Lavenham Riding Jacket CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES
Suffolk, England
Few companies can boast of the same as Lavenham, an English brand known for its country outdoor wear and horse rugs. When it started in 1969, the name quickly spread and Lavenham established a reputation of quality and durability through its nylon quilted products.

Today, people are still charmed by the brand for the pretty much the same reasons as 30 years ago. Keeping with the commitment to in-house manufacturing, Lavenham oversees each stage of production in their Sudbury premises, from cutting, quilting to the final inspection of goods. The best raw materials are sourced within the British isles, whenever possible, right down to the interlining used. This stamp of British quality and the classically English design have made Lavenham highly covetable, especially in Japan.

Other than collaborating with companies like Bapy and United Arrows, Lavenham also makes variations of the nylon riding jacket for the Japanese market - collars become rounded or are replaced with a hood, and wider fabric choices such as cotton or wool in all sorts of prints.

Text & Photo: Naive
Lavenham Riding Jacket

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