Wednesday, 23rd

Retro Retail. Subotron, Vienna

While everyone is waiting for the new Sony PSP, let us reminisce about the times when computer games used to be black and grey and were called "Game & Watch". 'Watch' actually meaning watch as in 'shows the time' other than 'watch movies'...

It's astounding now to look back and think about how fascinated people were with these simplest of games. There was only one level that just got faster and faster as you progressed, there was only one sound/tone that was so annoying that many people disabled the feature after a while, and once you were bored with one game you couldn't just insert a different cartridge - you(r parents) had to buy a new Game & Watch altogether.

Had Subotron been around 20 years ago, kids would have probably queued to get ahold of the latest Donkey Kong Jr., Snoopy Tennis, or Parachute hand-held or any other pre-PS/SNES/Game Boy gaming device. In our day and age Subotron has the atmosphere of a museum or antiques store displaying all the hot items from back in the days.

Other than electronics Subotron also carries a variety of T-shirts, contemporary toys, plus other last-century collectibles.

Monday, 21st

Goodenough UK. Mr Goodman

After a short trip to London and New York, we're back on track. Sure enough we picked up a lot of news in both cities, talked to many people about what's going on - so get yourselves ready for a packed second half of March...

We'll start the week with a bit of news out of London from the Goodenough crew who introduce us to Mr Goodman. Over the past few years it seems as if this game* which once was all about enjoying a good pair of sneakers or a well designed piece of clothing has turned into a domain which in great parts is now dominated by a "we love to hate" attitude. Mr Goodman, who adorns a variety of products from mugs and ashtrays to totebags and T-shirts, is a welcome reminder of the fact that we're in it for the fun and nothing else.

While we're preparing our features on Nike Ginga, PRPS, etc. here are a couple of slides for you to enjoy. Mr Goodman merchandise is available at The Hideout, London and other GoodenoughUK outlets. Please note that not all of the items shown are yet available.

*of toys, clothing, sneakers, art, design, etc.


all images: © by GDEHUK - permission for re-use obligatory!
Thursday, 10th

A Beinghunted Venture. The-Glade

The-Glade is our new venture which we've been working on for over a year. For us it is more or less a consequence of our work for this site, a development that evolved from all of our experiences with the many brands and retailers that we've been in touch with over the years.

The-Glade is a platform for new products - that's the most basic description we can give. It will host (yes, we're expanding it...) a number of brands and stores from all over the globe who will showcase a their latest products. On the one hand you will get to see what's new, you will read about the items and see all the details, while on the other hand you will also be able to purchase these goods directly.

As said, the above is our most basic explanation. Sure enough, the possibilities are manifold what can and will be done with/for/through The-Glade. As far as the quality goes - we're only looking for the best. Our current line of goods should give you an idea of what this means: Answer - legendary T-shirt producers from the UK, Acronym® - the best gear to battle the forces of nature, or Callous - shoe-innovators with a huge following in Japan, the US, and a growing fan-base in Europe.

See what we have right now, visit The-Glade frequently, and check our Callous x The-Glade special!

Monday, 7th

Graphic Design. Peter Saville for Supreme

"THE Peter Saville?" - was our first (rhetorical) question when we received the information about Supreme's new set of skateboard decks. "Yes, THE Peter Saville!". Within this very brief conversation lies a much broader meaning - the real information is to be read from inbetween the letters as there aren't any lines...

"THE" expresses our surprise, astonishment, or excitement to hear this particular name. Now why is that so? Peter Saville is a graphic designer. A legend one could call him, but that would sound as if he was no longer active (but he still is as is obvious from this review). Maybe "icon" is the better attribute, as iconic is his work for a whole era/movement, maybe even lifestyle?

Sticking to single terms to convey a multitude of notions, "Hacienda" and "Manchester" pretty much sum up this era that was in great parts visualized by Peter Saville single-handedly. If we only had two more key words to assign to Peter Saville's work, we'd choose "Joy Division" and "New Order" for now. Supreme's new decks are clearly a hommage or reference to the visual language that Saville established for these two bands. For more words, and a more in-depth look at Peter Saville, do check out his website.

THE Peter Saville for Supreme decks will be out in mid March.

Peter Saville (official)
Peter Saville (unofficial)
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