Sunday, 28th

Retail & Garments. Drooghi & Rather Not Say

There's a quiet rumble coming from the Cardiff area, which we think you should know about. Jared and Neil, who are the owners of the store Drooghi and label 'Rather Not Say' have extended their repertoire to include some interesting polo shirts, windbreakers, sweats and tees.

They have spent a huge amount of time researching the best cut and fit in order to give their range that important twist - standing them out from the baying throng. Jared said: "I also think that the twists we've done on the items such as the windbreakers (bright coloured stitching and drawstring) will also give an element of distinction". All of the above garments have been manufactured in Portugal where Jared said they are of "superb quality". Another new development on each piece is the use of an embroidered ram's head logo that was 'borrowed' from a situationist poster 'Return À la Normale'.

Drooghi have been selling SSUR for a few seasons, now SSurplus' other in- house brand "Natural Born Killers" is also being stocked. Their latest additions include NY labels Comfortable Lead and White Panic, along with The Quiet Life and The Hundreds in from L.A..

Tan tro nesa' ...Adrian J W Darby

Monday, 22nd

Garments. Beinghunted T-shirt Series #3

With our third series of T-shirts we've developed three designs that clearly refer to Beinghunted not only as a website but more so as an ideology...

Deer Logo: The original Beinghunted key-visual dates back over ten years and has adorned the site ever since it's beginning in 2001.

BGHD! Marker: With the explosion of news-sites, forums, blogs, etc. the respect for copyright and authorship declined tremendously. Grabbing images, but also ideas has become a common trade that cannot be stopped. Using watermarks is the only way to declare one's rights when images are passed along. BGHD! is Beinghunted's watermark.

Medieval Falcon: The falcon is a bird of prey that has been used to hunt down small game for centuries. The falcon represents two of the main concepts behind Beinghunted - exclusivity of and the effectiveness in obtaining valuable information. The Beinghunted Falcon is designed to depict the style of a medieval woodcut.

The new Beinghunted T-shirts will available from these fine retailers within the next 2-3 weeks: Richard Kidd/Vancouver, Dave's Quality Meat/NYC, The Thurs/Taiwan, In4mation/Hawaii, Commonwealth/Norfolk, Wallace/Copenhagen, Solebox/Berlin, and Passover/Tokyo.

Richard Kidd
Daves Quality Meat
Friday, 19th

Garments. Acronym

The term "garments" is more than weak to describe the category that Acronym can be attributed to. Yes, they produce jackets and pants, but all of their pieces are functional to a degree that one should consider them tools rather than regular clothing... Tools for the outside - to handle the forces of nature. Tools that are modular so that you can interconnect them to work for/in every possible (weather) condition. And this equipment is quality tested. Otherwise, the labels inside would not read "Gore-Tex®".

Acronym's F/W 04-05 line has already surfaced in A-level retail outlets in Australia, Japan, France, the UK, and the US. In some cases - New York for example - the few pieces have already sold out. Thus, immediate action is required if one was looking to get a hold of some of the remaining products. Just as a side note - if you miss F/W 04-05 you will have to wait another 10 months...

On the 15th, another channel opened that could make things a bit easier regarding the acquisition of Acronym gear - their brand new online store was launched. Over the course of the next 2-3 months, a select number of jackets, pants, bags, and T-shirts will be sold. The site will see regular updates with different pieces each time. Remember, though, if it's gone, it's gone...

Tuesday, 16th

Garments. Married to the Mob

Yes, it's true - we've almost completely neglected our female readership over the past years. While we're still working on our little offshoot with which we'd like to also cater to the women, we'll start with this bit of news that reached us from the Big Apple right here, right now.

Married to the Mob is the brainchild of Sharon Coyne and Leah McSweeney and was conceived during a (drunk) night while the two were contemplating about the male-dominated T-shirt game. Due to the lack of fresh labels for the ladies they decided to set up their own venture MTTM. Don't be fooled into thinking that these girls just married into the mafia, though. "The Mob" stands for "Most Official Bitches" - a crew which consists of some of NYC’s finest ladies: including DJ’s, breakers, models, designers, stylists, and "even some bum bitches who are just known for wil’ing out."

Where to look for these T-shirts? Check your local mall or girly stores in the main shopping districts... Yeah, right. These girls take business seriously and they won't accept anything less than the top-range retail spaces. Globally that is. They are right there besides the most sought after 'male' brands at Union/NYC, Ssurplus/NYC, or In4mation/HI. Also check their ltd. edition *Alist tee for alife.

The Mob
Saturday, 13th

Retail & Event. Park & Nike Transformers

A lot of time has passed since our last report from Vienna. Back then we had featured the Museumsquartier which - in our eyes - had been breaking grounds not only with its architectural concept but also with its corporate design. MQ was among the first (if not the...) to revive serifs for their corporate design. Looking around now, one might notice that this has become somewhat of a graphic trend.

Music, art and design are the key factors that account for Vienna's status as one of the leading style capitals in mainland Europe. What the city had been missing until the beginning of the year was a retail space that would complement the cultural scenario with adequate merchandise. Then Park entered the stage...

Until our full feature on Park we'd like to shift your attention towards an event that will be hosted there on November 25th. It is called Transformers and features the iconic Nike Air Force I as re-interpreted by six of Vienna's finest: Fabrics Interseason, Ichiban, Park, Retrofame, Tschamba Fii, and Wendy & Jim. If you like any of the models on display you will have the chance to bid on them at an online-auction beginning on the 25th, also. Stay tuned for the details and auction link...

Fabrics Interseason
Tschamba Fii
Wendy & Jim
Monday, 8th

Toys. STRANGEco / Fifty24SF Gallery

As the toy business has grown at such a rapid speed, we have to admit that we got lost somewhere on the way. A few years back there were only a handful of names and companies that were putting out their figures in moderate intervals (except for Medicom, of course) - Silas, MoWax & Bape Play, Kaws. Easy. Michael Lau, ok we got that. Jason Sui, sure. But then...

A few days ago we got to see new figures by STRANGEco that were developed in cooperation with Fifty 24SF. Three artists that had previously shown at the gallery, Bigfoot, Sam Flores, and Jeremy Fish, were asked to transfer their art from 2D into 3D. This has been done before. So why should these figures be special? Our three reasons: A) The people chosen for this project have a history, they did not appear out of nowhere with a 'toy'. B) All three have cultivated their own unique artistic language and C) Since characters were already key elements of these people's work, it is only logical that they were given the chance to produce them as real figures.

The result is amazing - you'll see the love for detail and the care that went into the production so as to fully capture each artist's style. Take a look and note: each toy comes in several color versions with different production numbers which range from 24 to 600... Buy what you like - not what you think others will...

Fifty 24SF
Wednesday, 3rd

Printed Matter. Neckface

Ok, how to bring these two together...? Footpatrol has two new beanies just in - which maybe Neckface could use, not to get a cold (neck), when he is out pursuing his art...? Or maybe we'll just say that we'd like to talk about both today, not make up some connection, and leave it at that?

Good - Neckface, known to many for his T-shirt designs for Supreme - "Your mom is crippled.", "The ill nail job!!!" - gets the honor of being first in a series of art editions published by Kaws. The book is small in format, however, if you were to see as much of the guy's art in real life as is squeezed (gently) into this publication, you'd have to do some running-around. With only 2000 of these produced, you should hurry for it...


Foot- & Headwear. Hectic NB & Footpatrol Beanies

From NYC to London now, where it's only a short walk from The Hideout over to Footpatrol. Taking these few steps will bring you from one little Tokyo to another - this time we're thinking about sneakers... that you'd otherwise have to walk over to Japan for. The new New Balance 580 x Hectic have just landed. Three of the six colorways are available now. More to come soon.

Back to our bad 'connection' from above - New Era produce some of the finest hats on the planet. The people at Footpatrol know this and that's why their brand new beanies are... yes, exactly. Made out of cotton - no itching!

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