Tuesday, 27th

Sneakers. Vans - Supreme

While the last nine months were rather dry in terms of interesting sneakers, the past few weeks and coming months have been and will be all the opposite. It started with the LA clerks pack, followed shortly after by the long-awaited Stüssy Court Forces - 90% of which turned 'virtual' soon after their physical (dis)appearance - to be followed-up on by these gems, the new Supreme Vans, which will drop on the 30th at your local Supreme dealer.

We know it's difficult for you Swoosh-heads out there to even look at another brand. What will the shoe look like on my foot? Will it look as good in 'real life' as it did on that website? Does it run true-to-size (meaning 'does it fit like a Dunk?'), etc. etc. - all difficult questions, indeed. Just trust us on this one - these shoes you'll love.

Here is why: A) they are canvas which means they breathe quite well. B) Vans have been making comfortable and cool-looking shoes for ages - so you won't have to be afraid that somebody disses you for wearing some no-name brand without a history. C) Supreme had a/the say in the design of these which, even if you're not good with design and such things, is like a certificate of exellence. D) Just look at our images... they are as close as it gets to the term 'real life'. You have to agree, these Supreme Vans deserve the stars which are printed on them!

Wednesday, 21st

Sneakers. Nike ID - Footpatrol

Let's go back to our school days and think about our experiences in art class... It's pretty safe to say that most of the creative output from those days wasn't really the nicest of sights. Well, simply put, not everyone is a Picasso, right?! But managing colors didn't stop after school. Clothing, cars, furniture, etc. - all of these matters always keep us busy with choices. You can tell that some people are playing it safe - black, white, done!

Buying sneakers, however, forces you into this whole universe of colors. As the game has changed so much nowadays - more kicks end up being stacked - it doesn't really matter, a good thing for some. But people who actually wear their shoes often struggle. Which colorway to buy? And, even more importantly, what to wear with them?

With Nike ID you can turn the game around - just match your shoes with your existing wardrobe! If you're still insecure about colors - why not trust the pros? Footpatrol were just given the opportunity to pick two models and ID their own colorways. A minuscule quantity (5 and 4 pairs) are going to be made available on September 24th. If you buy the (matching!) individually #-ed FP ID T-shirt you will be getting one of these sneakers with your purchase. Still - you have to make a choice...

Slides: W_ID
Slides: K_ID
Saturday, 10th

Anniversary. Stüssy XXV. L.A.

Wednesday night saw Stüssy LA's XXV. anniversary party. Had someone closed the venue's doors and transported the building outside of this galaxy a whole culture would have been zeroed out. From all corners of the world friends and members of the various Stüssy chapters had gathered to celebrate the past, present, and future of Stüssy - artists, designers, store owners, just every familiar face in the industry was present.

While the space was set-up to resemble the mellow surroundings of a lounge/living room the music was all the more propulsive. With Hip Hop legend Afrika Bambaata spinning and a live set Doug E Fresh, the party did not come to a stop until its official end at 2 am.

For those with a bit of an artistic hand Stüssy had prepared a "hall of fame to-be" - a huge wall adorned with Stüssy chapter visuals and images of the four Stüssy Court Forces for people to leave their mark on. And 'leave their mark on' they did - at the end there was not a single white spot to be found on all the panels. We'll see where those will surface again - maybe at the 50th anniversary party?

As one of the highlights in Stüssy's XXV. year, their collaboration sneakers with Nike are going on sale today... To those who already have them - congrats! To those still in line - patience, they are well worth the wait!

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