Thursday, 26th

Nike Quickstrike. Clerks

If you have been doing your homework, you know that (South) La Brea Avenue in LA is home to a triumvirate of stores that are amongst the leaders of the pack: Union, Stüssy, Undefeated. For this summer, the managers of these stores were asked by Nike to design their pair of sneakers. Here are the results:

* Chris Gibbs/Union: 180 High - safari pattern, custom neoprene camo
* Adam Weissman/Stüssy: Blazer - melton wool, chenille swoosh, leather
[goes well with a S2C XXV. Varsity Jacket]
* Fred Lozano/UNDFTD: linerless Dunk- leather, suede

Each model will be available as Quickstrike beginning with Union in June, followed by Stüssy in July, and UNDFTD in August.

Tuesday, 24th

Collection. Visvim - Relativity of Color

I guess to many of you this might sound familiar: you get something you really like, you look at it, you examine it, you find new things to like all the time. Then, all of a sudden you feel that 'need' to get that same thing again, just because it is so good. You just want two. Scary... even scarier, if of that one thing there are different variations one could get.

What you see above is a part of Visvim's backpack 'Ballistic 20 - Shaker'. It is one very dangerous item: it's perfect in terms of design, materials, usability, functionality, handling - just everything you want from a backpack. So, if you have one, let's say the Shaker, you will definitely be tempted to get at least the ELK one, too. In olive and black - and then maybe the olive Shaker, too, while you're at it.

Now that we've introduced you to Visvim's backpacks - let's talk about what else this company has to offer. Yes, there is more than the almighty FBT that people have finally woken up to! From the new Summer collection the Hockney and the Buckminster Cap are our favourites. Feet covered? Good - move upwards then. There will be denim, sweatshirts, shirts, pants, underwear and a whole selection of accessories, too. The bead-necklace T-shirts - yes... very dangerous...

Slides I
Slides II
Slides III
Saturday, 21st

Event. StüXXV - Fabric London

Last night saw the London chapter celebrate Stüssy's 25th anniversary at Fabric. Our man Adrian found his way to the venue and did all the paparazzi business. Here is his short first-person report and images of the night, the hosts and guests. Check the special T-shirt...


"What a night – probably the best night at Fabric I have had, with a typically eclectic line-up. From DJ Premier to Don Letts, and a cracking live PA from Kila Kela the party really started right, and got better through to the wee small hours. Everyone was there as you will see by the pics, and the vibe was a full-on celebration of Stüssy, and respect for what they have achieved over the past 25 years.

All it remains to say is I hope everyone feels as rough as I do today, and can’t wait for the next chapter!"

Respect to Stüssy - and a very happy anniversary from all of us at BGHD!

Thursday, 19th

Art. Evan Hecox and Cody Hudson - Waiting Room

...were brought together in Texas by Art Prositute for a mini-group show. While the two were working, the photographer Matt Hawthorne visited and took some shots of the set-up process. It is always good to see how people actually 'produce' their art - other than just stepping into a gallery where everything has been assembled by unknown/anonymous helping hands. To go along with the exhibition, Girl and Chocolate skateboards produced a few decks and a T-shirt which you'll see in the pictures. There is also a letterpress print (or 'was' ?).

Art Prostitute
Evan Hecox
Cody Hudson
Matt Hawthorne

Merchandise. Hellogas - Yoshida iPod cases

Hellogas is our favourite art-merchandise stockist (and producer). Ever since their first Gasbooks, they have not stopped one bit to bring us the best in books, DVDs, T-shirts, and such. Back in April they released a set of artist-designed canvas iPod cases... produced by another favourite of ours - the Japanese bag-gods Yoshida. No iPod? Get one. Or just get the cases! It might be old news, but good news are never too late. (DM)

Tuesday, 10th

Art. Nick Walker - Origin of the Species

Nick Walker is preparing for his upcoming show at 17 Gallery which starts Thursday, May 19th. What he will be showing is actually not his usual artwork but more the instruments or the byproducts of his daily routine. Here is a quote from his press release which provides for a good introduction: "One day a collector enquired about the installation in progress, 'installation? no' replied Nick 'that's just my floor'."

Scrawl Collective
Nick Walker

Print. Huge #14

The best thing for us to get away from buying shoes, toys, tees, or artwork would be to live in a sound-proof black room without TV, internet and such. Since it's unlikely to find a space like that on earth nowadays, we'd rather suggest to start the "0-consumption" therapy by not buying or looking at this issue of Huge Magazine. Here is why: workwear feature, Undercoverism S/S 05, Alexander McQueen S/S 05, ultimate jeans collection, Italia feature (20 pages - Corso Como, SlamJam...), the latest Visvim collection (8 pages - everything, beautifully shot...), and the Japan-only HTM Nike Court Forces. Don't look...

Friday, 6th

Retail. Beneath

A World Beneath... has moved up a couple of floors. After one year in Stockholm's Sodermalm area, Beneath relocated to Kungsholmen where it now occupies the space of a former photography lab on the third floor of an industrial building.

What might seem as an adobe spot for a retail space makes sense when you read the list of the brands this store has to offer: Bless, Peter Jensen, Kim Jones, Henrik Vibskov, Tonite, Nike, Edwin, Visvim, PAM, PriceLe$$, etc.. Our theory: they had to hide the store because otherwise there would have been too many people buying all their stock just too quickly.


Garments. Gimme 5

We know it is a difficult call, but we'll risk it: the two best T-shirt designs this year come from the same family. #1: the Shemagh tee by GDEH UK, #2 the Shark tee by Gimme 5. Both have the potential to become classics.

With their current collection, Gimme5 also take inspiration from native american cultures. A bit more serious in the beaded-style graphics on shoulders and sleeves, a bit more playful with the feathered headdress on the hoods. Great designs which we will definitely keep in our archive to be pulled out again and re-viewd in 10 years.

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