Monday, 30th

Bags. Bagjack & Beinghunted - Preview

Bagjack has been well known in bike-messenger circles for a long time. Due to their knowledge of the trade, this company has been producing some of the best and most practical bags available to-date. From their homebase in Berlin, Bagjack has expanded and with a firm standing in Europe is currently also expanding towards the east, Japan, to be precise.

Functionality is the main focus of Bagjack's bags and carrying devices. Classic bike-messenger bags, surfboard bags, DJ-cases, etc. - this company will produce (and has produced) everything for anything to be carried in the most efficient and secure way.

Taken from their own experiences as couriers, they have developed a strap system which will allow the wearer to adjust it with a one-handed pull only. It's hard to be described in writing - best to try it yourself. This system is also part of ACRONYM's range of bags. And we all know that in regards to technicality and functionality, ACRONYM don't go for second best! We're just waiting for this strap-system to appear on other high-end carrying devices...

Here is a preview of the new Beinghunted messenger bag produced for us by Bagjack. Stay tuned for more on Bagjack / ACRONYM / BGHD.

The bags will be available late December from The-Glade.

Saturday, 27th

Tech-Apparel. Burton / Motorola - Audex™ Jacket

Up until now putting on a new jacket did not require much brain activity: 'find the correct side for entry, sleeve one, sleeve two, zipper, done'. 'If necessary, pull hood'. But then came the new Burton slash Motorola jacket "Audex™" with a 4-page instruction manual...

The basic concept of the jacket - to be worn - is not new. However, what this jacket can do besides keeping you warm and dry is what will require a slight bit of technical ability. Here is why: A) Audex™ interfaces with your iPod (not such big news) plus (and that's the news) B) it has a built in bluetooth device which, in connection with your cell phone, turns this jacket into a wearable communications-tool - if you manage to set it up correctly.

While listening to your favourite snowboard/ski-soundtrack you can accept calls without having to pull out your phone. Built-in speakers (hood) and microphone (revers) leave the hands free to manouver.

Even though there is a manual, if you know how to operate a DVD player you're all set to manage Audex™ easily. Keep in mind, though, that there might be people on the slopes who're not too fond of hearing your music or conversations - bring headphones, just in case!

Thursday, 17th

Design. Classic Modernism

The title "Classic Modernism" might be a bit misleading as we are not referring to the 20th century art movement but to a phenomenon in apparel and product design which has been gaining momentum over the past few years.

While on the one side fashion, whether it'd be high-end or low-budget, has been getting louder and more extroverted with every season (and talent-search program), a counter movement has been forming on the other, the quieter, the more introverted side.

This new current in design could be misinterpreted as being conservative as it draws inspiration from traditional - some might say 'outdated' - aesthetics. On the surface, yes, there are classic forms, colors, shapes, styles, when taking a closer look, however, a very modern approach will become apparent: to re-interpret a classic piece by applying modern materials, by adding details to increase usability and comfort.

Companies such as Noah, Still Life, Goodenough, Visvim, or General Research are just examples for this design credo which we call 'Classic Modernism'. It is about the details and the quality, not the glare and the glitter.

Gallery 1950
Thursday, 3rd

Follow-up. also known as

We're very sorry for the delay in our follow-up on also known as. The past few weeks were quite turbulent for the aka crew. Literally speaking...

After their launch parties in Miami and New York City finishing up production was the single one priority. After unfortunate delays another disaster hit... their production facility in Florida took substantial damage during the rampage of the past hurricane(s). Nothing, however, will stop this book from getting on the market! Their next launch event will take place this Friday in Berlin at 95 gallery (Münzstrasse 19).

If you have missed our feature presentation and preview - here is a short sum-up: Futura, Kaws, Todd James, Earsnot, Os Gemeos, Dash Snow, Peter Sutherland, Ryan Waller, Marco Cibola, Noah Butkus, etc. In addition to the book (which comes with a gold, silver, or regular cover) there is a 5Boro skateboard deck, a set of lasered Nike Air Force 1s (not for sale), stickerpacks, lithographs...

To get you in the mood for Friday, here are pictures from Miami and New York, as well as a couple more product shots. If you'd like to purchase the book, head over to the The-Glade where we're accepting orders now.

Miami (J. Jimenez)
NYC (P. Sutherland)
Product (P. McDonald)
Wednesday, 2nd

Exhibition. Last Exit To Brooklyn - Counter Culture Chronicles

Fiona and Paul at Elms Lesters invited us down before the preview evening, so we could see the show - to generally catch up on life, and the latest developments at Beinghunted towers. Paul said: "I've gone counter culture rather than graffiti", and advised any budding artist from a spectrum of disciplines to come down and see what could be achieved.

So, is there really something at Last Exit To Brooklyn for everyone?

Like posters...? Ron English is your man. He's been doing it for 20 years plus. Like Graf? Well there's a bloke called Stash may have heard of him. Like tribal infused art, and mutated calligraphy? Phil Frost... check. And last, and by no means least, if you like Robert Crumb, and those quality 'Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers' comics then Mark Dean Veca will warp your mind.

Rather than re-write, or copy the press release everyone got, we would encourage you to attend, as some of these artists have never exhibited in the UK, and may never again - it's on until the 19 th of November.

Adrian JW Darby

Elms Lesters
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