Wednesday, 31st

Europe. Store opening

This past weekend saw the opening of one of the hottest retail spots on mainland Europe. While we are preparing a full-blown feature for this one, we'll give you a quick preview now.

The main color theme of the store is black and white with various shades of grey. Those subtle colors are applied in glossy finishes for the flooring and a mix of smooth and rough surfaces for the walls. Within this balanced environment only the finest selection of clothing, footwear and accessories is on display: Neighborhood, URMA, GDEH, Visvim, Stüssy, PAM, Silas, Tonite, Undercover, to name only a few. For the opening, the members of the legendary DEFUMO triumvirate were present as special guests. We'll have more on the store, the opening, and Delta's retrospective up shortly...


Canada. Alena - website launch

Alena MTL in Canada are one day away from the launch of their new website... If that's too long for you to wait, we have a treat. A special preview for you, the Beinghunted readers, only...

Friday, 26th

In Retrospect. One decade ago...

The term "being hunted" describes the status of something that, in our case, people are looking for, that people are trying to catch up with. In the past months/years we've given information about new things, stuff that was about to drop or had just been released. With this post we've decided to take a look back - almost/or exactly ten years back - to show some of the items that were "being hunted" back then. We focus on London, where brands like Gimme Five, Goodenough, Hysteric Glamour, Forty Percents, or Very Ape UK were the hot labels at the time.

When looking at those designs today, you notice how classic and timeless they appear. One could ask oneself whether, during those past ten years, there have been any groundbreaking ideas in t-shirt design, at all. Only very few companies have managed to establish an original style to rise above the average. Looking back, most of the names that were at it in 1994 are still right there - way above the average.

One last thing: in 1994 you had to fly to London to find those pieces, or rely on someone who travelled for you to supply that one recordstore in your city with a few such items. If you knew what those were, if you had the cash to invest and kept them until today, you should feel very happy.

Wednesday, 24th

Garments. Neroli - Designers Meeting

Neroli is Enrico Crivellaro's brainchild and functions as a production company and creative agency. In this context you should remember the Delta & Rima exhibition in Tokyo last summer. Neroli's latest project is called "Designers Meeting" and features three t-shirt designs by well known artists. Here is some background info on the shirts/their creators:

#1 Dan Sparkes
The mudwig was once a regular cider son from ye olde cotswoldes....but in this rambunctious period that is 1793 the young Stroudian can be traced amoung the ranks of the "knights of wet shame" : (WSSK)... look out!

#2 Gareth Bayliss
Penny Chew's boss and Ben Drury collaborator, has been doing artwork for labels like Mo'Wax, Illicit, Archive as well as design for Parkwalk.

#3 mat.
Matteo Sola (aka “mat.”) has recently produced “Proud 2Bea Flyer”, a book which documents the evolution of design applied to the club scene. He was/is invoveld with: 2000Black, Arision, Neroli, and Archive.

Monday, 22nd

Photography. Oliver Jackel

Oliver Jackel is a photographer who knows what to put into his pictures - to keep people fixed to them. Yes, interesting characters or amazing land- and cityscapes. But that's more or less a given. No, it's the smaller tings, the details that we love about his motifs. The classic Stüssy sweatshirt as worn by the ballerina, the vintage Powell Peralta Bones t-shirt, or the Vivienne Westwood signet ring that Pauli - Oliver's cat - is staring at. See Oliver's website for such details in his shots and check magazines like Style and the Familytunes or Collezioni where new works of his appear from time to time.

Oliver Jackel

Art & Luggage. OneTrueSaxon & The Monocled Pigeon

OneTrueSaxon is a clothing company, of course. Instead of showing you their new collection here, we'd like to make you aware of the artworks that play a great role in OTS's campaigns. The latest are a series of paintings that depict typical British sceneries. The paint-by-numbers feel gives this set the refreshing twist. Not your taste? - then go look at their new collection on their website. Please also take note of the new range of luggage which OTS will be putting out under the title of "The Monocled Pigeon" shortly. Here is a preview...

OTS Slides
Monocled Pigeon Slides
Friday, 19th

Printed Matter. Relax #86

A bit late this month, yes. But you have to consider that this magazine had to travel a long way to our offices and needed some rest before it was ready to get digitized.

Issue #86 greets us with a rather obscure cover that could lead to content too distanced for the non-japanese reading audience. Yes it 'could' but when you open it and examine the contents it doesn't. Not at all...

After a portrait of Ryan McGinley in "art for all" - featuring a selection of his photographs and a biography, we turn to "Denim Lovin'". The title should be enough to give an idea what this is about. The blue cotton fabric get's the patented Relax treatment - from production, to retail, from vintage to brand new, from over-dyed to bleached/faded, from jacket to pant. Very broad this feature is, indeed.

Then it's time for Medicom. When reading/looking at those pages, make sure to open your windows so that you get enough fresh air. You will see prototypes, you will be confronted with 3-D scans of Kaws, Kostas, SSUR, and James Lavelle's faces, Stash will be piling up his collection, and then there are those tons and tons of Be@rbricks, Kubricks, as well as so many of the other Toys that Medicom is responsible for. Relax won't close without bringing the Swoosh company into play... Good to see some creative ideas on those toys - but wasn't there something else that the people in Oregon should be working on...?

Thursday, 18th

N-W. Time-lapse, Buffalo, Arrows and a Barbershop

At the beginning of this month we posted a time-lapse movie in the quick box that showed Ojas painting a mural in "Rudy's Barbershop". What that was and whether that name provided for any hints regarding the intention of this place was kept open for speculation (to those who love to speculate and never take the obvious for an answer...).

So then, while visiting some of our favourite sites - present and past, we stopped by Houston to be greeted by a new visual and the claim "Return to Flavor Country 2004". Now, what does that mean? There were rumours of a possible re-animation of Houston but up until this graphical change on the site, there hadn't been any signs for it.

Next we received a few more pictures from Rudy's and this brought the pieces of the puzzle together... The arrows in our first slide are part of a mural that Ojas and Matt/Houston put together as a collaboration. The wall is to be found in Rudy's Barbershop (as well as the time-lapse mural) in the W+K building in Portland, Oregon.

So, let's do a quick recap: collaboration between Ojas and Matt/Houston - could that be the start of a bigger 'project'?; with new visual/claim - could that be the first sign for it's relaunch?; Rudy's Barbershop - is it really a place to get a haircut/shave?

Tuesday, 16th

Canada. antisocial, The Network...

Here is an illustrated update for antisocial's art show "the maligned collection". Instead of just showing what the location and art looks like, Derrick Hodgson also sent us pics from setting it all up. As you can tell, art is hard work, too.

A few facts regarding the artwork: The little critters on the painted plywood sheets are by Derrick Hodgson/Madreal, the photographs were shot by Scott Pommier, the Blondie & Madonna canvasses are by Nathan Olokun, the b/w drawings, cut-outs and paintings are by Andrew Pommier, Jason MacFarlane created the Madreal video footage, and Tullis Rose is the genious behind the impossible skate ramp wax works, as well as the actual ramp built in antisocial's shop window.

While up there in Canada, we're now switching over to Toronto. The recently renovated Drake hotel will be the location for a new event series called "The Network - Spectral Sessions". Involved are: Ghostly International/Spectral, Soft Citizen - a Toronto based directors group, Ryan Elliot, Jason MacFarlane aka Lowbeam (see above), and Chris Harper aka Jelly. Definitely worth checking...

The Network...
Ghostly Intl.
Soft Citizen
Thursday, 11th

Collaboration. Lucien Pellat-Finet & Aaron LaCrate

This project shows us that you need to get out of your homes and travel! See places, meet people, exchange thoughts - and, most importantly, combine forces to create new ideas!

Our story begins at the "Wrecking the Box" exhibition (see our newsbit from January '02) in Paris when Lucien Pellat-Finet's and Aaron LaCrate's (Milkcrate Athletics) paths first crossed. Lucien liked Aaron's artwork on one of the record boxes and commissoned him to paint the steel gates of the new LPF showroom in Paris. The result was a 1980s/oldschool piece entitled "Bubble Trouble" - NYC street style directly transferred to the French capital.

But this is not the end just yet. After "Bubble Trouble" on steel, the graphics reappeared on cashmere in the form of a limited run of sweaters. Due to the great success of this collaboration, Lucien and Aaron agreed upon a follow up for autumn 2005. This time, NYC landmarks will be transformed into meshes.

High-fashion is often condemned for biting ideas that originate in street/urban culture. Whether this is a fair judgement will need to be discussed elsewhere. We meant to show you a project where the two parties worked together with an amazing result.

Lucien Pellat-Finet
eMail for Info
Sunday, 7th

Garments & Goods. Addict - Artist tees, etc.

Back from hibernating for one whole week, we'd like to draw your attention towards a British label called Addict. You should have heard of them by now in the context of outerwear, innerwear, and collaboration items. If not, here's your chance to follow up on Addict with their new items for spring/summer '04. And the timing couldn't be any better. For a limited edition run of t-shirts, Addict has teamed up with Mr. Jago, Steff, Will Barras, Ben Swift, and Mitch. Apart from the 'single artist' shirts, there's also a Scrawl collaboration tee. Sure enough, Addict didn't just stop at the designs, they rounded up the whole concept by prividing a custommade box and swingtag with the artists' biographies.

Considering the masses of new t-shirt designs that are flooding the market nowadays, we feel that Addict have done a great job in producing this set which will give people a chance to own a piece of artwork that they can carry around with them all day.

However great these t-shirts might be, we do understand that some of you feel that 100+ tees in the closet are enough. How about a new watch then? Or a pair of sneakers...?! Yes, Addict could be/should be considered in these cases, too: Casio ltd. Frogman G-shock & Vans canvas sneakers are coming very soon.

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