Monday, 31st

Field Trip. Bread & Butter Berlin

After last summer's Bread & Butter Berlin, word must have spread quickly that it had been one of the most entertaining and social (in terms of meeting people in person other than just emailing...) events of the year. Even though the weather condidtions were unfavorable this time, once again, Berlin was bustling with thousands of visitors to Bread & Butter, Premium, and all accompanying events.

And there were plenty of those... But let's take a look at BBB first. The Untitled exhibition was our livingroom for four days. A livingroom that all of us have always dreamed or and always will: Silas toy collection, vintage Stüssym, Mad Stüssy NB, White Dunk, Acronym Kit & thousands of gadgets, Answer T-shirts (don't get us started on all other tees), that Radio Skateboards "Rolling Stones" lamp-thing, etc. etc..

Besides stands from OTS, Wood Wood, 2K, Oddities, Milkcrate/LaCrate, Call of the Wild, or Gasius, another show-within-the-show had us come back plenty of times. "Die Werkstatt" ("The Workshop") gave young artists the opportunity to do whatever they felt like doing. Some of our BGHD favourites were there, Satone & Flying Fortress, as well as Berlin locals Campsafari/Ayume amongst others. More of a lounge than a gallery, this space provided for a welcome refuge from the trade-show madness. More soon...

Monday, 17th

Plush. Furillas

We've discussed the theme of toy collecting numerous times on this site. Most or all of the figures that we looked at are limited, artist-designed, hard to find, and most of the times quite expensive. All of the above characteristics, however, should not have us talk about toys, as in their original sense toys were meant to be played with by kids and not just to be collected and displayed ("Don't you touch that!") by grown-ups.

We were really suprised by a mail that we received from the herdsman of the Furillas. While we had suspected that this species was bred to be kept on desks, on top of shelves or in display cases, we were now shown that a number of them had actually been released into the great wide open where they could breathe... and be played with.

When deployed to serve in Iraq, Cpl. Ernest Zacher (see pictures) had contacted the Furilla farm to see whether a number of them could be re-located to find a new home and bring a little bit of happiness to children in a country devastated by war. Sure enough, Furillas were put on the plane with Ernest and are now living with their new families.

All the best to Cpl. Ernest Zacher and everyone else out there in areas of conflict trying to help!

Thursday, 13th

Berlin. January 20th - 23rd

It seems as if everyone is preparing for Berlin next week. Flyers keep flowing in, product previews are posted all over, events are announced, dates are set, and all are trying to get tickets for the special events during those four days. As footwear is one of our beloved subjects on Beinghunted, we'd like to start our pre-report on Berlin with some bits and pieces on this matter...

If you're a frequent visitor to the Crooked Tongues forums, you might have already caught a glimpse of New Balance's cooperation with Crooked Tongues and Solebox - the special version of their 1500. Launch date of the shoe is Friday the 21st at Watergate, one of Berlin's finest clubs, located right at the river Spree. The 50 pairs produced of this colorway will be sold that night, with all profits going to a foundation for cancer research.

The second event we've already mentioned is Nike's - uhm - zipper-thing project? Supposedly, there will be pieces of clothing that one can interchange and zip together. We'll tell you more as this project unravels. It will all start with Phunk Studio's show at the Spiritroom on the 20th.

Lastly, adidas. Well, to be honest, we don't know what these guys are up to, exactly. Their Friday night parties are legendary... But what else do they have up their sleeves? The ominous 35th 35th?

Monday, 10th

Collectible. Unkle 77 Soft Monster

For some of us, collecting vinyls - or toys in general - started with the early Mo Wax figures. The Nigo vs. James edition which was later re-issued as the "Art of War" package (two seperate toys, one silver, the other matte olive with custom paint-splatter job by Stash), the Nigo or James Lavelle action figures, fully equipped with masks, and Bape clothing. The transition to other themes/artists was an easy one: Kaws/RealmadHectic/Bounty Hunter Companion, (anyone regretting not having bought the whole set from Houston?), the first Planet of the Apes Kubricks, the Silas Martin Series and Policeman... the list goes on.

Compared to today, it was easy to keep an overview of what was going on in the toy world. Things got out of hand slightly afterwards. There are three apparent strategies that people follow these days in regards to collecting: I) 'stop - there is just too much' II) 'I see, I like, I get' and III) 'I stick to what I used to buy back then'. The latter meaning 'I only buy toys from people who were active when I started with this'.

For the folks of category III - here are some familiar terms: James Lavelle, Mo Wax, Futura Unkle 77. Check out this new Unkle 77 Soft Monster and start researching on how to get it.

Jap. Website
Mo Wax Arts
Monday, 3rd

Sneakers. Superstar 35th at Foot Patrol

They say a man needs a hobby, although some may reply queuing for 24 hours over NYE on a side street in Soho is a bit extreme, but hey who cares? And so it was down to St. Annes Court I stumbled after a late night/early morning Djing gig in Islington to meet the biggest, and quite frankly most jovial crowd for many a year. To make this event all the more poignant many of the Gimme Five / Foot Patrol crew came down including: Michael Kopelman, Simon Porter, Andrew Bunney, Kohei and Wes. To top this off Adidas’ main men Gary Aspden and Mike Chetcuti came to say ‘Hello’, and seemed bowled over with the results of this major project launch.

Every person was greeted with a handshake and a glass of Champagne - the best story heard was a French guy in his 50s who walked past the store after a NYE night out joined the queue and bought a pair of shoes for his nephew! (see pic). No surprises that the Neighborhood shoe was the first to sell, although the Footpatrol and Undefeated shoe hotly followed in its tracks.

And so the 35th Anniversary of the Adidas Superstar gets off to a sparkling start, and we all await the raft of launches throughout the year.
Until next time - Adrian J W Darby

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