Saturday, 20th

Art. Back Jumps - The Live Issue #2

The Bethanien cultural center is host to one of the biggest 'young' art exhibitions in Europe. We've already pointed out the long list of artists represented there but it doesn't really give a proper idea of what this show is about. Over several hundred square meters sculptures, murals, collages, video projections have been installed. It's nothing like a museum - there are complete rooms/hallways that the viewer walks through. OsGemeos for example have set up one of their painted favela shacks complete with kitchen, TV, bed and other household items.

For our quick preview we're showing you some slides from the DEFUMO room. You'll get to see Mode2 working, Delta's sketch on an overhead transparency and his unfinished robot.

Monday, 1st

Consignment. LA Avenue / NAPSIZE

What to do when your closet has reached its maxiumum capacity, when the basement is stacked to the ceiling with boxes and bags? Throwing away those precious items (which might not even have seen the light of day) would be a shame. Putting them on an auction site isn't really an option, either, as it seems that the intelectual capacity of the 'buyers' there is very limited these days. Setting up a little stall at a fleamarket is more entertaining but maybe less financially pleasing. 'Consignment' is the key word.

In Japan this retail concept has a long history. LA Avenue for example has been in business since 1997. What originally started as a sneaker import boutique soon developed into one of the most important and biggest consignment stores in Tokyo. Their website is (or should be) familiar - it hosts an amazing selection of new and used clothing, sneakers and accessories from all the 'in-demand' brands.

For us, the overseas customers, ordering from Japan (Yahoo!) used to be literally impossible if one did not want to go through yet another party. With the growing demand from abroad, LA Avenue have now opened their doors to the non-Japanese customers with, too. 'Consignment' doesn't mean 'bargain' - keep this in mind when you hit the link...

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