Monday, 28th

Toys & Footwear. PAM

In our recent interview with Mr. Gasius, we learnt that one of his resources for new ideas was some sort of a mind-enhancing fume that he likes to inhale - he also gets inspired being in a natural environment and you should not do drugs, not drink and/or drive, go to bed early, be nice to your parents, etc. etc..

Where were we? Fumes, yes. So these fumes can bring new ideas for art, music, basically everything that involves creative thinking. PAM have been thinking, too. Thinking about a new character to be released into the world to bring us joy and laughter. And here he is - the incredible, the hillarious, the irrational Mr. Manana Banana.

[Toy commercial voice:] "Manana comes in three versions - the original 'paper' design, the 'blunt' design, and the '100 pieces-only, glow-in-the-dark' limited edition! Manana has a cool Banana that he can smoke - if you let him...!"

Besides the vinyl toy as shown, there will also be a Manana Banana Be@rbrick and - for the non-toy-loving readers - a shoe in collaboration with Japanese label TAS. Manana will make is first appearance in April.

Slides - Vinyls
Slides - Shoes
Tuesday, 22nd

World Tour. LA, Tokyo, Sydney

Today we'll take you around the globe in only a few minutes - just as long as you will need to read this and look at the slides.

We'll start the tour in LA, at La Brea Avenue, where Os Gemeos (Portugese = "The Twins") have been asked to participate in the billboard project, a collaboration of UNDFTD, Aaron Rose and Nike. The twins' style is unique not only stylistically but also in their use of materials. Both aspects are directly to be attributed to their creative apprenticeship in the streets of Sao Paolo/Brazil - an environment wholly different to American or European metropolitan areas where spraypaint had been unavailable for a long time.

In Tokyo we're going to visit the Recon store, where the T-19 Nike Dunk SB was launched on the 19th. Shingo Iwasaki was there to help with the sales and to sign the boxes. All shoes (100 pairs) were sold out in a mere two hours.

On our last stop, we'll drop by Ourspot in Sydney where the glue has just dried on those UXA posters. Not only did the skate-crew from NYC leave their mark artistically, they also provided for a Ourspot-only T-shirt.

Slides - LA
Slides - Tokyo
Slides - Sydney
Friday, 18th

Print. HUGE & Relax

HUGE magazine carries on to be one of the best of the popular style/trend magazines to come out of Japan. With their sources and connections they always surprise us readers with features that we'd never see in any of the 'western' publications. Let's go through it quickly...

Cover art - Eric Elms, inside - pages and pages of clothing, sneakers, gadgets, equipment - the highlights being Levi's Fenom, CDG 2005 S/S collection, and the "New Standard" photo-shoot. A Gene Krell interview takes us behind and into the scenes of the Punk movement with some excellent archival pieces. At the end, one can also catch a glimpse of the new HTM woven as sported by Mark Parker (hopefully that laser design is for the super-hyper-premium 1/1 edition only...).

Yes, we've skipped a few issues of Relax. While it has been a regular ever since Beinghunted started, the past Relaxes were quite different from what we were used to be looking at. It seems as if the creators are taking the title too literally now. There has been a cooking issue, one about television, and the current one is all about "Slow Games & Smart Toys". Why are they wasting (sorry, a bit harsh) their skills on recipes and computer games when they could bring us stories like the Supreme/Kaws/Futura/Medicom features as they did in the past? Let's hope this is just a phase...

Wednesday, 16th

Art. 222gallery - Jose Parla

"The markings on the walls and other surfaces of our urban landscape are imprinted upon our subconscious everyday, and form the basis for a dialogue that goes mostly unnoticed. In my work, these segmented realities are converted into paintings that function as 'memory documents', palimpsests of my experience in history. With this language I hope to communicate and provoke thoughts of the past and present of the human condition." about his show "Memory Document". This says it all...

ltd. Print
Jose Parla

Sneakers. Nom de Guerre - Nike Air 180

Nom de Guerre/NYC are celebrating the re-release of the highly anticipated Air 180. This coming Sunday they will uncover their own colorway together with a handful of the "Hare 180" ceramic figures and 4 specially designed
T-shirts by: R. Steadman, A. Holtgreve, M. Morandini, and D. Ojas.

Monday, 14th

T-shirts. Answer

Not from day one, but for a very long time now have we been updating you with what's happening at Answer / Parkwalk. The guys have finished yet another superb cooperation with Mark Bode. The new range of designs depicts a few more of the legendary cartoon characters which have been style-defining for generations of graffiti artists. Do keep in mind that you won't find these graphics (officially) on any other T-shirts.

In the context of Answer we'd also like to introduce you to our new venture "The-Glade". We're providing you with a sneak preview while we're still working on it... Find more info on the latest Answer gear and purchase if you like what you see...

Wednesday, 9th

Footwear. adidas Sky Walker

Sorry for having been a bit slow during the past couple of days. ISPO is still running and so is Trainer Lounge - hosted by Streetwear Today / ISPO - our home until tomorrow.

Had you been there today, you could have spied on one of adidas' upcoming highlights for the summer. If our cover image hasn't already given it away, the year of this shoe's first release will do the job: 1979 - the year that Star Wars took the world by storm. Although the link to the movie is not 100% clear, the name itself, as well as the colorway, materials, and shape, make this shoe worth considering to be added to any collection.

After more than 25 years, the Sky Walker was rediscovered in Japan and will be brought back to life again this summer. Since the launch of the Sky Walker coincides with the release of Episode III, adidas had planned on working with Lucasfilm on putting together a special package (toy, etc.). As this was not meant to be, the name of the shoe was also reduced to a two letter abbreviation: SW. Which is a bit of a letdown, but then SW could stand for both "Sky Walker" and "Star Wars" which is even cooler.

Now that you know a bit of the background, here are the facts: July, three colors, black only available at adidas orginials stores.

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