashion-affiliated, design-oriented BGHD! readers - check Marc Jacob's site for his set of four completes.

Marc Jacobs
Monday, 21st

Events. Art of Speed, Dalek, Marok

Today we would like to review three events that took place over the last two weeks - in Toronto, Montreal and Munich. You might have already noticed that Nike is promoting its Art of Speed project all over the planet at the moment. Toronto was on their radar last Wednesday and for this event Derrick Hodgson and his fellow artist friends Mr. Brown, Soy, Mini Sinny, and Manhatman were invited to 'do their thing' on one huge wall. This is to document what happened that day/night...

The week before, Dalek appeared at Alena Montreal to launch his first deck with the Canadian company 1991. Not only that - he also showed lots of his work - recent and past. Take a closer look at what he used as a canvas for some of the pieces... That's love for detail.

Across the Atlantic, a white Porsche made its way down south from Berlin to Munich on Friday. Besides the two motorists, there was just enough room for a stack of plexiglass artwork to be assembled at Südbrand, a new retailer in the heart of Munich 'Mitte'. The man responsible for it - Marok. The show will be up for another two weeks.

Slides: AOS
Slides: Dalek
Slides: Marok
Friday, 11th

Relax #89. Beer

From reading our past reviews of Relax magazine you might know that it's the covers which make this magazine not only stand out at the (Japanese) newsstands but in almost all cases also worth framing. Among the most recognizable are the split front/back Supreme, the James Jarvis tattoo-me..., the Polaroid, or last year's Freshness Burger covers. Relax does not need to put any catch phrases or headlines on its front. One glance at the illustration or photograph and you know what's inside. This month's cover resembles a filled-to-the-top beer stein. Seeing it you'll immediately feel thirsty. For a drink and for the contents of this issue... Take a look.


SEPP. Soccer

SEPP is a magazine (current issue is #2) that sets out to combine the world of soccer with the world of fashion and design. Sure, there are the expected 'models in jerseys' fashion shoots - but if they didn't tell you about it you might not even recognize this subtle theme. For us SEPP is more a catalogue of soccer-related art and photography. A tasteful 'starter' for the upcoming European Championship in Portugal.

Tuesday, 7th

T-shirts. Beneath - Midnight Division

Way up north, it can be dark sometimes. Very dark. For a very long time... And when the sun finally finds its way back after those endless nights, we'll get to see what effects darkness can have upon creative minds. The people from (A World) Beneath show us some examples in the form of their new t-shirt collection for Summer 2004.

Thank god it's bright out now because you wouldn't want to cross Mickey's way in the dark. He looks agitated in a way - just as if he had just finished off Minnie, Donald, and the rest of the cheerful gang. Could Mr. Beneath shed some light on this event? Or is he just watching 'Late Night'? And what does Snow Black have to do with all this - seems like she is missing... Well, our little story has to end here because there is no way we can bring Tom Ford into context with the above. But he is there, too. You figure it out.

Midnight Division is a project without compromises. They print what they got and those are some of the freshest visuals out there right now. It's not easy to consume, we didn't say that, but there is enough of that 'easy' stuff everywhere. Hard part about it - for now it's only available at Union NYC, Twenty04/Richard Kidd, and Beneath. Drop them a note to find out more.

Thursday, 3rd

Event. 1991 + Alena - Dalek

On June 12th, head to Montreal to join the team of 1991 Skateboards and Alena to celebrate the launch of their series of artist-designed skateboard decks. First in line is Dalek who you all know for his signature Space Monkey graphics. The deck will not be the only piece on display, as the evening is also meant as a retrospective. You'll get to see a number of previous prints and toys as well. Mr. Dalek will be present, so drag all your stuff over there to Alena to have it signed...


Printed Matter. Refill #3

The apehead might distract you from the fact that there is plenty more to find in Refill's latest issue - the following have all contributed pages: Evan Hecox, James Lavelle, Geoff McFetridge, Graniph, Brand New School, Heavyweight, Doze Green, Cody Hudson, Hajime Sorayama, Will Bankhead, and many more. But that's not all... Refill knows that we all like to take home more than 'just' a 'pile of paper', so they included some goodies, too: BAPE poster, Phunk Studio poster, badges (which are randomly packed), and drink coasters. How nice of them...

Beinghunted Shop
Tuesday, 1st

Event. offtrack - Volcov (Rima, Neroli, ...)

You'll hear the name 'offtrack' frequently on Beinghunted in the coming months as there are a number of highlights lined up. Just this past Saturday, Volcov aka Rima (1/2) aka Neroli aka ... was flown in from Verona to DJ at Munich's erste liga. There are a number of leads that we could/should follow with offtrack/Volcov/erst liga/etc.. The easiest one is erste liga - a Munich nightclub with artwork by TLP, which is a regular host to acts like Fauna Flash, Beanfield, Daddy G, and the like. offtrack, you already know, is preparing for the upcoming exhibition with Mitch (Straight No Chaser) in two weeks and might be headed for Berlin in July for the B&B.

Now to Volcov - who is a tough one to cover in just these few lines... We had introduced him to you in the context with the Delta/Rima record a while ago. In the meantime he has released a set of t-shirts in collaboration with Gareth Bayliss, Dan Sparkes, and Mat., has toured Japan and DJed at Futura's FL shop opening in Fukuoka, released his first album and several 12''s with Domu as Rima on JCR and Compost, again, with Delta as the 'cover' artist. As you'll see in our slides, just before his set, Volcov was interviewed by Compost for their upcoming DVD and when we spoke with him, some of the bigger names in graphic design & art were dropped to be working on new Volcov, Rima, etc. releases...

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