London, England
Every handbag hoarder knows a Birkin, Baguette or Balenciaga motorcycle bag but what about the Burrito? This distinctive-looking rectangular tote by Hyde S.K is in British moleskin with an original print inspired by American Indian trade blankets of the early 1900s. Handcarved bone and wood trinkets and bead details further bring out the First Nation influence.

Hyde S.K, however, is not a US-based label, but is created by London-based Welsh-American Sacha Knight. Her strong interest in the culture of the Native Americans and Shamanism is reflected in her designs - bags, pouches and jewellery pieces fashioned out of printed fabric and leather, then finished with beads and braiding. The hand-crafted aspect means that each piece is usually different from the next, which gives each of a Hyde S.K product character.

If you are heading to Paris for the coming Fashion Week, do check out Colette as Sacha has made a special collection of patchwork leather bags just for the store.

Text & Photo: Naive
Hyde S.K Burrito Bag

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