Monday, 27th

Toys. A Private Collection

The following - and especially the slides - might be disturbing for toy fanatics. If you are planning on starting your own collection, whether it'd be movie characters, 'artist'-toys, vintage or brand new, forget about it. It's been done already.

When first visiting this house last year, everything was still resting in boxes. The person owning all of these treasures had just moved in... into an apartment that spreads over two floors and spans over 250 sqm. From the sheer number of boxes one could only just imagine the extent of this toy collection which consists of... uhm... everything?

Keeping in mind that 250+ sqm account for 4-5 times the wall-space consider this: all walls are covered with packages of toys. Many corners of the floors are also occupied by boxes. There is a whole Star Wars room where the figures sit on shelves or hang from (retail)racks. One closet is reserved for Godzilla. If there is one prototype of a toy - here you'll find two. If there were two of a kind - here you'll find a third.

Excuse the quality of the slides - we'll take more time on our next visit. By the way, did we mention this guy also collects sneakers?!

Slides I
Slides II
Saturday, 23rd

Various. Spaces & Events II

Our tour continues with a look at the 35th event in Berlin, the P-Rod launch in Paris, Stüssy's 35th celebration at Goods/Seattle, and a visit to Nomad in Toronto.

adidas Superstar 35th Berlin
Yesterday saw the last stage in adidas' Superstar 35th campaign with the draw of the seven pairs of the 35th model.

P-Rod Paris
Nike is taking the P-Rod on a global tour. For the launch in Paris, the set-up included lowrider bikes and more L.A.-inspired memorabilia.
(photos by: M. Magielka)

Stüssy 25th at Goods
Goods threw one of the first parties for Stüssy's 25th anniversary. They managed to get some of the earliest pieces (from F. Sinatra's collection) and had a special Goods x Stüssy tee for sale.
(photos by: T. Fenning)

A fine new store in Toronto - this is Nomad. The guys got their hands on planks from an old barn for the interior.

Slides: 35th
Slides: P-Rod
Slides: Goods & S2C 25.
Slides: Nomad

Website: Goods
Website: Nomad
Friday, 15th

Various. Spaces & Events

Today's bit is all about new retail spaces, exhibitions, events, and such. Not to keep you from the images for too long - we'll keep the texts extra short.

Evil Monito x Creative Recreation - The Story
This exhibition depicts the history of both companies; at the event EM x Cr8's collaborative shoe was launched. Thanks for letting us participate!
(photos by Chad Uyeno)

Carhartt Store Modena
Another stylish new retail outlet from the house of/family of SlamJam. We're looking foward to what the 'underground floor' will be turned into...

colette - Devilrobots party
To celebrate Devilrobots' Devil Stampheadz Camp exhibition, colette threw a private party. Guests were asked to dress up as a character...

First the gallery, now the now store. Take a look at it. Doesn't it feel like home? We would move right in!

Slides: EM x Cr8
Slides: Carharrt
Slides: Devilrobots
Slides: Someday
Thursday, 7th

Retail. Doubledutch Co., Ltd.

"We collected only good stuff gradually around the world". Doubledutch did, indeed. Listen to this: Neighborhood, w)taps, Hectic, Masterpiece, Recon, Madfoot, Undercover, NGAP, M.W.O.B.H.M., CDG, Junya Watanabe, Victor & Rolf, Callous, Noah, Nexus7, Gallery 1950, TAS, Complete Finesse, Supreme, Motive, Annex, Vehicle, aNYthing, Tyufry, Tilt, UXA, Krooked, Seven Stars, and plenty more to fill the space here.

So this part has been taken care of: the top 50+ brands are assembled. That's only half the story, though. What about presentation? These products need special care, adequate environments for the pieces to receive the attention they deserve (and require). Let's inspect the retail spaces Doubledutch has set up...

Yes, these environments are more than adequate. Looking at the architecture conveys the philosophy behind the ventures: to house the best products from the best labels in the finest structures, constructed and furnished with the best materials. The appearance of each space is more that of a gallery than of a store. Even if not shopping for anything, all rooms feel like one would just like to hang out there.

The best 'store(s)-site'
Monday, 4th

Exhibition. V1 Gallery - Futura

At the moment, there are two places in Europe where you can see new artworks by the grandmaster - Futura. One is SlamJam in Ferrara, Italy, where the opening took place quietly last September. The other location is V1 Gallery in Copenhagen, Denmark, where "A Year in Pictures" opened just this past Friday.

Both exhibitions present the viewer with a collection of works that step away - slowly but gradually it seems - from the iconic and widely spread figure-based pieces. While the canvases in Ferrara feature thickly layered paint, fragements of circles and dotted lines, Futura's latest creations - which were done especially for the show at the location - are light swirls of spray paint crossing two or three squares at a time. Both styles - in Ferrara and Copenhagen - are quite a distance away from each other stylistically, yet both carry the distinct hand of the artist, the energy and dynamics.

Alongside his new paintings, Futura also shows photo-collages in Copenhagen; a documentation of his trips and experiences at home and abroad densely packed into several frames. The closest the exhibition gets to pointmen are a series of collages of paper-cut-outs on newspaper backgrounds made from a Danish newspaper (dating from the day before the opening). Very powerful, especially when hanging in a row.

Props to Norse Projects for providing us with the story and images!

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